Thursday, Aug 31 was our Mesa Library Red Mountain 2 hour tour.  This Library is the best kept secret in Mesa.  Melissa MacAllister, Librarian III led our tour.  We learned about the different offerings, such as their collection of online resources - such as online news subscriptions such as NY Times, WSJ and any other local newspapers in your local towns.  Another online resource is a ability to take master classes in any topic your interested in for self development.  
In addition to having all the popular authors, such as James Patterson, Joe Pickett and Emily Giffen (The Cady’s Favorite Authors), kids, teens and young adults.  They also have a how to guide to plant any vegetable in AZ and the seeds you can take, cultural passes (free passes to the Botanical Gardens), and my favorite spot - Think Spot.  The Think Spot offers 3D printing, crafts machines, sewing machines, green room for YouTube creations, pod casts, video equipment and wood lasers and a CnC machine - all to use with your library card.  Check them out -