We have a very special community service project for March.  This project is part of a district grant we have received and benefits the 7th Street Food Pantry.  We will be providing labor to remove old flooring tile in preparation for new flooring.  The new flooring will be professionally installed but we need a few very hardy people to break up and remove the existing tile.  This will be a very labor intensive job and requires those with good stamina and strong backs.  For this part of project we are looking for 5 people Friday March 19th beginning at 9 am.  I will set up a sign up sheet but please also contact Don LaBarge by email or phone if you can help that day 480.213.1617 dlabarge47@gmail.com.
As a bonus (and for those of us not meeting criteria for the 19th) we will also be repainting the pantry.  It is not a huge space so we will be limiting paint crews to 5 as well.  Painting will take place Saturday and Sunday 3/20 & 3/21 beginning at 9 am.  I will also create a sign up sheet for these days but ask that you also let Don LaBarge know when you can be there.
The 7th Street Food Pantry is a nondenominational ministry that works to meet the needs of the homeless, veterans, seniors and low income individuals and families in the community to help ease the struggle with hunger and hopelessness.  Our very own Greg Okonowski is on their board of directors. 
CLICK HERE to view available slots and book yourself directly online - then use the above information to let Don LaBarge know when you will be there.