A crew of Mesa West Rotarians and family members had fun preparing and serving dinner August 31 at Paz de Cristo in Mesa.  The individuals who benefitted from their work enjoyed a delicious meal.  Most of the food used to prepare the meal was donated by local grocery stores and restaurants, so it was a very nice meal.  Second helpings were not allowed, but before leaving, those who attended were given "clamshells" to fill with leftovers.  They were also given bags with water, peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, etc. so each diner really received three meals. 
The crew from Mesa West included Pam Cohen, Chuck Flint, Robin Harris, Wendell and Sandra Jones, Chris and Mike Krueger, Lola McClane, Jim Schmidt, Ray Smith, Jay and Melissa Stuckey, and Steve West who brought his granddaughter, Carolyn, and son, Russell.