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Welcome to our Rotary Club of Mesa West!
Mesa West
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
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Doubletree, 1011 W Holmes
Mesa, AZ 85210
United States of America
Our hybrid meetings are held weekly on the 1st thru 4th Thursdays of each month. The meetings are broadcast via Zoom to include all, whether attending virtually or in person.
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Highlights of May 27 Hybrid Meeting
President Dan Coons welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced himself since there were a few guests present.  As has become his custom, Dan recited the Rotary International 2020-21 theme - "Rotary Opens Opporunities."  He then recited the Rotary Vision Statement:
Together we see a world where people unite and 
take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
Jeane Crouse offered the Invocation.  Greg Okonowski led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dan thanked Dan Lamborn for serving as greeter, welcoming everyone as they arrived at the meeting.
Classification Talk - Logan Harper
Logan grew up in a small town named Overisel in west Michigan.  To illustrate how small the town was, he said there was no McDonalds or traffic light there.  He said he probably could have laid down in the street as a boy with no risk of injury.  He moved to Arizona in 2014.
Logan joined the Marine Cops in January, 2012.  He was an Electrical Equipment Specialist and held the rank of Sergeant.  He worked on generator equipment and flood lights along with any other electrical-related tasks.  Before he left the Marines in 2018, he had been stationed in Camp Lejeune NC, Battle Creek MI, and Luke Air Base, AZ.
In 2018, Logan graduated from ASU with a BA in Business Technology with a minor in Sustainability.  He later received his MBA from Colorado Technical University with a concentration in Logistics Management.
Logan joined Freeport McMoRan in 2017.  Since joining them, he has worked in Bagdad, Arizona - Copper, Silverthorne, Colorado - Molybdenum, and with the Phoenix - Corporate Office.  Positions he has held with the firm are Contract Administrator, Buyer/Procurement, and Logistics/Transportation.
What Logan does in his current position is manage North America Bulk Commodities - Truck & Rail transportation of acid, grinding media, lime, sulfur, anode, cathode and many more.  He works with 3rd party carriers to schedule acid tankers and end dumps to and from 6 mine sites between Arizona and New Mexico.  He manages the relationship between between Freeport McMoRan and railroads (Union Pacific, and Burlington Northern Santa Fe.  He oversees all inbound/outbound railcar shipments.
CLICK HERE to see the slides Logan used in his presentation.  The 7th slide shows images of the various rail cars used to haul specific materials.  The 8th slide shows the fail network.  The 9th slide shows the Bulk Concentrate Lanes in the rail network.  He said that concentrate is shipped to the Miami Smelter from Morenci, Bagdad, Sierrita and New Mexico operations.  Excess concentrate is exported to customers via rail through Guaymas, Mexico.  The next slide shows the bulk acid lanes in the rail network.  He said acid is shipped to Benson, Port of Tucson, and Morenci Arizona as well as Tyrone/Chino, New Mexico.
Logan explained that acid is a byproduct of the chemical reaction at the smelter.  He answered several questions.  It was clear members and guests would have enjoyed learning more and Logan may be asked to be the speaker for a full program at an upcoming meeting.
Introduction of Guests
  • Don Boucher introduced his wife and eventually mentioned Sharon's name.  
  • Don Boucher also introduced Dennis Constantine with Sage Counselling.  They provide counselling when ordered by the court.  Sage has 20 locations across the state.
  • Ed Koeneman introduced Margaret and Mike Kuzel.  Ed and Mike have known each other since college.  Their daughter was set to be an outbound Rotary Youth Exchange student before COVID put a halt to all that activity.
  • Dave Brauchler was again attending as a guest.  It was announced he had turned in an application for membership when he arrived at the meeting.
Happy Dollars - Greg Okonowski
  • Shelly Romine contributed, suggesting members should take time to read the Messenger each week.  She said there was more detail in the Messenger about her May 20 Rotary Minute presentation than she had delivered. trying to clarify some of the confusion that can result when talk at Rotary is about supporting the foundation without clarifying specifically which foundation and/or which fund within a foundation.  She thanked Jeanie for the good information shared in the Messenger.
  • Don LaBarge donated $2 elaborating on the "air conditioning" in the construction of a chicken coop that was discussed at the May 20 meeting.  He said a fan and solar panel were both installed on the coop so there would be continuous energy to keep the fan going to cool the area for the chickens.
  • Allan Cady contributed.  He had gotten his second COVID immunization with no ill effects.
  • John Pennypacker contributed saying he had enjoyed a pleasant conversation with a young woman prior to the meeting.  She was one of many who were attending another event at the Doubletree where individuals were trying to qualify for para-Olympics.  Like John, the young lady had flown Chinook helicopters, carrying what often appeared to be impossible-to-manage cargo hooked to their aircraft..  Also like John, they each had some stories to share.  John reported she was lucky to be alive.  She had gone down twice.  As they were wrapping up their conversation, she said, "We hookers have to stick together."
  • Chuck Flint contributed commenting on the near perfect paint job done by Shelly Romine in a bathroom at the May 22 service project.  He went on to say "Big Brush Logan" was pretty good as well.
  • Don Boucher contributed $2 in honor of his two guests.
  • Dan Coons contributed $10 thanking Pam Cohen for filling in for him at the May 20 meeting while he and Colleen were out of town.
Ace of Clubs Raffle - Chuck Flint
Chuck explained that the amount that would go to the lucky ticket holder if they were to draw the Ace of Clubs from the twelve cards remaining in the deck would be $1,522.  They would for sure win the $50 weekly winnings.  Kayla Mudge drew a ticket from the hat.  Greg Okonowski was the winner of $50, but the card he drew was the five of hearts, which was immediately destroyed.  On June 3, there will only be eleven cards remaining in the deck.  The odds of winning the big bucks keep getting better and the potential winnings keep getting larger.  
Polio Plus/Paul Harris Raffle - Chuck Flint
Chuck explained that $1,000 was being sent from Mesa West Rotary Foundation to The Rotary Foundation for Polio Plus to honor our District Governor, Elizabeth Mahoney.  The raffle was to determine which member would have the opportunity to get a tax receipt for that donation.  All members attending - including those attending via Zoom had tickets.  Guest, Margaret Kuzel drew the winning ticket.  After no one else spoke up, Chuck looked at his own ticket and discovered he was the lucky winner.
  • Pam Cohen reminded members to save the date - July 1 - for an evening dinner at the Doubletree.  The event will celebrate the "Changing of the Guard" as well as the celebration of the successful sponsorship campaign, which raised over 55,000 for the Mesa West Rotary Foundation.
  • Dan Coons thanked Shelly Romine for organizing a successful service project every month during his tenure as President.
  • Shelly Romine pointed out that there were flyers on the tables about a food drive service project to benefit Paz de Cristo.  Every week during the month of June members were urged to bring food with them to be gathered and taken to the Paz de Cristo facility.  She also indicated there may be another small hands-on project that is still in the talking stage - not ready to be announced.
Program - Brian Bausch - Beyond Riding
Lola McClane introduced our speaker.  Among some of Brian's claims to fame are his six world champion records, in 2011, he had the first horse act on America's Got Talent.  His place of business is not far from Mesa West - it is in the Queen Creek/San Tan area.  Brian has been working with horses since he was a young boy.  He had some great mentors - until he became a teacher himself.  When he was only seven or eight, he started training horses.  He works with horses and their trainers to help them achieve their goals.  His opportunities to entertain and teach have ranged from home to corporate to private parties, and taken him around the world.
Unfortunately, when Brian attempted to share his prepared program, he was not successful in being able to have it be visible to those attending or those attending - as he was - via Zoom.  After some frustrating moments, it was determined we would love to hear his program, but thought it might be better actually on site for either a "brown bag" meeting or a social event.  More to come later as possibilities are explored and decisions made.
More Announcements
  • Don LaBarge shared information about the passing on May 26 of  Major Cherilee Ramsey of the Mesa Corps of Salvation Army.  Many members will remember her husband, Major Scott Ramsey, who attended many Mesa West Rotary meetings in the fall of 2019 and early months of 2020.  He even provided a Rotary Minute at one of our club meetings.  A former Rotarian, Major Scott had turned in a membership application not long before COVID caused us to stop meeting in person.  He asked that the application be put on hold until we were meeting in person again.  Unfortunately, Cherilee had gone through a series of serious health challenges for the last several months of her life before she passed, including COVID, a car accident, valley fever, and cancer.  Don LaBarge and President-Elect Bob Zarling both serve on the board of directors of the Mesa Salvation Army Corps, and the Mesa West relationship with the corps is strong as we run what has become their premier bell-ringing station during the holidays each year.  Please keep Major Scott and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Don LaBarge also shared information about the district grant he has recently submitted on behalf of Mesa West Rotary.  It was President-Elect Bob Zarling's idea and Tim Troy has taken the lead to communicate with House of Refuge to identify how we could best use a district grant to benefit their organization and families that are served by them.  The grant will be used to rehab/replace cabinets in a House of Refuge facility providing transitional housing. in family housing located on the Williams Field base which is no longer used by the military.  Mesa Sunrise is considering joining Mesa West in this endeavor, applying for an additional district grant for their club.  Don warned that the cost may exceed the $2,000 pledged by our club and matched by the District, but says he does have a subcontractor who will discount their normal cost.
  • More sad news - the mother of  Jane Benefict (Rotarian John Benedict's wife) has recently passed away.
Today's Chuckle
On the way to meet my husband at a restaurant, I realized that I didn’t have my phone and immediately panicked. I needn’t have worried. He saw my phone on the couch at home and brought it with him. When he arrived, I checked my texts. There was only one, and it was from him: “I’m on my way, and I have your phone.” —Michelle Steinmetz
Something to Ponder
Help us Keep Polio Champion Traveling Trophy
Last year Mesa West Rotary qualified to be the first club named on the travelling trophy to be awarded each year to the club in District 5495 providing the highest level of support for the End Polio Now program of The Rotary Foundation (TRF).  As of April 1, we were in third place in District 5495.
What many may not know - because we get so much information that we fail to absorb much of it - is that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match donations to End Polio Now with $2 for every $1 donated. 
You can CLICK HERE to donate online through your "My Rotary" account.  If you are intimidated by that, you can EMAIL JEANIE to ask her to invoice you now for a donation. Once the payment for your invoice is deposited, she will transfer the donation to RI in your name.
Motivating Donations to TRF - Recognition Point Match
Foundation Chairman Chuck Flint has offered to use some of his accumulated recognition points to increase Mesa West support of The Rotary Foundation.  For the foreseeable future, he will match donations, in $100 increments two for one.  If you donate $100, he will transfer $200 in recognition points to your account.  Whether you are striving to receive your first Paul Harris Fellow or striving to reach the next level, this is a great way to move that achievement closer.
You can donate through your "My Rotary" account on the RI website
Rotary Direct is the best way to establish a habit of regularly supporting the Rotary Foundation with minimal effort.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Rotary Direct.  CLICK HERE to download a form to sign up for Rotary Direct. 
If you have questions about Chuck's offer - CLICK HERE to send him an email. 
Help TRVFA Help Others Help Themselves
CLICK HERE or on the "Donate Now" button to go to the on-line donation page for The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona.  Your donation will help fund vocational education grants to Arizona residents who meet specific low-income guidelines.  You will literally help someone lift themselves out of poverty.  Several Mesa West Rotarians have chosen the option near the bottom of the page to have their donations recur monthly to ensure they remember painlessly to make their tax-credit donation each year.
If you prefer to mail your donation, CLICK HERE to download a mail-in donation form.
TRVFA is a 501(c)(3) public charity.  They are also a Qualifying Charitable Organization with the State of Arizona allowing them to receive tax credit donations.  Their QCO number is 20698.
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