Pam Cohen was born in Lexington, Nebraska.  She was the middle child of three children until stepchildren were added and she was the second oldest of six.  Pam has been a resident of Arizona for thirty-six years, relocating here in 1981.  She has resided in three states, Nebraska, North Carolina and Arizona.
She has visited 27 foreign countries:  Singapore, Bali, Malaysia, Borneo, Japan, China, Tibet, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Jamaica, France, England, Scotland and Canada.  She is not fluent in any language other than English, unless we allow her to count South African, Scottish, Irish, Australian, and Canadian.
As a teen, Pam dreamed of being an artist or anthropologist.  Instead, she has spent the last 33 years in real estate sales, escrow, finance and marketing.
Pam is not married.  She is engaged to Chuck Flint.  She has one beautiful daughter, one son-in-law and one granddaughter by marriage.
When asked to share the location and time of year for the best vacation Pam can remember, she responded it was her trip to South Africa in May of this year.
Pam's most rewarding volunteer experience to date is her service as the RYLA Director for District 5510 for eight plus years and being involved with RYLA for thirteen years.  She still stays in touch with some of the students and am often surprised when someone recognizes her form their time at RYLA.  "Growing Rotarians - they were my kids, too!"