Mesa West Rotarians – at the present time, we have $17,068 in donations and another $1.400 in pledges for our Sponsor Program.  That means we are 62% of the way towards our first goal of $30,000.  On our Steak  and Beans Team competition, Team #7 – Steve Ross has the highest dollar amount of donations while Team #2 – John Eagleston has the greatest member participation with 5 of 9 team members participating.
When John Eagleston presented the Sponsor Program concept to his board during his term, the thought was that if each Mesa West Rotarian secured one donation we could easily surpass our goal.  At present, we have 16 Rotarians participating which is 1/4 of our club.
If you are numbered in the sixteen, many thanks.  If you have tried but had no success, still thanks.  If you haven’t tried, please give thought to one person or business owner that you can approach for a donation.  As you know, we extended the program through October 31, so you have plenty of time.  Remember all contributions make it possible for Mesa West Rotary to make a difference in the lives of those in our local and international communities.  Thanks for your dedication to Mesa West Rotary.