Greetings From Joan and Erwin Reimann
We hope all of you are staying healthy.  Although we miss going to the weekly meetings we are thankful that we easily can remain isolated because we are in a resort with restricted access. The pools and other amenities are closed but the tennis courts are still open, so Erwin has been able to play tennis daily. It has been a great opportunity to watch some movies and series we haven’t yet seen. We don’t have any pets but there must be a lot of pets out there that are happy to be getting much additional attention. On Saturday we took a beautiful drive up to Roosevelt Lake and saw lots of flowers. Too bad we couldn’t stop at a favorite restaurant and have a nice meal. Be well and avoid that COVID-19!
New Kind of Patriotism is Emerging
A Minnesota state trooper pulled over a doctor for speeding, but he brought her to tears when he turned what should have been a ticket into an act of kindness.
Dr. Sarosh Ashraf Janjua was pulled over on I-35 this past weekend for driving above the speed limit.  When Trooper Brian Schwartz saw her Massachusetts driver's license, he asked her what she was doing all the way out in Minnesota.  
"I told him I travel here every month for my work as a locum's cardiologist," Janjua said.
Schwartz went back to his patrol car and Janua was fully expecting a ticket.  "He went back to his patrol car to look up my license, and when he returned, quite firmly told me it was very irresponsible of me to be speeding, especially since I would not only take up resources if I got into an accident, but would also not be in a position to help patients." Janjua said.
"Instead, he told me he was going to let me off with a warning.  As I sputtered to apologize and say thank you, he reached in to hand me what I assumed was my license back.  It wasn't until my hand had closed around what he was giving me that its unexpected bulkiness drew my eyes to it."
Schwartz handed Janjua five N95 masks, from the supply the state had given him for his protection.
"I burst into tears. And though it may just have been the cold wind, I think he teared up a little as well, before wishing me well and walking away," Janua said.
"This complete stranger, who owed me nothing and is more on the front lines than I am, shared his precious masks with me, without my even asking."
Like millions of health care workers across the world, Janjua said she was "afraid" of not having proper equipment to protect herself from possibly getting sick far from home.
"The veil of civilization may be thin, but not all that lies behind it is savage," Janjua said.  "We are going to be ok."
Thought for the Week
I cannot remember a time when humans throughout the world have faced a common threat  like the pandemic we are currently experiencing.  I thought this quote from Arthur Powell Davis expressed the way I feel better than I could.
Earlier this week I read a story about a man named Carl.  The story made clear that acting out of love at all times even in difficult circumstances can impact the lives of others in wonderful ways - often without our knowledge.
Let's keep practicing the Rotary Four-Way Test in all the things we think say and do - and let's do it with love in our hearts.
CLICK HERE to read about Carl.
Happy Thoughts
Lo Weisner has invited Mesa West Rotarians to visit the Rotary Club of Calgary Downtown virtually.  They meet Tuesdays at Noon. Click this link for the Zoom Webinar to join in the meeting each week at noon (which would be 11:00 AM in Arizona)
John Pennypacker - Talked to my son Monday. He and his soon-to-be 14-year-old son were playing golf the other day - playing from the same tees. They were tied thru 14 holes. My son shot 75 and Ty shot 78; he is breaking 80 consistently now. Oh, they played in 3 hours and 10 minutes - walking a somewhat hilly course. I can still remember when Jay broke 80 for the first time, and the last time I beat him. Happy memories!
Jack Rosenberg - Yesterday, I got released from Physical Therapy. My recovery is moving in a positive direction. I want to thank everyone, that has kept in touch, as well as keeping me in your prayers.
Ed Koeneman - I'm looking forward to this week's club meeting.  I've been Zooming with my students since we returned from spring break.  Please contact me if anyone needs troubleshooting help getting set-up with Zoom.  See you all soon!
Terry Cowan - I was governor of District 6220 in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan in 1978-79.  My conference was in Appleton at a venue owned by former Green Bay Packer Left Guard Fuzzy Thurston.  I was told by many that the conference was a hit and it was all I could have hoped for.  I even appointed myself the song leader for the conference.  Most of our clubs were singing clubs; common back then.  Not so common now.  We closed the conference with a song, or, at least I thought it was closing.  After the song, the president of my club, Steve Beyer, said he had an announcement.  He and others from my club were making me a Paul Harris fellow on the spot.  Since they didn't have a lapel pin, the International President's Representative, Ben Hormel took his off and pinned it on me.  I still have the pin and treasure the moment.  I wear it with my past district governor pin at all Rotary events.  What a dynamite closing to a governor's conference.
Bob Zarling - I’m happy because there are still students wishing to enter the vocational healthcare professions in this time of uncertainty and the unknown new future.
Wendell Jones - With this ongoing pandemic, times are really tough. So many are struggling and hurting. We all wish it would end. But we need to focus on the thought that tough times are to make us stronger, to help us identify with the wants and needs of those around us, to strive to help where we can and to draw closer to Him who suffered ALL things for us. 
Jim Crutcher - All is fine with me. Our business has slowed 50 in Vehicle sales and 20 % in Parts and Service. I just yesterday reduced my staff by 57 souls. Hardest day of my life. We are currently rightsized for the business we have. I will have to do it again if we have more significant declines. Cheryl and I are healthy, had a fun day with our Great Nephews last Friday. They are so smart and loving. Great memories. Cheryl is getting very bored at home; she is normally very active. Her great escape is Grocery store and picking up lunch or dinner from our favorite Restaurants.  As my best friend would say, "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" Mr. Craig M. Berge
Greg Okonowski – shared another link to Pluto the dog giving advice for humans during the pandemic: 
Lola McClane - God blessed me with two daughters.  The one who lives here came over Saturday and brought me a month worth of individual meals.  I was almost in tears.  This girl is burning the candle at both ends and her plate is overflowing.  Then she takes an afternoon, and cooks so I won’t have to go to the grocery store for much. 
Tom Bradford - Things are going well for me. Happy thoughts: I am healthy and still have my job. Have been busy working from home and when I am not working, I have had some meaningful video chats with friends and family. Have also had a chance to work on some projects and catch up on my favorite shows on streaming services. 
Daryl "Pai" Bethea - How blessed I am to be a Rotarian in this club... and to have my fellows and ladies to count on in these scary times; and with your help all will be OK!
Maria Flores - In times like these we need to come together as a nation.  Maria is a TRVFA grant recipient who was sponsored by Mesa West to study at East Valley Institute of Technology to become a licensed practical nurse.
Polly Cady - I feel that during this crazy and trying time we have so much to be grateful for:
  • Social media to keep in touch with family and friends:
  • Beautiful Arizona weather to be able to enjoy our backyards, deserts and mountains, albeit while distancing.
  • Rotary for an avenue to be of service to those in need.
  • Time for reflection.
  • More family time.
  • Knowing what to be thankful for and who to be thankful for.
  • TP!
My fellow Rotarians, keep in touch and stay healthy!  May we all meet again in May!  Oh, only one negative thing.  As most know, I celebrate my birthday ALL month long in April.  This year will be self-quarantined - but I'll finally have Medicare!
Jim Schmidt - Observing the craziness of the situation around us and all the suffering and worry in the world, I am profoundly grateful for the little things that we usually take for granted and enjoy in life….and will again enjoy more fully. The beauty of the world, the genuine goodness of most people, human touch and face to face communication, schools and churches, shaking hands, a pat on the back, a warm hug, a haircut or color, shopping (yes, I am a man),  a quiet meal at a restaurant, playing sports and watching a game, travelling anywhere we want and meeting the good people of the world, a cruise, seeing God’s hand more clearly in blessing our lives in spite of the pandemic, healthcare workers, playing in the park, going to the dentist, grocery store shelves filled with food, toilet paper, and feeling hope.
The photo was contributed by our exchange student who is studying in Flagstaff this year, Marcella Sousa. 
Rotary Minute - Jim LeCheminant
The first motto of Rotary International, "He Profits Most Who Serves Best," was approved at the second Rotary Convention, held in Portland, Oregon, in August 1911.  The phrase was first stated by a Chicago Rotarian, Art Sheldon, who made a speech in 1910 which included the remark, "He profits most who serves his fellows best." At about the same time, Ben Collins, president of the Rotary Club of Minneapolis, Minnesota, commented that the proper way to organize a Rotary club was through the principles his club had adopted-"Service Not Self."  These two slogans, slightly modified, were formally approved to be the official mottoes of Rotary at the 1950 Convention in Detroit--"He Profits Most Who Serves Best" and "Service Above Self."  The 1989 Council on Legislation established "Service Above Self" as the principal motto of Rotary, since it best explains the philosophy of unselfish volunteer service.
Shown in the photo is Arthur Frederick Sheldon, the Rotarian whose convention speech inspired Rotary’s secondary motto, One Profits Most Who Serves Best
Rotary is a Great Investment
I have been a financial investor for many years.  In this business, "You win some, and you lose some."  I've done plenty of both.
But, I have been affiliated with Rotary for many years longer.  Dad was also a financial investor.  He joined Mesa Rotary in 1941 and had well over 50 years of "Perfect attendance" before his passing... always "making up" when out of town.  He took me along to Rotary whenever possible.  I especially liked the annual Fathers and Sons Rotary Day at the old Rendezvous Park in downtown Mesa where the Cubs used to play.  Dad always told me that "Rotary was a great investment."  I wasn't sure then, but now know exactly what he meant.
I joined Mesa West Rotary in 1974.  Since then I've "made up" attendance hundreds of times at international clubs including Europe, Mexico, Central and South America.  (The inset picture features me at the Rotary Monument in Coquimbo, Chile, 1969.)
And, after all these years as a seasoned investor, what's my advice for assured success??
"Rotary is a Great Investment."
And, what's the secret to this success??
"Service Above Self"
Darl J Andersen
April 1, 2020
PS, I look forward to another 50 years of Rotary service.
Greetings Mesa West
It has been a while, but this is Colton Cagle, and I am back in Arizona. As most of you know, I was on exchange in The Netherlands for the 2019-2020 year. However, due to the unfortunate situation with the corona virus, the coordinators in charge of the  exchange program in the Netherlands thought it was the best and safest option to send all students on exchange in the Netherlands back home. Although the situation was very heartbreaking and difficult, I am happy that I am home safe and healthy with my family. I am especially grateful to have been able to travel back home without any complications with TSA, Passport Control, or the CDC. I am beyond thankful for the time that I did get to spend in the Netherlands where I was able to make amazing connections with Rotarians, my host families, and new friends. Of course the situation is not ideal, but I feel very appreciative and lucky for all the experiences and memories I did get to have. 

Even though I am no longer technically on exchange in another country anymore, my duties and responsibilities as a Rotary Youth Exchange ambassador for 2019-2020 still remain. As members of the Rotary family I know that despite moments of chaos and difficulty in our world we can come together as leaders to spread kindness and help within our means. I will still continue to work hard to ensure my goal of building peace in this world. I am excited to work with Mesa West under any circumstances to help uplift others during these trying times.

I want to thank everyone who supported me during my time on exchange but also for the amount of love and support you all have provided during my time coming home as well. Once things return to normal I look forward to being able to share all of my wonderful stories and experiences from the Netherlands. I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and happy. 

Know Your Fellow Rotarian - Warren Williamson
Warren Williamson was born in Clinton, Illinois.  He was the youngest of five children with only one brother and three sisters.
Warren has been an Arizona resident for forty-two years.  Prior to living in Arizona, he resided in Illinois, Indiana, and Alabama.  He has visited nine foreign countries - Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Philippines, Indonesia, France, Switzerland, Mexico, and Canada.  
As a teen, Warren dreamed of following a career in electrical engineering.  He is still working as an engineering consultant.
Warren is married to Son Hee who Mesa West Rotarians know for her cooking and crafting skills as well as her passion for what she believes in.  They have been married for thirteen years and have no children or grandchildren to be concerned about during this difficult time in world history.
Warren said the best vacation he can remember is one he enjoyed in San Diego California in 2003.  He says his most rewarding volunteer experience was mentoring several EVA students.
Setting the Stage for Online Meetings
Let’s turn the tables and have some fun! We are ready to try Zoom meetings so we can interact, enjoy each other’s company and stay connected. NO HESITATION allowed, we are ready to help those of you who have not used Zoom or a similar web conference platform before. Here is what you need to make this work easily:
We are launching the first online test meetings for the members of Mesa West. This will allow everyone to get comfortable with the tool and have some fun.
To participate, you should download the software and set yourself up to use Zoom software before the time of the meeting by using one of the blue hyperlinks below. There is no cost to you, but it requires some action on your part to get started. The attached pdf has instructions if you want to read those through.
  1. Use a computer that has a camera, microphone and speakers/audio. Courtesy dictates that you silence your cell phone and eliminate background noise while on a web conference call.
  2. FIRST TIME USERS: Click the Zoom Meeting link in large type below before the day/time of the meeting. This way you will download the free connection software, test your camera and microphone before you are really in a meeting. If you are having any issues with this there are some more detailed download instructions here.
  3. When the Zoom window launches a box will pop up in the center of your screen. Click the green button to ‘Join with Computer Audio’ .
  4. You can now click the up arrow ‘^’ next to the mic icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the Zoom window and select ‘Test Speaker & Microphone’. This will allow you to make sure you can hear and be heard. More info on that here.
  5. Ensure you have a good internet connection. If on WiFi make sure you have a strong signal. If at home, ensure others aren’t streaming or downloading content.
  6. Think about your surroundings, noise, lighting etc. There are some tips here.
There are two test meeting planned Wednesday 4/1 at 3 pm and Thursday 4/2 at Noon. Pick one to try this out. All you need is your computer with mike and camera. In the meetings we will just chat, learn the features of the software and enjoy the fellowship. Why not use your on-camera debut to show us your pet, an item that you treasure, or anything you want to share – rather like show and tell from grade school.
Join Zoom Meeting April 1, 3 pm

Meeting ID: 170 797 784
One tap mobile
+16699009128,,590635727# US (San Jose)
Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 170 797 784
Join Zoom Meeting April 2, Noon
Meeting ID: 590 635 727
One tap mobile
+16699009128,,590635727# US (San Jose)
Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 590 635 727
Mesa West Rotary to Sponsor TRVFA Grant for Adrianna
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) is being flexible in order to continue serving students seeking grants to fund their vocational education studies.
Dan Messersmith, TRVFA President, recently reached out to Bob Zarling, Mesa West Vocational Service Chair, asking that he interview Adrianna by phone or facetime to determine if Mesa West would be willing to sponsor a $2,000 grant for her to study at the East Valley Medical School to become certified as a Phlebotomy Technician.  Following the interview, Bob wrote back to TRVFA stating,  "Adrianna would be a dedicated student working to better her family’s life. She went back to school for her GED. She has family support and believes education is the path to a better future. Currently she is working at a valley tomato growing and packing facility screening workers for symptoms of the corona virus as they report for work. She is aware of the current risk and long-term potential risk within the medical profession under the social climate caused by the Covid19 crisis. After the interview and and carefully considering her application overnight, I would like to approve her application." 
For the benefit of those who might not be aware, agreeing to sponsor Adrianna's studies does not obligate Mesa West to any financial commitment.  Clubs are asked to interview TRVFA grant applicants to determine if the student has realistic probability of successfully completing the program and finding satisfaction in the vocation they will be studying to enter.  Clubs are also asked to stay in contact with the students they sponsor and develop lasting relationships.  In normal circumstances the interviews are timed before or after a meeting so the scholar can meet members of the club and get a feeling for Rotary.
The deadline for making tax credit donations to TRVFA for the 2019 tax year remains April 15 even though the filing deadlines for both state and federal tax returns has been extended to July 15, 2020.  Donations will be gladly accepted throughout the year, but after April 15, can only be used to offset state income tax obligation for the 2020 tax year. In 2017-18, Mesa West Rotary Club's members the highest giving group of club members in the state, giving a total of $11,825 to TRVFA.  We dropped to $6,583 in 2018-19.  So far, in 2020, Mesa West member giving already totals $6,375.  We have three months to try to again lead the state.  If you are in a position to help, CLICK HERE to donate online.  If you prefer to mail your donation, CLICK HERE to download a donation form to send with your check.
Update to ADOT Info Shared by March 12 Speaker
AZ Travel ID Deadline
The October 1 deadline for the new federal TSA REAL ID rules to take effect has been delayed one year to October 1, 2021.  As a result, MVD customers should postpone plans to get the AZ Travel ID.  With this delay and the need to reduce customer traffic at MVD locations, all AZ Travel ID appointments have been cancelled.  "We apologize for the inconvenience, but the ongoing Coronavirus situation requires MVD to significantly limit the number of people in offices.  Only essential services that must be done in-person are being offered by appointment.  Because the REAL ID timeline has changed, getting a Travel ID immediately is less vital for the time being and appointments are reserved for other crucial in-person services."
Other MVD Coronavirus Precautionary Changes 
More than 2/3 of MVD services are available anytime at  Anyone with a license or permit set to expire between March 1 and September 1 has had that expiration date automatically extended by six months and updated on your motor vehicle record.  You do not need to get a new license.
To Access MVD Online Services:
All current Arizona MVD customers already have an AZ MVD Now account and simply need to activate it.

To set up your secure, personal online access you will need:  Internet access; Your AZ Driver License OR the VIN number from a vehicle you have registered in the State of Arizona; Have a Social Security Number.  All payments for services conducted on AZ MVD Now require a credit card.  For assistance, you may call a statewide customer service line at 602-712-2700 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Before you call this line, please visit and access your AZ MVD Now account for faster service. 

Customers may also check on the hours and locations for Authorized Third Party offices at

Today's Chuckle
April is Maternal and Child Health Month

Rotary makes high-quality health care available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger.

We expand access to quality care, so mothers and children everywhere can have the same opportunities for a healthy future. An estimated 5.9 million children under the age of five die each year because of malnutrition, inadequate health care, and poor sanitation — all of which can be prevented.

The Most Efficient Way to Support The Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of Rotary that enables the amazing work we, as Rotarians, are all proud to be a part of.  Every Rotarian is strongly encouraged to support TRF every year by donating to the General Fund of TRF.  The target gift is $100 per year per member.  That has been the target for a very long time and in the US the average family income has multiplied a few times since that target was set.  Many Rotarians who have the means to do so have set their personal target at the $1,000 per year mark making them eligible for the Paul Harris Society level of donor recognition. 
The End Polio Now campaign is a separate fund to which gifts are matched two-for-one by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Many Rotarians choose to support both the general fund and the fight to end polio.
No matter what level you decide to donate, please support the Foundation by giving through Rotary Direct.  CLICK HERE to get answers to commonly asked questions about this program.  DOWNLOAD A FORM to authorize your Rotary Direct donations.  By giving through Rotary direct, the opportunity for human error is eliminated and recognition credit for the Rotarian and their club is much more accurate and timelier.
Support TRVFA
Donations to The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona made through April 15, can be used to qualify for the
Arizona's Credit for Contribution to a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the 2019 or 2020 tax year, but not both!  Their QCO Code is 20698.
When everything starts to settle after our current pandemic-related business slow-down is history, some things may never to back to the way they were.  There may well be a shortage of workers that require vocational certifications available to those in low-income groups through TRVFA grants.  Your gift today may help someone have a better tomorrow!  CLICK HERE to donate on-line or CLICK HERE to download a mail-in form.
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