Mesa West Rotarians – at the present time, we have $16,650 in donations and another $1,400 in pledges for our Sponsor Program.  That means we are 59% of the way towards our first goal of $30,000.  Shown is the breakdown by team.
I have had several club members tell me that getting donations is not as difficult as they at first thought.  That’s encouraging.  I’ve also had several tell me they think we would do well to extend the program through the month of October.  So please consider  for the purposes of the Steak and Beans competition, the Sponsor Program will now go through October 31.  I must encourage all of you Mesa West Rotarians to continue your efforts on behalf of our club so that we meet our objective and maybe even our secondary objective of $40,000.  Thank you for what you do for Mesa West Rotary.