Congratulations to PDG Don LaBarge, who has managed the Salvation Army Bell Ringing commitment for Mesa West Rotary for the past several years.  2020 presented many challenges.  Some of the groups that have helped Don by taking responsibility for filling many shifts in past years simply were unable to offer that support.  This year, even though he's not been attending Zoom meetings, Don communicated effectively with his fellow club Members and pulled Rotarians in the Club and friends of Rotarians together into a crew that got the job done - and done well!  Please take time to read the following report recently sent to his 2020 bell-ringers by Don:
"Wow, we had our work cut out for us this year as we lost many ringers that normally ring every year such as winter visitors who did not show up for their annual visit, and of course the COVID did not help.  Our club has been ringing at the Bass Pro shop for about 20 years.  Things changed over the years as we started out years ago only ringing on Friday & Saturday.  Someone in the club asked why not Thursday Fri Sat?  So it became Thur-Fri-Sat.  Over the years we changed to more times and then eventually all 7 days 10 hours a day.
"Over the last 10 years our income from the kettles at Bass Pro Shop increased from year to year.  Last year, once again, the intace increased to $17,400 breaking a record for money as the highest intake ever and that included a $1500 gold coin.  We were hoping for a gold coin this year, but no kettle station received one.
"Well, we did not need the gold coin to break the record.  It appears what everyone was telling me, they have seen as many large bills going in, such as 20's and 50's and 100's.
"Turns out to be true, as we not only broke the record but by a large margin.  Our station at Bass Pro Shop raised more than any other of the 30 stations in Mesa and my bet is probably more than any other station for the Salvation Army.  Major Scott will try and find out if any other Salvation Army kettle station in Arizona raised more money.
Total intake
"Know all those pennies and dimes that you saw put in?  The amount was $1,554.42.
"Thank you for being part of this event and volunteering.  I will see you again on Nov 26th 2021."