The 2019 District 5495 Conference held June 21-22 was well-planned and filled with motivating and inspiring content.  
A high point of the conference occurred Saturday afternoon when our own Donna Goetzenberger was honored by District Governor, Jim Erickson.  She was presented with the Leadership for the Second Century Award, which is a traveling trophy.  The recognition went to Donna because as a fairly new Rotarian she had already become very active with Youth Exchange and stepped up to Chair the Youth Exchange team when the existing chair resigned to move out of state.  She has done an amazing job learning and successfully executing this challenging, high-energy and time-consuming role.
The low point of the conference occurred when there were not enough club delegates present at the Council on Legislation Friday morning to constitute the required quorum necessary to conduct District business.  John Pennypacker and his team of creative legalistic Rotarians quickly put together a plan to reconvene the Council on Legislation following the final session Saturday afternoon.  The team put together a list of clubs who did not have registered delegates, but did have members attending the conference.  They were able to successfully get some of those attending from unrepresented clubs documented so that they could serve as delegates for their clubs.  There were enough registered delegates available to complete the conference business when they reconvened the COL on Saturday afternoon.
Saturday evening, the final conference social activity was a toga party featuring hospitality suites hosted by various clubs and areas.  Pam Cohen, Chris Krueger, and others decorated the Mesa West hospitality room with a photo backdrop that looked like the ancient world and had prepared an array of wine, cheeses, breads, and other edibles that might well have been part of a similarly festive activity back in the day.  
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