President Pam opened the meeting and suggested that everyone say "Hi" to Jeanie Morgan who was attending via Zoom.  She asked Ed Koeneman to offer the invocation, which he was happy to do, reciting a Boy Scout invocation.  Pam showed those present a book that would be available at the reception table.  Many members are reluctant to volunteer to offer the invocation or thought for the day.  The book is full of inspirational messages that would be perfect, so if your are "voluntold" to offer the invocation at a meeting, grab the book and share one of those messages.  Warren Williamson led the Pledge of Allegiance.   She announced for the program would be presented by Dr. Mark Leonard on The Happiness Breakthrough.
Rotary Minute -  Polly Cady
The Rotary theme for the month of August is Membership and Extension.  To truly reflect our community, we should keep in mind the Diversity Equity and Inclusion commitment of Rotary International:
At Rotary, we're committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect, allowing everyone's voice to be heard, and providing equitable opportunities for fellowship, service, and leadership.
Our members want and expect Rotary to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. We're committed to creating supportive environments that foster open communication and shared learning. And although the Rotary experience may differ from country to country, the dynamics, histories, and structures that create inequality and bias can be found all over the world. Issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion are globally relevant. 
The Rotary International Board of Directors and The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees embrace the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and Rotary is taking action to follow these principles in everything we do. We recognize that being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization will enhance the experience that members have in Rotary, allow us to carry out more meaningful and effective service efforts, and create open, welcoming environments that appeal to people who want to connect with us.
Polly shared a few names of famous Rotarians she had found on a list in Wikipedia.  Among those named were  Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Gerald R. Ford, John F. Kennedy, Frank Borman, Dr. Charles H. Mayo, Sir Winston Churchill, and Admiral Richard Byrd.
President Pam thanked Steve Ross for serving as greeter.  She also remarked that Clarence Birdseye of Birdseye frozen foods was another famous Rotarian.
Introduction of Guests
  • John Pennypacker introduced his guests - Brian and Jackie Harrington who were visiting from the White Mountains.  Brian is currently serving as President of the Silver Creek Rotary Club.
  • Jay Stuckey introduced Dale Shafer of the Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary Club, saying Dale was attending his second Rotary Meeting of the day.
Ace of Clubs Raffle - Steve Ross
The ticket drawn was held by Dave Brauchler, but when Dave attempted to draw the Ace of Clubs form the deck, he instead drew the Queen of Diamonds.
Happy Bucks - John Pennypacker
  • John began by contributing because he was happy to have the Harringtons at our Mesa West meeting.  He was also happy his pickup passed emissions.
  • Jim LaCheminant contributed.  He was happy two of his grandchildren are back home, having returned from their missions.
  • Colleen Coons was happy to present a new bell ringer for Pam to use at club meeting.  It was made by a Massai Tribe in the area they visited in Kenya.  She also contributed happy to be hosting Fanny - our Rotary Youth Exchange Student.  Fanny planned to try out for the cheer squad on Monday, August 1.  She hopes to play badmitten.  Fanny also wants to go paddle-boarding.  She thanked Brian Harrington for his father's help with Crutches 4 Africa and offered to show he and Jackie the photos taken on the mission which were conveniently available on her IPad.  She said it was a life-changing experience.
  • Dale Shafer contributed.  He was happy to be at the Mesa West meeting.
  • Warren Williamson said he had voiced a concern with their family doctor about Sunny losing her hearing.  The doctor said he could not speculate on what the problem was but suggested Warren could do his own simple evaluation.  He suggested he say something to Sunny using his normal voice from about 20' away, and each time he did not get a response to move five steps closer.  He tried it.  He asked Sunny, "What's for dinner?"  There was no response.  He moved five steps closer and asked again.  Still, no response.  He moved five steps closer and asked again.  Sunny loudly replied, "For the third time, we're having chicken for dinner!"
  • Ed Koeneman was happy he had been able to be at the airport to meet everyone returning from the C4A mission to Africa as well as greet Fanny when she arrived for her year as a Rotary Youth Exchange student.
  • Brian Harrington was happy to be at Mesa West - the most stellar club in the district.  Other clubs strive to be like us.
  • Dave Brauchler was "guilted" into contributing.  He had fun working with Polly Cady Tuesday, July 26.  He said Polly had a personal grown experience.  He was able to teach her how to close plastic containers.  Dave worked with her for an hour and a half and she can do it now.  It might be up to Allan to teach her how to open them herself.
  • Dr. Ron Thompson was happy to be back after missing two meetings.
  • Lu General said any day she get to see the Harringtons is a stellar day.  She said she and Wayne took some Arizona heat with them when the travelled back East for her father's memorial.  The temperature reached 100 with 90% humidity.  When they returned to Arizona, they brought some humidity with them.  She thanked God for the club - and loves everyone.
  • Past President Dan was happy to have the Harringtons at the meeting.  He recalled Brian helping him prepare to lead a GSE team to Australia.  DG Larry Horton was on that trip.  He was also happy to have been pulled over by a member of the Mesa PD, who just chatted with him and let him go.  He said the kids from Westwood who went on the C4A mission were the best kids you could every have.  He said the Massai people to not get mad - they are the best people he's ever seen.
  • Dan Lamborn contributed $5 specifying it be donated to TRVFA.  He was happy about daughters' participation in Penn State online curriculum and ASU
  • Dick Myren contributed his traditional $2 - happy that he and Honorary Member Rod Daniels are members of the best Rotary Club in the world.  He also thanked Jackie Harrington for the help she always readily provided when he was Executive Secretary.
  • Pam Cohen was happy Logan Harper no longer has a scheduling conflict and will be able to attend our meeting in person.  She thanked Dale Shafer for checking us out.  She thanked the Coons for being Fanny's host parents.  She said the Harringtons were like a second set of parents for her daughter who was hosted by them on summer exchanges.
Auction - Lucinda General
Lucinda pointed out that she was the deliverer.  The items were all selected by Wayne, who would purchase one item for the auction at each of several interesting places they visited.  She pointed out the "Newport Mansion" on the bag which contained something edible, but no alcohol.  She suggested the bidding start at $35.  She said one item started out being edible but is now in a different state.  The bag was purchased by Colleen Coons for $75.  Among the items in the bag was some Cinnamon Pear Jam, a mysterious Cranberry item and a book about New England Ships.
  • Dave Brauchler talked about the Salvation Army service project.  He said they REALLY need help on the weekends and thanked everyone who had volunteered for helping.  He said the Salvation Army is overwhelmed with extra customers, and that he still had some vacant spots for Friday, July 29.
  • Attending via Zoom were Bob Jensen and Bob Zarling as well as Jeanie.
  • Logan Harper apologized for bombarding everyone with emails, but stressed the importance of setting aside time to attend and participate in the August 6 Visioning Session to be held at Salvation Army.  If you are hesitant to register online, email Logan and he will enter your registration.  He asked everyone to fill out the written form even if they are unable to attend.  Pam reinforced how important it is to have a strategic plan to take us into the future incorporating our passions.
Program - Dr. Mark Leonard - The Happiness Breakthrough
President Pam introduced our speaker.  He has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over twenty years.  He's had his share of worries, sleepless nights and setbacks.  He currently owns two businesses that employ - on average- twenty employees.  He understands the pressure of owning a business.  For the past sixteen years, he has studied why some people are successful while others struggle.  In his quest he has earned an EdD in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University where he gained expertise in helping companies and their leaders achieve their goals.  Helping people break through their limitations and plateaus is a personal passion for him.
He has been married over thirty years.  He and his wife have six children, and twelve grandchildren.  When it comes to juggling life's priorities, he understands the challenges.
One of life's puzzles is trying to figure out why when some people touch something it turns to gold while others cause the opposite reaction.  He enjoys employing teenagers in one of his businesses - an Italian Ice store.  He teaches the kids about business and about giving more than is expected, encouraging them to serve their community.  
Dr. Leonard has a back story.  It started when he was in a hospital bed waiting for lung surgery.  He was getting mixed messages.  "You have cancer" - "No you don't." If the final diagnosis was cancer, he was going to lose his lungs.  In his speaking/coaching business, his tool was his voice.  He begged God not to let him lose his voice.
He learned life was worth striving for.  He had too much to live for.  He was needed.  His family was growing.  He said daughter #5 brought her wedding dress the night before our meeting.  He has travelled the world.  He's been in Africa, Serviced in India.  While there, his wife was in a room with prostitutes who were sold into slavery by their husbands.  He knew that whatever he was doing it wasn't enough.  He is certain we are here to live a life of excellence.
It's impossible to find what excellence looks like for others.  It's not what anyone else defines.  It is what we each define for ourselves.  We each need to define what our excellence looks like.
He suggested taking a piece of paper, sit upright with both feet firmly on the ground, get comfortable, and take a deep breath.  With eyes closed, visualize how someone would describe the very best of you at a memorial service.  Come up with words that would fit on a business card.  His words are, "Authentic, Courageous, and Serving."   For a time, he and his wife switched places.  He was a stay at home dad.  One night his wife told him he had his "work" face on at home.  He realized he was different in each environment and worked to change that.  He said that the night before our meeting, he was ready to fire a nineteen-year-old who had slept for 70 minutes in his office.  Instead, he ended up hugging him and asking how he could help.  Once you understand your definition of excellence, you can work to live your excellence.
He talked for a bit about actually connecting with those we interact with.  Instead of asking the normal "What do you do? Where do you live?" questions, ask someone to tell you about something they are passionate about.  This can happen when making introductions.  It can also happen with family.  It's possible to connect with people wherever you are.  It's really important to connect with your family and close friends.  Take time to connect with cousins you rarely see.  Don't postpone that phone call.  Ask what you can do for them.  
To live a life of excellence, do simple things over and over.  Find opportunities to do what you've been sent here to do.
The rest of the story about lung cancer.  There was a tumor pressing up against the lung wall.  It looked like it was inside the lung, but it wasn't.  The biopsy ruled out cancer.  It was a rare disease - Castleman's disease - not cancer.  He said there is power in prayer.  He knows it.  He's felt it.
His Italian Ice store is at Victoria and Ellsworth - Jeremiah's Italian Ice.  They make everything in the store. and serve over 40 flavors.
Pam closed the meeting ringer the bell with our new ringer.