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Welcome to our Rotary Club of Mesa West!
Mesa West
Transforming Communities, Creating Opportunities, Impacting Youth
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
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Doubletree, 1011 W Holmes
Mesa, AZ 85210
United States of America
Our hybrid meetings are held weekly on the 1st thru 4th Thursdays of each month. The meetings are broadcast via Zoom to include all, whether attending virtually or in person.
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House of Refuge Casino Night Fundraiser
One of our newest members, Connie Bunyard, and her husband John are helping promote this fun, fundraising event to benefit House of Refuge.  House of Refuge provides safe, stable housing to families who are experiencing homelessness. Their professional staff work with families on regaining dignity, healing from trauma, finding employment, and ultimately obtaining permanent housing.  A past service project of Mesa West Rotary involved painting some of the homes in the House of Refuge community.
Connie and John are hoping to see some familiar Mesa West Rotary faces smiling and having fun at this June 22 event.  CLICK HERE to make your reservation(s).
Some Roaring 20's Vocabulary
June 26 Volunteer Opportunity
July 11 Volunteer Opportunity
CLICK HERE to contact Polo Santiago to sign up.
Highlights of June 6 Meeting
Opening and Welcome to Meeting - President Colleen Coons
President Colleen thanked the following individuals:
  • Eric Silverberg for serving as greeter
  • Jim Erickson for leading the Pledge of Allegiance
  • John Pennypacker for providing the Thought for the Day.  John shared two things:
    • RI President Gordon McInally's Call to action on page 1 of the July 2023 issue of the Rotary Magazine.  During his year, he wanted to prioritize projects to support mental health - a topic which is deeply personal to him.  In his article, he shared an inspiration from Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns, who in the 18th century spoke of all the world becoming kin, promoting "sense and worth, over all the earth."  RIP McInally encouraged readers to build peace within and spread it freely.  "Let us create belonging and imagine the future of Rotary afresh.  Let us work together joyously and Create Hope in the World."
    • John also shared a challenge from Harry Higgs, PGA Tour professional golfer during his remarks following his victory in the Knoxville Korn Ferry Tournament:
      • "It is OK to not be OK - to reach out," he said. "The world is tough.  Social media is awesome but also a pain in the you-know-what.  People can be mean.  I'm mean sometimes, too.  I'm certainly not perfect, but I'm going to certainly try to live what I said."
      • "That will be part of my routine, part of the things that I can control outside the golf course and hopefully bring light to somebody that may be having a hard time.  Hopefully, make a difference in a few people's lives."
      • "I would challenge everybody her, and I'm going to do this myself as well each day; say something nice to someone you love and also make a point to say something nice to someone you do not even know," Higgs said.
      • "Brighten up somebody's day - it could mean the world.  Everyone here could be a difference.  The difference."
  • She thanked Jeanie Morgan for handling check-in.
  • Ed Koeneman for being Chief of Technology
  • John Pennypacker for managing room setup.
  • Ron Thompson for serving as Sgt at Arms
  • Dick Myren for handling the Ace of Clubs Raffle.
Introduction of Guests
  • Don LaBarge introduced his daughter, Tammi Allen.
  • The incoming District Governor for the Interact District Council, Anise Carroll Covarrubias, is a member of the Westwood High School Interact Club.  She will also be an ambassador on one of the Interact C4A adventures this summer.  She was introduced and given the opportunity to speak briefly.  
  • Mary Horstmann was introduced as a friend of Colleen's from her Yoga class.  Mary has recently retired and is considering becoming a member of our club.
  • Polly Cady introduced Braly Morales, a McKinney Vento student.  She also introduced Margaux, an exchange student from Belgium.  Two of Olivia's host mothers were introduced - Carla Rowe-Malcolm from the Gilbert Rotary Club and Kelly Lewis, who is the current host mom. Polly also introduced RaeAnne Pedregon from Homeless Youth Connection and Yuledi Carbajal, a recent graduate from Westwood High School.
  • Ariana Lujan, was introduced as another recent McKinney Vento graduate.  She was accompanied by Isaiah Navarro.
  • Morgan Hill was introduced as a friend of Olivia.
  • Ty Pennypacker was introduced as Olivia's golf coach.
  • Olivia's parents - Camilla and Jan Lundqvist - were introduced.  They were attending via Zoom.  Pai Bethea was also attending via Zoom.
Ace of Clubs Raffle - Dick Myren
Dick explained that the weekly pot was $40, and the big pot was up to $611.  He asked Tammi Allen to draw the winning ticket, which was held by Warren Williamson.  Warren automatically won the weekly pot of $40.  He also won the opportunity to try to draw the Ace of Clubs from the cards remining in the deck.  After carefully shuffling the cards, the card he selected was the Five of Clubs.
Happy Bucks - Sgt at Arms - Ron Thompson
  • Allan Cady contributed to test John Pennypacker's knowledge of military aircraft.  He wanted to know what John could tell us about the B-22 Osprey.  We learned that is is a "stealth aircraft."
  • Warren Williamson contributed for the opportunity to share a story about an elderly man who was admitting he was having trouble hearing and told the audiologist he didn't want anything bulky and was hoping for something barely noticeable in the way of a hearing device.  They were able to fit him with hearing aids that fit his specifications and he was told to come back in two weeks to see if they needed any adjustments.  When he returned in two weeks, he was very excited.  He could hear very well.  He hadn't told his family that he had them, and he had changed his will three times.
  • Harry Grossman contributed.  His grandson in Southern California had graduated and been promoted to the grown-up table at family events.
  • Jim Schmidt pledged $10 to the sponsor program.  He said he thoroughly enjoyed the Rotary International Convention in Singapore.  He enjoyed spending time with Ed and Deb Koeneman while there as well as Incoming DG Michelle and her husband, Gary Holcomb.
  • Pam Cohen said she was Olivia's 4th host mom.  They have been busy crossing things off Olivia's bucket list.  One of the things they did was visit Tortilla Flats near Canyon Lake.  Coincidentally, while they were there, they ran into Don LaBarge, with his daughter, Tammi.  Pam was very happy that Ed was back managing the technical equipment.
  • Polly Cady was happy that Braly had a full-ride scholarship to attend Benedictine University.  She was also happy to see Olivia's parents attending on Zoom.  She informed them that she would love to adopt their daughter.
  • Jay Paulus was happy to have Margaux back in their home, but sad because she would soon be leaving again, going back to the Koenemans.
  • Liz Paulus was happy to promote College Bound at the Salute to Vets.
  • Chuck Flint was happy to be able to be at the meeting.
  • Don LaBarge was happy to have Tammi with him.  He shared a little about his recent Viet Nam reunion in Nashville where he said it rained every day they were there.
  • Tammi Allen was very happy to be visiting her dad.  She said it had been five years - much too long!
  • Dick Myren was happy to see so many young people at our meeting.
  • Ed Koeneman was also happy to see so many youth at the meeting.  He said the RI Convention was fabulous, Singapore was fabulous.  He was also very happy to announce that the release date for the next Star Wars movie has been moved up to May 22, 2026 - only 715 days away.
  • Colleen Coons was happy she would only be President for three more meetings.  She was also very proud of her father who was awarded two Purple Hearts for his service during World War II.
Sponsor Program Update - Steve Ross
Steve reported that recent activity has been slow, but we were near $52,000.  He's been informed more donations can be expected.
Auctions to Raise Funds for Sponsor Campaign
The first two items auctioned were fused glass plates crafted by Jack Rosenberg.  The first plate auctioned was purchased by Jim Erickson with his bid of $35.  The second plate had brought a high bid of $50, but Pam Cohen had a commitment from Past President Chris Krueger, who now lives in Nebraska, to bid $5 more on that plate.  If the top bidder matched her bid of $55, it would go to them, but they did not raise their bid, so Chris will be the new proud owner.  The third item auctioned was a bag of goodies Ed and Deb Koeneman brought back from Singapore.
Ray Smith's bid of $40 made him the proud owner and happy consumer (candy was involved.)
Rotary Builds Bridges
Braly was briefly acknowledged, but Ariana and Yuleidi were invited to the front to share how the Rotary Builds Bridges (McKinney Vento) program had made a difference in their lives. 
Ariana said the program helped by providing the motivation she needed to raise her grades.  She said the supplies provided were very much appreciated.  She plans to study cosmetology at EVIT.
Yuleidi said the program helped her stay motivated and on track.  She also needed the clothes and supplies.  It was nice to know someone was checking on her.  Her next step will be joining the US Army.  She wants to focus on psychiatry.  She has learned the importance and value of good mental health.
Pam Cohen presented medals to both girls as well as the Dr. Seuss Book, "Oh, the Places You'll go."  It may appear to be a children's book, but it has some very deep content.  Each of the girls also received a Rotary Coin with the Four-Way-Test.  They were encouraged to keep the coin handy and use it to make decisions about all the things they think, say, and do.
Each received a graduation stipend of $100.

Olivia's Youth Exchange Presentation
Olivia's presentation to Mesa West Rotary Club was coincidentally scheduled on Swedish National Day - June 6.
Olivia provided a lot of information about herself using a slide presentation which can be downloaded if you CLICK HERE or on the image above.  It's hard to believe someone who is only seventeen can be so poised, self-confident, warm and genuine.  She loves running, baking, traveling and fashion.  She will still have two years of high school remaining when she returns to Sweden.  In her immediate family are her mom, dad, her sister Johanna (age 21), brother Theo (age 15) and an obviously adored dog Elvis (age 5). Their family home is in a beautiful, wooded area.
In her hometown there are four Rotary Clubs.  The population is about 100,000.  It is surrounded by forest and lakes.  It is "Europe's greenest city."  IKEA was founded nearby.  Private automobiles are not as widely used there.  Public transportation is used and many ride bikes everywhere they go whenever possible.  Sweden is far enough north that in the summer they can enjoy the Midnight sun.  In northern Sweden, there are weeks when the sun never sets in the summertime.  In winter, the daylight hours are brightened by snow-covered landscapes and it is very cold.
Olivia said fall is her favorite season, when the trees are vibrant with color.
Her high school has 1400 students.  She is in their three-year business administration program.
When Olivia arrived in Arizona on July 22 at 11:00 PM, she was welcomed by her first host family.  At Mesquite High School, she was on the cross-country team and medaled for long-distance.  She served on the student council which gave her the opportunity to meet lots of people.  She said Fashion Design was her favorite class.
She had the opportunity to go on several trips.  
  • Youth Exchange trip to Sedona
  • Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon in December
  • Las Vegas - her favorite
  • California and Big Bear with Carlotta from Spain
  • RYLA
  • Among her highlights were things she enjoyed with friends - track, prom, paddle-boarding, etc.
  • In December, she participated in a Hot Chocolate Run in downtown Phoenix.  She opted for the 15K option.
Olivia thanked the club for making it all possible.  Her mom helped her create her bucket list.  Among the many things she enjoyed were the State Fair, hot Yoga, Flagstaff, helping with a service project (made dog toys), went trick or treating, and went to a lantern festival.  She has met friends from all over the world and now has a larger family.  Polly Cady was her Youth Exchange advisor and Olivia said Polly is the "kindest person I ever met."
Jay Paulus remarked that the bucket list was an excellent idea.  If she hasn't done them all there might be a couple left undone.  
Jim Erickson asked Oliva what her biggest surprise was.  She said it was that within a couple of hours drive from Phoenix, the scenery changes completely.  She anticipated that all of Arizona would be desert.  
Olivia impressed us.  She makes commitments and plans ahead.  She made a plan and did it.  She knows how to take life and live it to the fullest.
Dick Myren was especially appreciative of the way she was able to arrange her school schedule so she could attend so many of our Rotary meetings.
Pam Cohen commented that she had seen a photo of Olivia's parents taken at the airport when she was leaving to come to the US.  Her dad was crying.  Pam thanked her parents for sharing Olivia with us this year.
House of Refuge Casino Night
John Bunyard announced that House of Refuge was planning a Casino Night fundraiser on Saturday, June 22.  A table can be sponsored for $500.  Individual admission is $75.  
House of Refuge provides safe shelter for abused women and children.
See a separate article in the June 12 Messenger to connect and make your reservation.
Mesa Has Heart Event - Friday, June 14
Jay Paulus announced this event.  For more information, CLICK HERE.  The event will be held at the Mesa Convention Center.  It will honor businesses and individuals making a difference in the Mesa community.
Connie Bunyard is our Chamber Ambassador.  Contact her if you would like to receive the Chamber newsletter.  Mesa West Rotary is now a member organization in the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, making the Chamber events and activities accessible to all our members.
Paul Harris Fellow Recognition
John Pennypacker announced that Mesa West Rotary is close to achieving our goal of raising $15,000 for the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation this year.  He encouraged members to go on-line and give soon so their donation can be included this year.  Our club is still leading the district in Polio Plus contributions.
Warren Williamson was presented his Paul Harris Fellow Plus 8 recognition pin.  That is the highest level of Paul Harris recognition that can be achieved.  The next level of recognition for Warren will come when his cash donations to The Rotary Foundation total $10,000 or more.  At that point, he will become a Major Donor.
Something to Ponder
“There are two rules in life:
Number one. Never quit.
Number two. Never forget rule Number One.”
— Duke Ellington. “Life is a lot like jazz…
A Bit of Humor
Accident Report from Wayne General
A truck loaded with thousands of copies of Roget’s Thesaurus crashed yesterday, losing its entire load.
Witnesses were stunned, startled, aghast, taken aback, stupefied, confused, shocked, rattled, paralyzed, dazed, bewildered, mixed up, surprised, awed, dumbfounded, non-plussed, flabbergasted, astounded, amazed, confounded, astonished, overwhelmed, horrified, numbed, speechless and perplexed.
Have you created your FREE membership with Trustarian
Find trustworthy businesses and services on
where you can hire a Rotarian on our easy to use worldwide search engine. 
Is Your Business Dementia Friendly?

Did you know Mesa is a Certified Dementia Friendly City? We are encouraging Mesa businesses to become designated Mesa Dementia Friendly, and you can join the others who have already taken this step! 

There is no cost involved. The Mesa Dementia Friendly Task Force provides the 1.5-hour training to your team, and you are asked to sign a very simple checklist and commitment agreement. Bam! Done! Your business is now designated as Dementia Friendly and will be listed on the Mesa Chamber Dementia Friendly page. 

You may ask yourself, why should I become part of this very important movement in our city that will help to rid the stigma of dementia?

  • Caregivers, and their loved ones who are living with dementia, will be more likely to give their business to you if they know they can expect to be working with a team who have a better understanding of this disease.
  • Your business will be listed on the Dementia Friendly Business Designation page of the Mesa Chamber website.
  • Businesses with social consciences are more likely to receive business from like-minded consumers. 

Arizona has the fastest growth rate of dementia. 1 in 10 Arizona adults 65+ have dementia. On average there are 3 caregivers supporting every 1 person with dementia. The math speaks for itself – it truly takes a village to support our dementia community. 

Please join the City of Mesa, the Mesa Chamber of Commerce and Oakwood Creative Care and become designated as a Dementia Friendly Business. To get started, email us at DementiaFriendlyMesa@OakwoodCreativeCare.Org

This work is an extension of the Mesa Chamber Healthcare Committee and is in partnership with the City of Mesa and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

Sally Harrison
President & CEO
Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Mesa West Rotary - Member Of Mesa CofC
Mesa West Rotary Club has recently become a member of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.  Members are encouraged to CLICK HERE to go to the Chamber website where you can click on a link "Email List" to subscribe to their e-newsletters.  As a business member, our club members are able to take advantage of educational and networking events held by the Chamber which you will learn about via their electronic newsletters..  The QR code in the image above will take you to their Facebook page.
Membership Dues to Increase in 2024-25
At the May 21 Board Meeting, Mesa West Rotary club officers and directors approved a recommended increase in all levels of dues effective July 1.  This recommended change is primarily due to the fact that Rotary International and District per-member dues will be increasing.  The good news is that the full-dues option is still less than the $250/member we were paying prior to the COVID pandemic.
Dues Options 2024-25
Corporate Dues – One person registered as the active member
(Includes meals for member or their designated representative from the same organization)
Full Dues – Includes all meals at meetings
Members electing following options will be charged $25 for each in-person meeting attended.
E-85 – Age plus years in Rotary equals 85 or more
(includes members in Rotary 20 or more years)
Family of Rotary – Second member of family
Rotary Service – Participation in Service Projects
(includes local and international service projects)
Zoom Only
(intended for members who cannot attend in-person due to health or other accessibility limitations, but who wish to be actively engaged in Mesa West Rotary Club)
When 2024-25 Budget is approved, this document will become an Addendum to the Bylaws of the Rotary Club of Mesa West adopted in December 17, 2020
Support Westwood HS Interact with Tax Credit Donation
As most of you know, Arizona has a very unique state tax credit program.  If you pay taxes to the state of Arizona, you can specify where your tax dollars go (state taxes only).  These instructions are for your reference only.  Please consult a tax prep professional with any specific questions about state tax credits.

There are many different nonprofit organizations that AZ recognizes as authorized recipients of these tax funds.  Mesa West sponsors the Interact Club at Westwood High School, and they are a qualified recipient of these tax credit funds in the Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) category.  Here's how you can donate up to $200 as an individual or $400 as a couple filing jointly and deduct that amount from your state tax burden.

Go to and click on the link to pay on the district's website. 
Or go straight to  in lower right, click on Pay Online

If you have children currently enrolled in Mesa Public Schools, you can use your existing login information.  Otherwise, it's easy to setup a guest account.

Once you are logged in, select 'Items At All Schools' under the 'Shop/Donate' list on the Home page.

On the next page select 'High Schools', then select 'Westwood High'

Select the link for 'ECA Tax Credit', and then 'Programs G-K' on the following page.

Interact - ECA is under code 8646.  Enter a dollar amount in the box, and click the Add button.  That dollar amount should then appear in your cart (highlighted in green at the top of the page).

You can then proceed to the Checkout process and pay with a credit card.  You will receive a receipt that you can print out and save for when you do your taxes.

Thank you for supporting Westwood Interact and all of our youth programs.
Mesa West Rotary Foundation - Annual Sponsor Drive
Mesa West Rotary Club operates two separate legal entities.  Our Rotary Club is a 501(c)(4), which is not a tax-deductible charitable organization, but is exempt from income tax.  Our club operations income from dues, most happy bucks (unless otherwise designated), raffle income, etc. is used to pay for the cost of operating the club - our meal expense, supplies, education of our officers, etc.
The charitable work and giving that we do is funded through Mesa West Rotary Foundation.  It is a 501(c)(3) public charity.  It is the fundraising and funding vehicle for our charitable endeavors:  Donations to MWRF are tax deductible.
For the past several years, rather than have major public events to raise funds, we have quietly gone to our friends, family, current and past business associates, etc. and simply asked for sponsorship donations.  We have averaged about $50,000 each year in revenue from our sponsorship drive.  So our members will be better acquainted with those who are involved with the MWRF Board of Trustees, each of the five Trustees will be team leaders this year.  CLICK HERE to down load a list showing who is on each Trustee's team.  Traditional fundraising events are very time and effort intensive and rarely yield the kind of results this effort has produced.  The Sponsor Drive has allowed Mesa West Rotary Club members to focus their Rotary effort on service projects.  The other advantage is that our donors can be assured that their donation will go entirely to charity as there are no cost-of-fundraising expenses.  
Sometimes donors hesitate to give to a fundraising dinner where names of sponsors are published because they don't want others knocking on their door asking for more money.  There are probably many people we know who admire what we do that would like to be a part of it, but cannot afford the time to be involved.  More people would admire what we do if we bragged about it outside of Rotary more often.  You might be surprised that someone would offer to donate if you bragged about the fact that we don't waste our time and resources putting on lavish events. Some of those donors  may have the opportunity to have their gift matched by their employer.  
Have fun telling why you are proud to be a Rotarian, and get your "ask" in gear.
The Big Four - Ways to Support Rotary in Mesa West
As Rotarians, we are regularly exposed to opportunities to support various causes with our time, talent and treasure.  Sometimes it is hard to sift through all the information and decide where we are going to use our available financial resources. 
It would be wonderful if every Arizona Rotarian would make the following BIG FOUR their Rotary charities of choice and support every one of them every year, we could make a bigger difference than we are making today.
  1. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Annual Fund - The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world."  Giving a small amount each month adds up.  CLICK HERE to download a form you can use to sign up for Rotary Direct, electing "Annual Fund - Share" for your recurring donation.  
  2. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Polio Plus - Rotary's commitment to eradicate polio is so well known and respected that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation matches donations $2 for $1.  To take advantage of this opportunity to multiply the effect of your giving, CLICK HERE and download a second Rotary Direct form, this time electing electing "Polio Eradication" for your recurring donations.  Those who donate $100 or more annually to Polio Plus qualify in District 5495 as Polio Plus Society Members.  If you would like to make that commitment, CLICK HERE to download the commitment form.
  3. The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) provides vocational education grants to Arizona Residents who meet specific low-income guidelines.   The grants enable the recipients to lift themselves out of poverty, benefitting themselves, their families and the economy of our state.  TRVFA is a 501(c)(3) charity.  They also are a Qualifying Charitable Organization for Arizona Tax Credit Donations.  Their QCO Code is 20698.  Many Arizona Rotarians say giving to TRVFA is a "no brainer."  If you can help someone lift themselves out of poverty and it won't end up costing you anything why would you not do it?  Mesa West Rotary has the highest number of members who have signed up for automated monthly recurring donations by electing that option on the "Donate Now" button on the TRVFA website.  Click the image to learn more or CLICK HERE to DONATE NOW.  
  4. Mesa West Rotary Foundation, Inc. is the funding and fundraising arm of our own Mesa West Rotary Club.  It is a 501(c)(3) charity.  We have had successful sponsorship campaigns the last few years enabling us to spend our energy on service rather than on holding fundraising events.  Charitable grants that we get involved with are funded through our charitable foundation, Our signature Gift of Hearing Project in Guaymas Mexico is funded through this foundation.  Scholarships are awarded annually to Westwood High School Students (the high school where Mesa West Rotary sponsors an Interact Club).  Funds are used to support a variety of activities in four of the Rotary Avenues of Service:
    1. Community Service
    2. International Service 
    3. Vocational Service
    4. Youth Service
The process isn't quite automated at this point in time, but we hope it soon will be.  For now, you can email our executive secretary who can help you work out a recurring donation plan should you wish to make that arrangement to support our own club's charitable activity.
Jun 13, 2024
Mesa Police Department
Jun 20, 2024
Arizona Museum of Natural History
Jun 27, 2024
Celebration of Past Year
Jul 11, 2024
Welcome To Mesa West Rotary
Jul 25, 2024
The Year Ahead
Aug 01, 2024
Mc Kinney Vento
Aug 08, 2024
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