Be sure to attend the November 17 meeting to hear a brief update from Bob Jensen about the revival of our annual Gift of Hearing Mission to Guaymas Mexico.  For the first time since the onset of COVID in 2020, we were able to send a team down to fit local children and some adults with hearing aids.  Thanks to recently inducted Mesa West member Polo Santiago, we have some great images of moments he was able to capture with his camera during the busy weekend.  Other participating Mesa West Rotary club members were Chuck Flint, Jim Schmidt, Ray Smith and Erica Williams.
Polo shared these words about his first hands-on participation in an international Rotary Service Project:
It was such an extraordinary and memorable experience. One can only feel honoured by the opportunity to participate.

Thinking of the strong positive impact on the individuals that received medical attention provides a deep sense of appreciation for everyone involved. It was a healthy and effective orchestration between doctors, audiologists, technicians, students, Rotarians, Rotaract members, school staff and more enthusiasts. Anyone strolling through the school those days would notice the different cultures, backgrounds and languages (including sign language), working together with common goals.

Near the end of one of the days of service, one of the patients that just completed the process and got her hearing aid installed, approached a group of us before leaving.  Her facial expression showed amazement as if she was tapping into a new world. She said "I can hear everything. Thank you so much."

Shout out to everyone involved, and especially to those who have been making this project possible for decades!