Sorry to say, but our historic quarter of free lunches at in-person meetings is coming to its end.  At the Mesa West Rotary Club Board Meeting held Tuesday evening, June 15, a budget for 2021-22 was approved with a six-month trial based on the following new dues structure:
  • $300/Quarter - Corporate Dues - This is a new category which we hope professional organizations with busy executives will find attractive.  Meals would be included for the executive who would be the registered, active member.  When unable to attend, they could send a designated representative from the same organization introducing their representative to the values and fellowship of Rotary.
  • $200/Quarter - Full Dues - Reduced from the pre-COVID full dues rate of $250/Quarter.  This is offered to give back to the members some of the savings realized by the club with the current executive secretary only agreeing to do that job if she could do it as a volunteer, rather than be paid for her effort.  She wanted members to benefit from that savings rather than the bank account.
  • $75/Quarter - There are four categories with this pricing - meals are NOT included.  There will be a $25 charge for each in-person meeting attended  Anyone attending five or more meetings would be better off choosing the full dues option
    • E-85 - Members whose age plus years in Rotary equal 85 or more (includes members in Rotary 20 or more years)
    • Family of Rotary - the second member of a family could choose this option
    • Rotary Service - Participate in Service Projects (includes local and international service projects)
    • Zoom Only - Intended for members who cannot attend in-person due to health or other accessibility limitations but who wish to be actively engaged in Mesa West Rotary Club
The new structure is intended to provide some flexibility in the ways members can be People of Action and be actively engaged in Rotary.  We live in changing times and circumstances.  If we continue to do what we've only done, we may miss the opportunity to be better than we were before the pandemic.  We can utilize technology and ways to engage that we learned as we adapted and thrived as a club during an unprecedented year.
Jeanie Morgan will be contacting members directly to help each member select the option that will work best for them.  With the July 1 installation event on the evening of July 1 coming up, she will also be recording reservations to attend that event.  The meal cost that evening is $50.   Members choosing the Full Dues or Corporate option will only have to pay or be charged $25 for their own meal reservation, but the cost for their guest(s) will be $50 each.
If reviewing this, you know how you want to be billed July 1, you can send an email to Jeanie
The reason the budget was approved on a trial basis, is to be sure the revenue and expenses projected based on this structure were close to accurate and the club is not losing money because of dues options selected by members are significantly different than were projected.  As we move into this new way of doing things, members need to understand they may need to accept price adjustments in this structure should the financial activity during the 6-month trial make that tough call necessary.