Each Year, on July 1, the leadership in Rotary changes.  Mesa West Rotary Club has a new President - Jim Schmidt.  He is the leader we, as members, will know best.  He will be supported by Rosalyn, who has been by his side for over 42 years.   
David Simmer is now the District Governor for District 5495.  He has been preparing for this role since he was selected as District Governor Nominee Designate in 2016-17.
Johrita Solari is one of the first two women to serve on the Rotary Board of Directors.  She represents the zone our District is a part of - Zone 26.  Hers is the only two-year position of our new leaders.  To ensure continuity, only half of the directors are new each year. 
Mark Daniel Maloney is our new Rotary International President.  Our Past Presidents, Chris Krueger and Ed Koeneman both had the opportunity to hear his remarks at the recent Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany.  He is a member of the Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama.
New leadership each year keeps Rotary fresh and full of energy.  The core values of our vision, the areas of focus of The Rotary Foundation, and our four-way-test keep Rotary dynamic, focused and ethically sound.