Polly was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona and moved to Phoenix in 1992.  Her great aunt and uncle homesteaded in the Yuma valley and had a dairy farm.  Her grandfather was from Texas and moved to Yuma to build cotton gins in the southwestern part of Arizona.  Polly's father moved there from Indiana while he was in high school and met Polly's mother.
Polly is the oldest of her siblings.  She has a sister three years younger and two half-brothers who are six years younger.
Polly has been an Arizona resident for 62 years.  She lived in South Dakota for about seven months as a child in fifth grade.  She is thankful a blizzard drove her family back to Yuma.  The only two states that she has resided in are Arizona and South Dakota.She has visited Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Australia, England, British Virgin Islands, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Holland, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Fiji, and Mexico where she has stayed in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Cozumel, Rocky Point, Guaymas, San Carlos, San Luis, Algodonez, and Mexicali.  Polly is not fluent in any language other than English, but pretends to know a little Spanish and loves to try Italian.
As a teenager, Polly really wanted to be a flight attendant, but back then, she was too short.  The requirements were 5'7".  Polly has been retired since April of 2010 from a law firm she loved and where she served as Firm Administrator for ten years.  Before that, she was a legal secretary for most of her adult life working for prosecutors and different defense attorneys.
Polly is married to our President, Allan Miles Cady.  They celebrated 20 years of marriage last December.  Polly has no children.  She skipped that part and went straight to being blessed with eight grandchildren and three step-grandchildren.
Polly has many wonderful vacation memories, but the memory that currently stands out for her is a vacation to Paris immediately followed by a trip down the Danube and then on to Italy during the last part of April and through May.
Polly listed two rewarding volunteer experiences.  The first was in Rocky Point for the gift giving at Christmas to families in need.  "It was heart wrenching.  The second was the experience of helping with the Gift of Hearing project in Guaymas.