President, Allan Cady opened the meeting asking Chris Krueger to give the invocation, and Don LaBarge to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  When introducing Donna Ratonia with R&L Carriers as her guest, Chris Krueger noted that Donna is a former Rotarian from Nebraska.   Larry Kasterbaum was introduced as a visiting Rotarian from Guam.  Jerry Burnett, a lender from Chase Bank was also a guest at our meeting.
President Allan shared three thoughts for the day:
  1. Most look up and admire the stars.  A champ climbs a mountain and grabs one.
  2. If you don't know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else.
  3. You can't steal second with your foot on first.
Our President imposed a $5 "key fine" on Jeanie Morgan for leaving the October 12 meeting with another Rotarian's car key.
The weekly drawing was won by a visiting Rotarian, who did NOT draw the ace of clubs, so the large pot will continue to grow.  Chuck Flint explained the background of our Buck Board for the benefit of our visitors, and gladly sold available spots on the board for $10 each. 
During the Sgt. at Arms program, Greg Okonowski started the happy bucks by donating $100 celebrating a recent vacation, he announced that the money collected this week would be used to purchase school supplies for use at the school where the Guaymas mission takes place.  Since the money was going for a worthy cause, Don LaBarge searched his wallet for $$ to donate. 
Ron Thompson won the attendance drawing and donated his winnings to the Guaymas school supply project.
Penny May had a gift from her recent European vacation to auction.  Donna Goetzenberger made the winning $45 bid and received a beautiful cultured pearl necklace.
President Allan made the following announcements:
  • Cards were placed on the tables reminding members of the assembly project scheduled for Friday, October 27.  Volunteers will enjoy wine and snacks while they help assemble curriculum books for the United Sound district grant project which received matching support from our club's foundation.
  • Mesa West Rotary will be sponsoring a buffet table at the USA Mexico Conference on October 29 at 10:30 AM.  Members were urged to attend, if possible.
  • The departure breakfast for the Guaymas volunteers was moved to the earlier time of 6:45 AM on November 8.  Westwood High School Interact will also be involved in helping with the breakfast.
  • The Steak and Beans competition for the Sponsor program will end October 31.  Donations and pledges now exceed $20,000.
Pam Cohen introduced Harvey Clark, Past President of Superstition Mountain Rotary Club.  Harvey has a long history in Police Enforcement.  The program was about InfraGard, an Alliance for National Infrastructure Protection.  Harvey has an 18 year history with InfraGard.  He explained that private citizens can get involved in the Alliance which works is affiliated with the FBI.  In Arizona, there are 1400 members.  They are each required to meet the following criteria:
  • U. S. citizen, 18 years or older
  • Affiliated with a critical infrastructure sector
  • Consent to and pass FBI security risk assessment and periodic recertifications
  • Agree to adhere to InfraGard Code of Ethics and Information Sharing Policies
An advantage to membership is the training that is available.  Arizona's vision is to have a "live fire" training program.  They train and hack and take down bad guys every single day.   He also spoke about ACTRA - Arizona Cyber Threat Respose Alliance. 
Harvey introduced Agent, Paul Schaaf, who is the FBI InfraGard Coordinator.  He explained that InfraGard is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to strengthen infrastructure.  They push to get information out faster to reduce vulnerability, understanding it is dangerous to "sit on it."  They are often told the name of the organization is spelled wrong.  Their answer is,  "The only thing missing in InfraGard is U(You)."
He reviewed a few common findings.  Don't fall for transactions where you are asked to wire money.  If you suspect you have had a breach of cyber security, report it.  Breaches can be reported anonymously.  He stated "You will be hacked, but won't know when."  Their existence helps to thwart terrorism, counter-intelligence, and cyber threats.