The Chili Cook Off and Fireside was a huge success!  The Troy’s home was a perfect venue!  With Pam Cohen’s and Carole Kralicek’s planning and coordination, everything went very smoothly and was a lot of fun.  Not only was there good food and beverages, the whole evening was all about fellowship.
I’m not sure what the highlight was:  The induction of PDG John Pennypacker, conducted by Chuck Flint, the Chili Cook Off and food, or the Fireside Chat.
Having known PDG John Pennypacker for a long while, Chuck conducted the induction with a glowing background of John’s military career and Rotary career.  John said a few words and praised the Mesa West Rotary Club and let us know how happy and privileged he is to be a part of it.
There were eight participants in the chili cook off.  First place winner (again) was Chuck Flint.  Second place went to Tim Troy and third to Polly Cady.  The prizes were very appropriate:  Chili’s (the restaurant) gift cards!  The gift cards were placed on a stick with real red chili’s attached – very creative. As it turned out, Chuck offered to raffle off his gift cards so Polly joined him.  Tim Troy was the bidding winner – another plus for the Club’s service projects’ coffers!
Carole Kralicek had a great idea of how to facilitate the Fireside Chat.  She had the new members who were there ask questions on Rotary subjects they were not quite sure about.  Donna and Bryan Goetzenberger asked how District Governors are selected.  Robert LaBarge, having been on such a committee, answered.  He let us know that there is a committee which consists of District Governors, Past District Governors and a few people who are selected at random.  They review all nominees and come up with an appointed District Governor.  Actually, they appoint a District Governor Nominee who then becomes a District Governor Elect and then District Governor.  Another question was asked by Bob Zarling.  He wanted to know if all Rotary clubs are supposed to conduct meetings with the same format.  Between PDG John Pennypacker and Chuck Flint, he got the answer that Rotary clubs are all different and conduct their meetings differently.  One more question had to do with where the happy bucks money goes – answer:  service projects unless specified to another fund such as Paul Harris, Polio Plus or the Rotary Foundation.
Carole then asked President Allan “What makes a good Rotary club”.  Allan mentioned, of course, Mesa West is the best Rotary club due to its members.  Mesa West has the most giving . . .  excellent projects  . . . strong meetings with good speakers . . . . attendance is at 36-45 members each week with good involvement  . . .  strong board . . . . creative group with a variety of ideas.  After Allan shared his ideas, he called on several Rotarians to give their thoughts on what makes a good Rotary club. 
Again, special thanks go to Tim and Angie Troy
Submitted by Polly Cady