Posted by Bert Millett
Back in 2008, I was involved with a neighborhood effort to renovate the playground at the Park of the Canals. The Park had become a real eye sore and was a magnet for criminal activity. I learned about an organization called Kaboom that could help with the capital and volunteer effort needed to renovate the playground. But they required a significant amount of seed money from the community. Our club responded enthusiastically offering not only to pay the seed money, but to supply many volunteers for the one-day community park build (like a barn raising, but with playground equipment). It was an absolute game changer for the Park and for the neighborhood. Instead of avoiding the Park, it became a destination for families to enjoy. For its part, the Mesa West Rotary Club is listed prominently along with some other sponsors on a mural featuring the names and handprints of children in the neighborhood. Not far from the mural is a bronze plaque listing the charter donors of the Park built many years ago. Not surprisingly, Rotary is listed there as well.
CLICK HERE to download information that was published in the District Newsletter in 2008.
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