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Highlights of May 28 Zoom Meeting
Before the meeting was called to order, Polly Schumacher was complimented on her patriotic red, white, and blue apparel.  She said she knew she was a few days late but was still celebrating the Memorial Day holiday.  Our inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student, Marcella Sousa was welcomed.  It was a pleasant surprise to have Erwin and Joan Reimann in attendance.  Erwin explained that there had been an upsurge in COVID-19 cases in South Dakota, and - on advice of their doctor - they decided to wait at least a couple of weeks before heading to the Black Hills for the summer.
President Jim called the meeting to order, and asked John Pennypacker to offer the invocation.  John chose to share the following Scottish Blessing titled "If There is Righteousness in the Heart:"
If there is righteousness in the heart,
there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character,
there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home, 
there will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation,
there will be peace in the world.
So let it be.
Allan Cady was asked to share a patriotic moment.  In light of the recent Memorial Day holiday, Allan challenged Rotarians to teach their children and grandchildren ten things:
  1. Story behind the Pledge of Allegiance
  2. What to do during the national anthem
  3. Soldiers are to be honored
  4. Know the basic freedoms
  5. Know the core values of a democratic society
  6. Understand our form of government
  7. Understand the responsibilities of citizenship
  8. Tell them about people and places that are significant to our history
  9. Appreciate diversity
  10. Know we are not perfect
Allan also shared they had enjoyed a Zoom meeting with their family the evening before, and it helped them feel close though they are far apart.  He said he would commit to work on teaching the ten things he listed to his grandchildren.  He feels very fortunate to be in our country - even during adverse times.
Happy Bucks - with Greg Okonowski
  • Allan Cady - pledged $10 - he was very happy to have enjoyed the Zoom call with his family.
  • Marcella Sousa - was very excited to be looking forward to celebrating her 19th birthday in typical US mode.  She was serenaded by those present with "Happy Birthday to You" and said she then felt 110% excited for her birthday celebration.
  • Polly Cady  - was happy to report that 32 Rotarians have signed up to attend the first virtual Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).  She said that number was up from 13 just the day before.  She thanked Pam Cohen for preparing a flyer which was distributed by DGE Elizabeth Mahoney.  RLI was scheduled for Saturday, May 30 with the sessions condensed to deliver the material in a three-hour time slot between 9:00 AM and Noon.  They will offer all three sessions.  Chris Krueger and DGND Larry Horton would be co-facilitating, as would be Allan Cady and Kevin Pitts, and Art Harrington and Jay Jones.   Polly said Pam and Dan Coons were among those registered to attend.  To encourage members to register and attend, Pam Cohen explained that the RLI education is not about a particular leadership task, it enriches knowledge about Rotary and its many accomplishments beyond the club level.
  • Warren Williamson pledged $5 as he was happy to have finally been able to get his hair cut.  He pledged another $5 though not-so-happy to finally get to see his dentist.
  • Melodie Jackson pledged $50 toward her Paul Harris Fellow.  She was happy to share news about a young man named Serge who played basketball at ASU.  He was a friend of Melodie's daughter.  He came from Cameroon, West Africa.  The Jacksons "adopted" him 16 years ago.  He now lives in Arizona.   Four years ago he brought his daughter and his mother from a small village in Cameroon to America.  His daughter Jessica graduated from high school and got a volleyball scholarship to Mercy College in New York.  In Cameroon, their village had no running water or sanitation.  Serge has three daughters and another on the way..  Melodie finds it amazing how much life has changed for his family. 
  • Dan Coons thought his wife, Colleen Coons should be fined $10 since she was on vacation and available to attend the meeting but was not in attendance.  After some shaming, Dan said to charge him for half of Colleen's fine.
  • Robert LaBarge had a birthday, which was acknowledged even though he was not present at the meeting.
Presidential Humor
Allan and Polly Cady were on a lake.  Allan wanted to fish, so had all the gear on the boat, but decided he should attend a Rotary meeting.  Polly chose to stay on the lake.  After Allen left, Polly rowed out into the lake and put the anchor down, got out her book and started reading.  Before long a fish and game officer came along and told her he would have to cite her for fishing in a restricted area.  Polly explained she wasn't fishing, and that she was just enjoying her book.  The officer said that there was evidence to the contrary and he would have to take her in and charge her.  She had all the necessary equipment and for all he knew she could obviously start fishing at any moment.  Polly said she would go along with the officer, but only if he arranged to have law enforcement at the station to meet them.  He asked why, and she said she was going to request that he be charged with attempted rape.  He said, you know nothing like that happened.  Polly said, "You have all the necessary equipment, and for all I know..."  The officer left without citing Polly.
Pam Cohen introduced Marcella Sousa, the inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student who spent the school year in Flagstaff.  Even though Flagstaff has been her Arizona home while on her exchange, Mesa West Rotary has been her host club.  Pam helped Marcella with the presentation by sharing her screen, showing Marcella's PowerPoint slides.  CLICK HERE if you would like to download or view the presentation.
Marcella's first slide showed her family.  She said that she has missed her dog the most.  They had the dog with them for a year before she left, and she spent a lot of time cuddling the little dog in her lap.  Marcella described herself as a very family-guided person.  One of the photos on the slides was of her grandparents - her mother's parents on the left.  A middle photo was of Marcella with her sister and their parents.  She said her sister is also planning to go on an exchange to France.
In another photo on that first slide, where everyone is dressed in white, are cousins and an exchange student from Taiwan who was with them for a year and felt like one of the kids.  Another photo showed a group of students in school uniforms.  Whether attending public or private school, uniforms are worn.  Marcella said she was lucky.  She was able to attend private school.  A photo where everyone is laying down was taken outside a classroom.  She and her classmates stayed in the same classroom all day and the various teachers came to their classroom to teach them. Because the students were together all day long, they became close friends.  One day when their teacher had left and the next one had not yet arrived, they went outside and laid down together as a group.  When the next teacher arrived, she felt close enough to them that she enjoyed a friendly relationship with them, so she spontaneously joined them.  The bottom photo on the introductory slide was Marcella and some of her closest friends when the girls dressed as good-looking boys.
It was Marcella's uncle was who said goodbye to her at the airport.  The day before, her parents and her sister had departed for Portugal where her sister was going to participate in a dance competition.  
When the slide with the Brazilian flag was on the screen, Marcella explained the significance of the colors.  Green represents the forests.  Yellow represents the wealth of the nation's soil including their rich gold reserves.  Blue represents the seas around them.   The significance of the Stars and their placement is that the single star at the top represents their capital which is its own territory, and the 26 stars at the bottom represents their twenty-six states.  She also noted that they use and "s" rather than a "z" when spelling the name of their country.  
The country of Brazil is 47% of the South American land mass.  It is sixteen times larger than France.  There are five regions.  The north region is both the largest and the least inhabited.  The northeast region is her second favorite.  It is dry, has a rich culture, and her favorite shrimp dish is prepared there.  She said there is a beautiful beach there where her family has travelled every year since Marcella was born.  She was only seven months old the first time she was taken there.  It is a thirteen-hour drive from their home.
The Central-West region is the home of their national capital.  It is famous for cattle breeding.  The southern region is the safest to visit.  There are lots of Italians.  There is a lot of European cultural influence there because of the large numbers of immigrants from Europe in the 19th century.  Marcella said the Southeast Region is the best (she declared she was not biased because it was her home.  She said it is the richest of the regions.  They are one tenth of the territory with two fifths of the population.  She said Rio de Janeiro is beautiful and the people are nice.  She said if you visit Brazil, you should start in Rio, then go everywhere..  She also said Rio is not the safest city in the world, so be careful.
The primary religion in Brazil is Roman Catholic.  There are many beautiful churches.  A photo of a white church was the one where her parents were married.
Marcella was asked about her plans after she goes home.  Many in her family have studied law, but Marcella is leaning toward journalism.  She is not sure which she will finally decide. She plans to take the summer off and not rush into anything.
It was noted that Marcella's English skills were quite good, including her command of American slang.  She said she studied English before coming here.  In fact she has had English classes every year - but it was British English.  Originally, Marcella didn't think she would be doing her exchange in the United States.  She wanted to use her exchange to learn another language and culture.  She thought she would be going to France and took some French classes.  It turned out that France had too many inbound exchange students for the hosting spots available.  She and a couple of other students had to find other placement.  When the Youth Exchange chair in Brazil asked her if she would like to go to the United States, she enthusiastically agreed.  She said it is really hard to get spots in the United States.  
Marcella's mother has always taught her "if it doesn't work out, something better will come along."  It all worked out.  She said she has loved everything about the exchange.  She first got interested in doing an exchange when she and her family had attended a birthday party for a friend of her parents.  He was in Rotary and his club actually is her outbound sponsor.  He talked to them about Rotary Youth Exchange.  Marcella's mother got excited.  They only had three days before the deadline to submit applications.  The Rotary forms were on their dinner table with the family helping to fill them out.
Marcella repeated that she is very family-guided - said it is the way of Italian families - the way they grew up.  About three months into her exchange, she admitted to missing her family very much, but said maybe in college she will study abroad again.
Donna Goetzenberger, who is Youth Exchange Chair for our district shared the following:
Marcella was not at all sponsored by Flagstaff Rotary or Rotarians, neither the club, nor host families.   Mesa West 100% sponsored her in all things as Flagstaff ROTARY was unable to support her financially, or with club's support of a counselor or a youth exchange officer from the club. Nothing against them at all, I totally understand that happens sometimes. But I just want to make sure that Mesa West is given full credit where credit is due. 
1st Mesa West Rotary Virtual Happy Hour
Thanks to Pam Cohen who facilitated and hosted our first Mesa West Rotary virtual happy hour Thursday evening, May 28.  At least sixteen members and Rotary family members attended Our District Governor, David Simmer, even dropped by for a bit. 
Pam was prepared with a conversation-starter.  She asked everyone to share their favorite burger and burger establishment.  It was very pleasant to have relaxed, informal conversation with each other - a privilege we've been deprived of for much too long.  
Mesa West is Leading in New District Competition
The chase is on for the End Polio Now Champions Award.  As of May 29th, the top 10 clubs are:  1. Mesa West  2. Sedona Village  3. E-Club of the Southwest  4. Paradise Valley  5. Sedona Red Rocks  6. Kingman Route 66  7. Superstition Mountain, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon  8. Scottsdale North  9. Prescott Frontier  10.  Peoria North.
The final standings will be determined as of the close of the fiscal year, June 30, 2020.  Don't delay.  Get your contributions in now if you club wishes to compete for the award!
As an aside, only 44 clubs have contributed to End Polio Now.  That means 25 clubs have not contributed.  It is also a little bit surprising to see some of the clubs that have not participated or that have only minimal participation.
COVID-19 Challenges for Gift of Hearing
This coming November would have marked the 28th year for Bob Jensen to organize and participate in the Gift of Hearing Mission in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.  A special meeting was held on Zoom today to discuss the 2020 mission.  In attendance were Bob Jensen, Erica Williams, Wendell Jones, Ray Smith, Allan and Polly Cady, Jim Schmidt, Chuck Flint and Jeanie Morgan from Mesa West Rotary.  Also in attendance were Rodolfo Fernandez and Dr. Glattke, local Rotary partners in Mexico.  
Bob started the meeting explaining that typically by this point in time, all the major plans for the November mission are in place.  This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has done nothing.  There are too many uncertainties about safety for the school, for the volunteers, and the patients to be seen.
  1. Do we even go next November?
  2. Liability issue - we could potentially be blamed as individuals or as a Rotary Club/Foundation if anyone gets sick 
  3. International travel is currently limited by ASU - Erica and her students might not be able to participate
Our Mexican partners are currently quarantined in Alamo where they have had one reported case.  The border area is where the highest rates of infection are occurring..  The 2019-20 school year is being completed from home in Mexico.  Next September the school may reopen, but conditions may not be known until mid to late September as to how, whether or even if we could conduct the clinic there.  At best, we would be on stand-by as to whether we could have the event in November.  
Border crossings are currently restricted.  Americans can go down.  Zero Mexicans are going north through the checkpoints.  In Alamos, Americans are carrying proof of residence in Mexico, a water bill, etc., which makes crossing the border pretty automatic.  
Bob commented that if there is no vaccine available, he cannot envision taking a team down there.  For him, the safety of the volunteers and patients is paramount.  Another question is - would the volunteers be welcome to stay at the condos.
Jim Schmidt's opinion is that there are too many complications making November insurmountable.  Spring of 2021 would be a better option.
Bob said that if we don't go down, there are likely enough batteries on hand to serve the needs of existing patients, and the local team could likely have enough volunteers to make that happen.
Bob said there was only one other time in 28 years when the mission had to be abandoned for one year.
Wendell suggested we skip November 2020 and target November 2021.  Erica suggested that if things improve a small team could try a different model, going for more days and changing to an appointment-based service model with some triage to determine needs in advance, but if that is not possible, she agreed we should wait until November 2021.
Bob shared that Adam Prawzinsky felt like they had a horrendous number of patients last year, and he thought limits should be imposed.  He also thought pre-screening should occur.  There were several patients seen that did not truly have ENT needs.  He does not want to see non-ENT patients.
Bob was pleased he had spent extra money last year, so that there is an inventory of hearing aids on hand.
There is a nursing school in the area that has indicated a desire to help.  If we do choose to involve them, the identification of specific tasks for them to do needs to take place.
Bob wrapped up the meeting with the following areas where he felt there was consensus:
  1. Definitely hold off and not plan to go in November 2020
  2. Develop a tentative plan to do a small trip in February with Ted and Rudolfo to do some preliminary work
  3. Contact the Guaymas Rotary
  4. When we set date, need to check calendars of both districts, both Mesa West and Guaymas Club calendars and ensure there are no conflicts with the school.
Volunteers Needed:  Feeding Mesa
You CAN Make a Difference Canned Food Drives
In support of the Feeding Mesa campaign, the City of Mesa is hosting a series of canned food drives each week through the month of July.  The canned food drives will directly benefit the Mesa food banks who are providing food to Mesa residents directly and through a variety of food relief programs.
CLICK HERE for Volunteer Sign-Up Link
Volunteer Work:  Those dropping off donations are asked to pull up to the drop off area and open their trunk or back seat where the food is located.  Volunteers will then retrieve the food and place it in nearby collection bins.
Additional Volunteer Information:
  • Volunteer work may require the volunteer to lift up to 25 lbs.
  • Disposal PPE will be provided to each volunteer at each shift
  • Volunteers must be 16+ years of age (16-17 with signed parental consent form)
  • Volunteer work will be conducted outdoors and is subject to inclement weather
  • Volunteer work will require walking and/or standing for long periods of time
  • Also provided:  sunscreen, water, snacks, first aid, pop-up tents for shade, and fans.
Grant Application Submitted to Help 7th St Food Pantry
 Thanks to Dan Coons, we have submitted the Grant request and beat the deadline of May 31st with a few hours to spare. This is a Grant to replace the floor at the 7th Street Pantry Food bank. This is not a sure thing. Good news is the District is offering more money on the match. We are committing to $1500.00 and asking for a $2500.00 match which is the maximum allowed.
Here is what we have to accomplish.
  1. Charlie Tegarden, who is the District Foundation Chair, told me he thinks the District may already have maxed out the Grant money as the window to apply has been going on since Jan 2020.
  2. The District Grants Chair Rebecca has accepted our application pending a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which we signed in April. Dan will work on getting her a copy.  Accepting the Grant only means the Grant & club qualify. We will have to wait to see if the District has the money. There are ways around this for the District unless they determine first come first served. We have to do a better job next year. If I am still the club Grants chair I will address the next year  grant application process in January 2021.
  3. The contractor who is a good customer of mine and a friend who is an expert at flooring has agree to a major discount for his service. Typical floor is $6.50 per sq. ft. which means the job is around $6,500.00. His name is Lorenzo and he has been in business 30 years. His floors have a lifetime guarantee.
  4. This project has a deadline of April 2021 so I will plan on doing it in October 2020 and we will use club members to do the tear out. Food Bank volunteers will remove the items off the floor.
Today's Chuckle
"He's handsome, sincere, generous, intelligent, supportive, patient, successful, romantic, strong, funny, energetic, thoughtful, sensitive and kind - but sometimes he leaves the cap off the toothpaste!!!"
Something to Ponder...
Good judgement comes from experience.  
Experience, well, that comes from poor judgment.
June is Rotary Fellowship Month
Rotarians worldwide who have similar passions and interests can connect through Rotary Fellowships.  The photo at right is one that was downloaded from the International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians and was taken at a 2019 gathering in Telluride, Colorado.  To see the variety of fellowships currently available, CLICK HERE.  
The Most Efficient Way to Support The Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of Rotary that enables the amazing work we, as Rotarians, are all proud to be a part of.  Every Rotarian is strongly encouraged to support TRF every year by donating to the General Fund of TRF.  The target gift is $100 per year per member.  That has been the target for a very long time and in the US the average family income has multiplied a few times since that target was set.  Many Rotarians who have the means to do so have set their personal target at the $1,000 per year mark making them eligible for the Paul Harris Society level of donor recognition. 
The End Polio Now campaign is a separate fund to which gifts are matched two-for-one by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Many Rotarians choose to support both the general fund and the fight to end polio.
No matter what level you decide to donate, please support the Foundation by giving through Rotary Direct.  CLICK HERE to get answers to commonly asked questions about this program.  DOWNLOAD A FORM to authorize your Rotary Direct donations.  By giving through Rotary direct, the opportunity for human error is eliminated and recognition credit for the Rotarian and their club is much more accurate and timelier.
Support TRVFA
Donations to The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona made through April 15, can be used to qualify for the
Arizona's Credit for Contribution to a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the 2019 or 2020 tax year, but not both!  Their QCO Code is 20698.
When everything starts to settle after our current pandemic-related business slow-down is history, some things may never to back to the way they were.  There may well be a shortage of workers that require vocational certifications available to those in low-income groups through TRVFA grants.  Your gift today may help someone have a better tomorrow!  CLICK HERE to donate on-line or CLICK HERE to download a mail-in form.
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