Mesa West Rotary Club volunteers were among the many working this past Saturday morning at Midwest Food Bank.  The job of the day was repackaging frosted flakes that were donated in very large plastic bags (about 4' x 4" x 8') into small, labeled individual serving-size bags. Dave Brauchler, Don Boucher, Sean Green, Debbie Koeneman, Ed Koeneman, Dan Lamborn, Lola McClane, Jeanie Morgan, Mike Schroeder, Gina Schroeder, and Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Fanny all participated.  In case any other members might wonder if they could stand up to the pace, not all did.  Sean helped Jeanie get redeployed when he saw she was in a lot of pain from standing too long on the hard concrete floor.  She was charged with labeling small individual serving-size bags for a future project at the facility.  Because of her new task, we now know one day in the near future some Cheez-Its will be similarly repackaged at the food bank.  The good news is, they were able to keep all volunteers productively occupied.