Welcome and Call to Order
President Pam asked PE Robin Harris to offer the invocation.
She then asked Ed Koeneman to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Rotary Minute - Shelly Romine
Shelly encouraged members to regularly visit the Rotary Website - rotary.org.  She said that those visits will generally be rewarded with learning something new about Rotary.  She said her most recent visit reminded her of the countless ways Rotarians can partner across the globe with friendship exchanges, grant projects, and Rotary Action Groups, making it possible to accomplish things together that individual Rotarians and Rotary Clubs would find daunting to do on their own.  Rotary Action Groups are cause-focused with shared expertise and passion driving outstanding projects to aid areas ranging from Alzheimer's/dementia to Slavery Prevention.  Rotaractors can now also participate through these groups.
Greeter Appreciation
  • President Pam thanked Darl Andersen for serving as greeter welcoming members guests as they arrived for the meeting.
Introduction of Guests
  • Major Ray welcomed everyone to the Salvation Army facility.  He voiced their appreciation for ringing the bell during the holiday season and many other things that Mesa West Rotarians have done for them.  He hoped everyone had found the facility and were able to find available parking.
  • Jim Erickson introduced Consular Jorge Yescas and Ricardo Reyes from the Mexican Consulate office in Phoenix.  They described a mentoring opportunity Mesa West Rotarians might want to participate in - The Consular Entrepreneurship Program for Mexican Women Abroad.  Pam encouraged the visitors to provide more information by email.  They did follow through - see in a separate article in the July 27 Messenger.
Ace of Clubs Raffle - Steve Ross
Steve said the large pot was up to $713, and the small pot was $35.  He asked guest Ricardo Reyes to draw the winning ticket which was held by Shelly Romine.  When Shelly attempted to draw the Ace of Clubs, she instead drew the deuce of clubs.
Happy Bucks - John Pennypacker
  • John Pennypacker contributed venting about having spent $75 for a $2 fuse for his air conditioner.
  • Polly Cady contributed - their very first great grandchild - Wesley Beck Breinholt - was born July 18.
  • Melodie Jackson contributed $10 "bewildered" bucks.  She was helping her daughter handle a transaction and needed to give $10 to a woman.  She found $10 on her daughter's desk and gave that to the lady.  When her daughter started to pay Melodie back, Melodie was confused and said, "I gave her the $10 I found on your desk." Melodie's daughter said that $10 bill was a counterfeit bill.  Melodie offered to deliver the $10 to the lady for her daughter, but the lady didn't want it...
  • Don LaBarge contributed.  He admitted getting part way to the Doubletree before realizing he should be headed for Salvation Army and felt a bit foolish since he was the one that set up the offsite meeting when it was learned the hotel was overbooked on banquet space.  He also gave an update on Ted Williams health.  Ted had his gall bladder removed and is recovering well.
  • Dave Brauchler contributed saying he and Lynn would be heading for California to celebrate Lynn's mother's 96th birthday.  He also contributed saying he was honored to be the person of choice to change his 2-year-old granddaughter's diaper.
  • Jim Erickson reported that there have been thirteen cases of wild poliovirus diagnosed this year.  He recently learned there is a case of type 2 polio in New York now.  We still have a long way to go with our Polio Plus immunization effort.
  • Shelly Romine contributed saying she would miss the next two meetings, but urging members to participate in the visioning session planned for Satursday, August 6.
  • Robin Harris contributed reminding members it is not too late to complete the visioning survey.
  • President Pam contributed.  She was glad to have Rotarian Yanick Hicks at our meeting and looked forward to hearing his presentation.  She also explained she told Ed Koeneman he was her "Number 1" (apparently Star Trek Fans know what that means) and was going to have him drill a hold in his name badge so he could add that.
  • Dave Brauchler reminded members of the first service opportunity of the new Rotary year.  Volunteers will work two hour shifts at Salvation Army helping them handle the increased demand for their summer heat relief program.  The early shift will prepare meals and the later shift will be available as needed in the dining/gathering area.  The volunteers are needed July 23-July 29 - a full week.
  • Visioning - The questionnaire is pretty basic.  For those who sign up, more comments are possible.  The surveys are anonymous.
  • Don LaBarge explained how to handle dirty dishes and how to exit the meeting.
  • Polly Cady announced Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) would be held Saturday, September 24 in Flagstaff.  The venue is yet to be determined.  She also announced our youth exchange student would be arriving on the 23rd and talked about the logistical challenge of her arriving on the same date her first host parents, Dan and Colleen Coons, would be arriving from the Crutches 4 Africa trip to Kenya.  As always several Mesa West Rotarians were glad to do what they could to bridge the temporary housing challenge.
Program - Yanick Hicks - Becoming a Person of Influence
Jay Stuckey introduced Yanick as a member of the Glendale Rotary Club.  The program focus would be about becoming a person of influence - leadership, sharing information which can be applied to everyday life beginning today.  Yanick is glad to make presentations to businesses and organizations.  His business cards were available on the tables.
Yanick said he remembers his early life in Kamaroon, West Africa.  He said his grandfather was very influencial - teaching him about the foundation of life by modeling character, integrity and leadership.  He would wake up at 4:00 and read.  At 5:00, he would follow his grandfather to church.  Those values and principals learned early in life live on.
His grandrather enrolled him in a seminary of the Catholic Church - he wanted Yanick to become a priest, but Yanick met a woman and the priesthood became less attractive.
When Yanick moved to the United States, he experienced many difficulties.  Kids at school made fun of his different accent, culture, etc.  Yanick deviated from his principals partying, drinking, etc.
Yanick said it dawned on him after he had a call from a friend about leadership growth and development.  The materials resonated with the principals and values his grandfather had instilled.  Yanick started studying John Maxwell materials.
When Yanick started applying the principals on a daily basis, things began to change.  His passion is leadership.  After pharmacy school, Yanick became certified as a speaker.  He became part of a team.  In growth and development, values make the difference in results.
Leadership determines effectiveness - you can get better ask yourself three questions:  
  1. What went right?
  2. What went wrong?
  3. What can I do different?
Experience is the best teacher.  Learn from what you did.  Get better.
Recruitment suggestions
  • Be intentional - you want to attract people with positive attitudes - people of action.
  • In any organization some are coming in and others going out.  It happens in all organizations
    • Who is coming in?
    • Who is going out?
Other suggestions
  • Do something new.  It can be simple.  Do things differently - take a new route, think about what you are doing.  Stop automatic thinking.
  • Difference between career and calling
    • Career is what you are paid to do
    • Calling is what you are made for
Yanick left his job as a pharmacist and feels he is following his calling.  Yanick wans to make a difference with people who want to make a difference.
What do you want to be known for?
What will your legacy be?
If you are interested in having Yanick present at your business or an organization you are involved with, you can e-mail him .