President Dan opened the meeting by thanking members for the gift of being able to serve as Club President.  He then reminded Rotarians and guests of the Rotary International 2021-22 theme - Serve to Change Lives - after which he recited the Rotary Vision Statement:
Together we see a world where people unite and 
take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
Ron Thompson led the Pledge of Allegiance.  The invocation was offered by Ray Smith. 
Introduction of Guests 
  • Colleen Coons introduced her sister, Judy Roller, saying she always looked up to Judy as her hero, and that Judy is the inspiration for all the good qualities we see in Colleen.
Rotary Minute - International Convention
  • Colleen spoke only long enough to explain that - in the interest of time - she would be pushing the button to advance the slide show while Dan talked about their Rotary International Convention experience.
  • President Dan said there were around 11,000 present for the convention recently held in Houston.  This is a much lower number than pre-COVID conventions.  The plenary sessions were held in a very large conference facility featuring very informative and inspirational speakers, and featuring projects.  The convention is a way to experience and begin to grasp how powerful Rotary is in the world.  He said conversations were easy with attendees from virtually anywhere in the world.  He said it is easy to relate to others - no matter where they are from - because we share so many common values.  Next year the convention will be held in Australia.  He and Colleen highly recommend signing up.  He said he and Colleen already have.
Ace of Clubs Raffle - Chuck Flint
Chuck explained the holder of the ticket drawn would win the small pot of $40 plus the opportunity to try to draw the Ace of Clubs from the deck, which would entitle them to the large pot, which was up to $715.  He asked Darl Andersen to draw the ticket, but Darl had Jeanie Morgan draw the winning ticket and he read off the numbers.  Dick Myren was the holder of the ticket drawn.  His luck ran out when he drew the Seven of Hearts rather than the Ace of Clubs.
Happy Bucks - Greg Okonowski
  • Greg began by acknowledging Melodie Jackson and Bob Jensen who were attending via Zoom.
  • Chuck Flint contributed - glad that all is going well following his recent carpal tunnel surgery.
  • Ron Thompson was happy to be at the meeting.
  • Don LaBarge was happy to report there was no accident and no ticket, but that his new truck had a close encounter with some cones that Don did not see resulting in some expense for Jim Crutcher's business.
  • Mike Whelan was happy to report that Greg Okonowski took good care of insurance details when Mike was rear-ended two weeks earlier.
  • Dick Myren contributed $5 for winning the raffle, plus another two - happy that he and Rod Daniels are associated with the best Rotary Club in the world!  He contributed another $1 for the $12,000 roof repair underway at his home.
  • Jack Rosenberg was happy there would be a Zoom option for attending the Changing of the Guard celebration dinner June 23
  • John Pennypacker contributed $10.  He had received a phone call from a Rotary friend in California who was calling on behalf of a close friend who needed immediate help with a family health and welfare issue in Scottsdale.  John made two phone calls to get the needed help.  One call was to Jay and Melissa Stuckey, and the other was to PDG Sherry Mischel.
  • Steve Ross contributed.  He and Luin were leaving for Lake Tahoe and would miss the June 23 dinner.  He said "No" when asked if they planned to water ski, and "Yes" when asked if they were likely to gamble.
  • John Benedict contributed saying it was getting harder to get up, but he was happy to be at the meeting.
  • Shelly Romine contributed.  Their son's wallet had been found after being left behind at a grocery store.  He had left it laying on the counter.  The checkout clerk handed it to the next customer thinking it was theirs.  Fortunately, there had only been $25 in the wallet.  It had been removed from the wallet before it was found and turned in by yet another person who saw the wallet laying on the parking lot asphalt.
  • Dave Brauchler reported that he and Lynn had enjoyed celebrating granddaughter Abigail's birthday with her and enjoyed seeing how much she enjoyed her buppees (berries).
  • Jay Stuckey announced he was in charge of scheduling programs for 2022-23, and was happy to report July is already full.  He asked for members to contact him if they had ideas for a good presenter/program for a future Mesa West Rotary Club meeting.  He thanked John Pennypacker for reaching out to them.
  • Melissa Stuckey was happy to be at the meeting.
  • Dan Lamborn was happy to be at the meeting.
  • Jim Erickson was sad to report five more cases of wild poliovirus have been report.  So far this year, there have been ten cases:  eight in Pakistan, one in Afghanistan and one in Mozambique.
  • Darl Andersen contributed for his embarrassment at having been caught making his first mistake in misreading the ticket number drawn.
  • Dan Coons was happy to know Pam Cohen would be paying his fines.
  • Melodie Jackson was happy both daughters would be with them for Father's Day.
  • Ed Koeneman was happy Sean Green was interning as our zoom/av tech and appears to be highly trainable.  He was also happy it is not only 555 days until the next Star Wars movie is released.  He was a bit sad that Debbie had left on a trip leaving him in charge of protecting their small flock of chickens from the avian flu.
  • Ray Smith was sad to have to leave Alpine so he could be happy to be at our club meeting.
  • Robin Harris was happy to hear the Guaymas Hearing Mission might be able to restart.
  • Warren Williamson was happy to report that he and Son Hee would be celebrating her June 24 birthday a day early.  He would be taking her out to dinner on the 23rd.
  • Judy Roller contributed.  She was happy to have participated in Yoga with Shelly and Colleen.  Judy said it was a privilege to meet Colleen and  Dan's Rotary friends and see Rotary in Action.  She can now understand why Rotary seems to be part of every waking moment at the Coons household.
  • Pam Cohen contributed to snitch on Darl Andersen.  She found it particularly poignant when, soon after hearing Shelly's tale about their son's lost wallet, she noticed Darl's wallet on the floor under his chair.  Darl was very humiliated to have the club be be witness to both his first and second mistakes.  He asked to be billed $100 for Chuck's team for the sponsorship program.
  • Greg Okonowski agreed to match Darl's contrite contribution.
  • President Dan reminded members there would be no  noon meeting June 23 with the Changing of the Guard celebration dinner taking place that evening.  June 30 is a 5th Thursday, so there will not be a noon meeting on that date.
  • It was suggested that members CLICK HERE to register to attend the installation of Larry Horton as District Governor at the San Tan Brewery in Chandler at 6:30 PM July 1.  There is no charge to register.
  • Shelly Romine reminded members to use the link in the service project article in the Messenger to register to participate in the final service project of this Rotary year at the Midwest Food Bank Tuesday, June 28 from 5:30-7:00.  
  • Polly Cady suggested members plan to participate in Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Saturday, June 25.  All three sessions will be offered.  CLICK HERE to enroll.
Auction - Polly Cady
Polly had a bag of goodie from their trips to the Carolinas the past two years.  She invited our slow auctioneer, Allan Cady to actually conduct the auction.  The starting bid was $35, and Colleen Coons made the final offer of $65, which resulted in her receiving the "gift that keeps on giving."
Sponsor Campaign Update
With the most recent update Allan Cady reported we were nearing $54,000 in total donations.  The teams were very close in each of their total results.  In the four campaigns held since John Eagleston came up with the sponsorship program idea during his presidency, we have gathered over $200,000 in donations to support our charitable endeavors.  
Police Tales from the Past - Don LaBarge
Since the speaker had not yet arrived, President Dan asked Don LaBarge to share some info from his experiences while serving as a police officer.  The final nine years of his twenty-one years on the force, Don worked undercover trying to apprehend felons.  Although it is one of the things officers going through the academy most enjoy doing, kicking in doors is frowned upon - particularly in motels/hotels.  A trick Don and his partner(s) used was to push their vehicle into the suspected felon's vehicle in the facility's parking lot, then ask the desk clerk to call the room and ask the owner of the car to come down to exchange insurance information.  Once outside in the parking lot, the suspects were easily apprehended.
The more specific and colorful story was that of a 20-year-old male from Oklahoma who shot sand killed a person in Oklahoma, grabbed his girlfriend and split.  The girlfriend kept calling friends, who she knew would call the police.  She was able to inform them that the destination was grandma's house in Phoenix.  She was able to communicate that the suspect was armed and dangerous and had vowed not to be taken alive.  Don said the grandparents were very nice people and were appreciative of being kept informed.  When the suspect was getting close to Phoenix, a swat team was activated and had the home of the grandparents surrounded.  The suspect instead went to a Motel 6.  Don and his partner pushed their truck against the suspect's vehicle and the desk clerk called the room.  Instead of the suspect coming down, he sent the girlfriend.  Finally, he did come out.  He was unarmed and wearing only white boxers.  While he was being easily apprehended, they explained "If you don't want to be taken alive, you need a place to hide a gun."
Gift of Hearing - Brief Update - Bob Jensen
Bob said the last mission was in the fall of 2019.  There was a big team of about fifty volunteers.  They saw 470 patients in two very long days.  They were able to provide hearing aids for all, but ran out of earmold material.  Some of the volunteers did not reach the restaurant for the final dinner on the last night until nearly midnight.  They were exhausted when the dinner finally wrapped up about 2:00 a.m. Bob felt bad about those who only received hearing aids without molds.  COVID caused cancellation of the 2020 mission, and a sewage problem at the school caused the 2021 mission to be cancelled.  Since our last mission, the school has been broken into 26 times.  Fortunately none of the mission materials and equipment stored there have been taken or damaged.  It is hoped another mission will be able to happen this coming November.
Dr. Mark Leonard Rescheduled for August 3
Dr. Leonard did arrive close to 1:00 p.m.  Although he lives in Arizona, apparently his calendar software made a daylight savings time adjustment to his schedule causing him to be late.  He briefly explained what he would be talking to the club about when he returns for the August 3 meeting.