If you will be serving on the Mesa West Rotary Board of Directors next year, or you are simply interested in learning about the responsibilities of various roles in Rotary, attendance at any of the sessions offered at the Club Leadership Academy Part 1 on May 1 is open to all Rotarians.  
The training will all be via Zoom and links to the following sessions are available on the District website or by following this link:  https://rotary5495.org/page/cla-home.
Options at 9:00 AM are:
Secretary Basics
The Rotary Foundation
Rotary Youth Services
Options at 10:45 AM are:
Treasurer Basics
Club Brand and Public Image
Mark your calendar for September 25, 9:00 AM - Noon, when CLA Part 2 is scheduled.  Club leaders, newly engaged Rotarians and even seasoned members will come away with a wealth of ideas and practical strategies to strengthen their club.  The Academy will offer many classes from which to choose on virtually every aspect of Rotary including service, fundraising, leadership, branding, membership, youth programming and much, much more.
All classes will be open to everyone!