Jim LeCheminant was born in Glendale, California.  He was one of four children.  He was next-to-oldest with one sister and two brothers.  
Jim has been an Arizona resident for forty-eight years.  In addition to California and Arizona, he has also resided in Utah and Kansas.  His travel outside the US has included England and Canada. He has not yet found a need to be fluent in any language other than English.  
As a teen, Jim dreamed of being a basketball coach, but ended up with what is now an eleven-year career in banking.  He is still employed part-time as a commercial lender.
Jim has been married to Michelle for nearly fifty years.  They have three sons and two daughters.  They have eleven grandsons and fifteen granddaughters.  So far, there are no great-grandchildren.
Jim loved serving as a Rotary Club President and has enjoyed serving in various leadership positions in his church.