Mesa West is a fantastic and magnificent Rotary Club!  However, we are only one club out of 35,000+ Rotary Clubs worldwide.  Keeping Rotary Clubs vital, interesting and active requires a key ingredient:  Leadership Beyond the Club.  One of the best ways to develop leaders for clubs is to enroll members into the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).
RLI is a grassroots coalition of Rotary districts implementing a leadership development program for "potential" leaders of Rotary CLUBS.
RLI has become a worldwide organization with divisions in every continent of the world.
RLI is not an official program of Rotary International and is not under its control but has substantial support of RI Presidents and current, past and incoming RI Directors.  Its curriculum is upgraded every 4 years.
RLI believes that excellent CLUB leadership (all types of club leaders) is essential to the future of Rotary in our complex and fast-changing world.  Most Rotarians have not been exposed to the great scope of Rotary around the world and have not considered what leadership skills are necessary to move Rotary forward.
RLI strongly believes that a good Rotary Club leader must know the evolution of Rotary - it's current status and activities in the world and have a vision for what Rotary can be in the future.  That said, RLI normally holds 3 one-day sessions in both Rotary knowledge and leadership skills.
The mission of RLI is to have clubs identify those members with the potential for future club leadership (not necessarily to become club president) and to send them to RLI courses at the club expense.  Any interested Rotarian my attend RLI.
The overriding goal of RLI is to create enthusiasm for Rotary and show the great potential of Rotary service and how, with excellent leadership in clubs, the world will benefit.
People often ask what the difference is in RLI.
RLI is a general education program.  Most Rotary International training programs are "job-specific."  RLI is not PETS, CLA or another District training program.  Graduates of RLI generally bring an enhanced background in Rotary when they do attend programs such as PETS or C.LA.
This May 30, RLI will hold its 3 Sessions via Zoom from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  If you would like to register for RLI, please send your name, Rotary Club and Session you will be attending to my e-mail,  This virtual RLI on May 30th is FREE!
Polly Cady is currently serving as the RLI Chairperson for Rotary District 5495.