Message from DG Larry Horton the evening of December 6, 2022:

Jim joined the Mesa Baseline Rotary Club at age 28 and immediately served as Treasurer for several years, chaired all the avenues of service on the Board, and then served as President in 1994-1995. When the club merged into Mesa West in 2015, he assisted in the integration of the Clubs and Foundations and went on to serve as Club president in 2019-2020. He is a graduate of Rotary Leadership Academy and Rotary Leadership Institute. He is passionate about Rotary‚Äôs vision and currently serves as Assistant Governor and on the district Finance and Strategic Planning Committees. 

Jim recently retired as a renowned tax adviser and business consultant for the public accounting firm of Schmidt Westergard & Company (now Forvis) where he led the firm as the managing partner for over 15 years. He was a respected leader of BKR International, an international association of more than 150 accounting firms in over 80 countries. He has served on the boards of various community organizations including PHX East Valley Partnership, Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Banner Health, and other professional and civic organizations. He also has extensive Church leadership experience.

Jim and his wife Rosalyn have 8 children and 32 grandchildren. They enjoy traveling and meeting good people everywhere, having visited all 50 states and 49 countries and counting. Jim enjoys volleyball, golf, pickleball, hiking, snorkeling and any sport or activity his children or grandchildren are involved in.

The following "Know your Fellow Rotarian" article was published in our Messenger about Jim in January, 2018 - nearly five years ago:
Our Club Treasurer, James A "Jim" Schmidt, was born in Great Falls, Montana.  He was the first of seven children in his family.  He has been an arizona resident for 34 years.  
Jim has traveled to 49 foreign countries, but is only fluent in English.  He has travelled to all 50 states in the US, but has only lived in five.
As a teen, Jim dreamed of becoming a doctor.  Instead, he became a Certified Public Accountant - Tax and has served in that profession for 37 years.  
Jim has been married to Rosalyn for 40 years.  They have eight children (six sons and two daughters.  So far, they have twenty-two grandchildren, but have not yet had their first great-grandchild.
Jim had a difficult time choosing a single best vacation as there are too many good ones in his memory.  His favorite family vacations are cruises around the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska, and every summer in Coronado, California.  His most romantic vacation memories were of leaf-changing trips to New England, France, England, Germany and Switzerland... he likes the "shoulder season" when the leaves turn in October.  For historical vacations, he has enjoyed Rome, Florence and the rest of Italy.  For relaxation, he remembers their first two-week cruise in the Carribean from the Bahamas to Trinidad.  For outdoor adventure, he favors Machu Picchu, Peru and South Island of New Zealand.
Jim's most rewarding volunteer experience was his service as a missionary for two years in Australia.
Congratulations, Jim!  We are proud of you!!!