Ed Koeneman was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  He was the oldest of three and has two younger brothers.  They moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona in 1984, so he has been an Arizona resident for 33 years.
Ed has traveled to eight foreign countries:  England, Switzerland, Austria, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and Mexico.  The only language in which he is fluent is English.  He has resided in three states:  Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.
As a teen, Ed dreamed of designing and building electric guitars and amplifiers.  He is starting his second year teaching engineering at Grand Canyon University.  Prior to teaching, he was a co-founder of a small medical device company for fifteen years. 
Ed has been married to Debbie Koeneman for twenty years.  They have two high-school-age children:  James and Susie.
The best vacation Ed can remember was taken in November, 1998, when they went scuba diving on the island of Pulau Sipidan (off the coast of Malaysia).
Ed's most rewarding volunteer experience was the year he served as Mesa West Rotary Club's President.  "It was an honor to serve during our merger year."