Kathleen Duncan presented a program at Mesa West Rotary on March 5, 2020 about a program where she works to create a path to a better life for extremely impoverished children in Rocky Point Mexico.  With District Grant funds for which President Dan completed an application several months ago, Kathleen was able to purchase tablets for use by the children in her program.  She sent the following report to President Dan and Mesa West Rotary Foundation Chairman on January 22:
I just returned from spending the week in Rocky Point and had the chance to go out with my team yesterday.  They are currently going to six different sites each day to bring educational resources and technology to several hundreds of students.  The tablets we purchased using the generous donation from your Rotary Club had been a tremendous asset for our primary school students.  We have also just launched a new program for students with special needs in the community and we are very excited to have the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic partnering with us.  Our students will be receiving weekly tele-speech therapy through the ASU clinic and these tablets will also be a wonderful resource for this program.  
We are so grateful for the generous support you provided that made this possible and please thank the other members of your club for us.
CLICK HERE if you want to read about Kathleen's March 5, 2020 presentation at Mesa West Rotary.