Polly Cady lead the August 24 meeting, as President, Allan, was unable to attend.  Ray Smith opened the meeting by leading the club in song.  A recent repeat guest, Jane Pierce, was present again and her application for membership has been submitted for processing.  Bob Murray, the District Public Image (Rotary Branding) Resource was also a guest.  Dan Coons introduced his son, Nicholas Dellolio, who was scheduled to depart for his year as a Rotary Exchange Student in Taiwan on Saturday, August 26. 
Polly Cady won the small $20 drawing, but failed to draw the ace of clubs so did not win the cumulative prize.
The new Buck Board is ready for Rotarians and guests to purchase one or more of the one hundred $10 squares.  After the board is filled, cards will be drawn to number the rows and columns, then cards will be redrawn to eliminate squares until there is only one square left.  The holder of that square will have $1,000 donated in their name to The Rotary Foundation and be eligible for a Paul Harris Fellow as well as receive a receipt verifying the $1,000 tax deductible donation.  Members can pay cash or charge the cost of their squares.  Guests must pay cash. 
The Goetzenbergers reported that their daughter, Emilee, who recently departed for her year in Belgium as a Youth Exchange student, is doing well and already has some extended travel planned to Berlin and Amsterdam in September.
Chuck Flint explained the Steak and Beans competition to promote our club's Sponsorship Program.  He suggested that those who are not on the top team or even on a team where each member brings in at least one sponsorship, might be rewarded with GasX, since they will be eating beans at the celebration event to be held at his home.  To get started seeking sponsors, download and share the Sponsorship Brochure with potential donors.
Stephen West was asked to share with club members details about the recent professional recognition he was honored to receive.
Matt Rotty announced a monthly service opportunity he recently brought to the club, which has the full support of our Club President and our Community Service Co-Chairs, Polly Cady and Don LaBarge to put on a trial run through the end of this year.  Read more about the project in a separate newsletter article in the August 30 Messenger.
The Guaymas project planning committee reports that plans are going great, and were happy to report that thirteen Rotarians will be going this year.  More than have ever participated in the project in the past.
Wendell Jones introduced Jerod Langkilde, Director of Development at Mesa Community College, who presented a program titled "Building Tomorrow's Workforce Today."  Jerod suggested Rotarians watch a You-Tube Video, Shift Happens, to review some of the startling statistics he shared.  The video highlights the importance of recognizing the challenges that the workforce of today is already facing and which will continue to change dynamically going forward.   New jobs will result form technological changes.  Fourteen years ago, the US was #1 in highest educated population in the world.  Today, we are 17th.  20% of jobs today will be gone in 7-10 years.  47% of today's jobs will be automated in twenty years.  One example he provided was Fox.com, which manufactures the I-phone in China employing 65,000 people.  Their jobs could be replaced by robots, with 300 people managing the robots. 
Jerod talked about specific challenges that MCC faces enrolling local students.  The poverty level of students attending Mesa public schools is low as is average household education level compared to some of our surrounding communities.  Scholarship programs to help students - particularly those from families where they will be the first generation to seek higher education is critical if we want our youth to survive in tomorrow's workforce.  Jerod brought a current MCC student with him.  Greg Thomas is taking advantage of the opportunity to take some of the technological curriculum available at MCC which will be required for him to transition from a retail career into the technical expertise that will be more relevant in the future.  He is certain this change will provide better growth opportunity and higher income potential.