Each day seems to bring a new surprise in this crazy world we now live in. Nations, states and economies are shut down to a standstill. There are restrictions on travel, working, eating out and human contact. All the things we treasure and encourage as Rotarians and assume are part of our daily life. Everything normal seems to be temporarily put on hold. A week and a half ago (seems so much longer) when we took a vote on whether we should continue to meet, the process taught me one important thing. While I did not think it was a good idea to continue and felt like it would soon be too dangerous to our most vulnerable, an overwhelming number of our older more vulnerable members wanted to continue to meet. Rotary connections, our close friendships, and the social camaraderie we share at Rotary are important. They contribute to a better way of life for each of us and all the people that we serve. While we have had to temporarily cancel our weekly meetings, I look forward to meeting again and rejoicing with my friends who make life so much richer from just knowing you and associating with you weekly. The dedication of the great women and men of the Mesa West Rotary club inspires me, and encourages me to be a better citizen, a better community humanitarian, a better man.  I am an optimist and have hope and confidence in the future—hope in the resiliency of America and the good people I know throughout the world. This challenge will bring us even closer together, and hopefully even more prepared for other challenges to come. But through all this, it is comforting to have a club and a world full of Rotarians that I can cherish as friends, knowing they make a difference in the lives of others. Little things that people do make a difference. I was surprised by how much my spirits were lifted when I heard Neil Diamond’s remake of Sweet Caroline into Hands…washing hands (https://youtu.be/sPLgsV_Ms3Q ).  Whatever little things you can do to lift others in anxiety and need will make a big difference. Things will return to a new more normal lifestyle. It may not be exactly the same, but life will return. And we will enjoy it all the more. Reach out by text or phone or social media to your Rotary friends and those in need. And most of all, treasure and enjoy this unique opportunity with your loved ones in your homes. Our thoughts, prayers and service go out to all of you!