Opening Agenda - President Dan Coons
President Dan officially started the meeting at 12:10 PM by introducing himself, then reminding members and guests of the 2021-22 Rotary International Theme - Serve to Change Lives.  He then recited the Rotary Vision Statement:  
Together we see a world where people unite and 
take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
Invocation - Ron Thompson
Leading Pledge of Allegiance - John Pennypacker
Rotary Minute - Jim Schmidt
Jim chose to talk about The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and changes he had observed since becoming a Rotarian in 1984.  When he joined, he remembered learning that to be a "sustaining" member, Rotarians would donate $100 each year to TRF.  That is still what Rotarians are urged to do, but it would take $280 today to have the same spending power as $100 in 1984.  He urged members who could afford to do so to increase their support of TRF.
In 2013, when TRF changed to the Global Grant funding model, the first year, they awarded $47,000,000 in global grants.  By 2020, that number had nearly doubled to $95,000,000.
In the past, after three years, 50% of what had been taken in would be sent back to the local District.  Now, what is shared back to the district is 47 1/2% with the districts sharing the administrative costs of running the foundation.
As a result of increased Global Grant activity and emergency pandemic-related needs, a difficult decision was made last year by the foundation trustees. Going forward the World Fund match for Global Grants will be 80% rather than 100%.  This will allow participation in more grants. 
The Rotary Foundation needs generous, priority giving.  Rotary Direct is the easiest, most painless way to support The Rotary Foundation.  
Power of Words - Jeane Crouse
Jeane had suggestions on how to remember the difference between affect and effect.  Affect is typically a verb and effect is usually a noun describing the end result.  Since effect and end both start with "e" that should be easy to remember.  
An example might be a little girl whose mother saw her daughter "affect" a disrespectful attitude, the "effect" of which was the daughter being told to go stand in a corner for a while.
President Dan thanked Jeane for her very effective presentation.
President Dan thanked Dan Lamborn for serving as greeter prior to the start of the meeting.
He also thanked President-Elect Pam Cohen for filling in for him while he was vacationing on July 8.
Introduction of Guests
President Dan introduced his and Colleen's son, Ryan Dellolio who spent a year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Japan.
Ace of Clubs Raffle
Before starting with the raffle, Chuck Flint made a teasing announcement that an announcement would soon be made of a new major donor from Mesa West Rotary to The Rotary Foundation.
He corrected the announcement in the July 14 Messenger that he would be playing with a full deck.  He said it was actually a full deck plus one because there is now one joker in the deck.  The person holding the ticket number matching the ticket drawn would win $40.  They would also win a opportunity to draw a card from the full deck plus one.  If they should draw the ace of clubs, they would win another $40.  If they should draw the joker, they would win $20 more.  Any other card would be destroyed and discarded.  Ryan Dellolio was asked to draw the winning ticket.  Jim Crutcher was the lucky winner of $40, but his good luck stopped there.  The card he drew from the deck was the queen of hearts.
Auction Item from Dan and Colleen Coons' Trip to New York
For the benefit of newer members, Dan explained that it has become a Mesa West tradition that when members travel they bring back something to be auctioned to members at a club meeting with the proceeds of the auction benefitting the club operating budget.  Colleen explained that Dan had inhibited her shopping so she had added a mysterious delicacy from her own kitchen to enhance the value of the bagged item being auctioned.  Once bidding started, it was quite lively.  Dan attempted to stop the bidding at $50, but, after Chris Krueger convinced him she had already bid $55 when he made that announcement, he did allow her $55 bid to prevail.
Members of the club who were present were the beneficiaries of Chris's spending prowess when she shared Colleen's treats with them.  The editor failed to note her doing the same with the chocolates from New York City which Chris found in the bag.  
Shelly Romine reminded members of the July 17 service project at the Ross Farnsworth East Valley YMCA.  Participating members would be painting a classroom at the facility.  She said she already had ten volunteers committed to the project, but more would be welcome.  The arrival time at the YMCA would be 8:00 AM.
President Dan Coons announced District Governor Bret McKeand is scheduled to make his official visit to Mesa West Rotary on Thursday, September 23.
John Pennypacker announced he was "bitterly disappointed" when he read the July 14 Messenger and found no mention of the July 10 District celebration.  He said three people were the recipients of a new award - the Ring of Honor - in our district and that a Mesa West Rotarian was one of the recipients.  He asked Jeanie Morgan stand up to be recognized.
Happy Bucks - Greg Okonowski
Chris Krueger pledged $65 to the Mesa West Rotary Foundation to honor her husband Mike's birthday.
Ed Koeneman said that he had heard enough about all the new members Pam Cohen brought in during her presidency which was topped by President Dan during his 2020-21 term.  Ed said that when he was president, he brought in 20 new members in one day.  He contributed $6 - $1 for each year since Mesa Baseline Rotarians merged into Mesa West Rotary.
John Pennypacker contributed.  He was happy to announce his granddaughter had landed a good job in the San Francisco area.  He was also happy that his niece told him - before telling her parents - that she had decided to become a professional tennis player.
Pam Cohen was happy to have been involved in the delivery of the food gathered by the club in June to Paz de Cristo.  She was also happy to announce she had already made good on her pledge to contribute $1,500 to Mesa West Rotary Foundation - $1,000 for the Aqua Africa project and $500 for the Blessman International Enviraloo Project in South Africa which was described at the July 8 Mesa West Rotary Club meeting.
Ray Smith publicly shamed his friend Wendell Jones for spending his new wife's birthday in his recliner watching the Suns basketball game.
Wendell Jones reminded everyone he had pledged $40 dollars the prior week for each year of Sandra's life - honoring her birthday before it even happened.
Jay Stuckey contributed for both he and Melissa, saying how rewarding it has been to find their new family at Mesa West Rotary.  
Don LaBarge said he had sat at the table with Steve Ross and others from the Midwest hoping they could tell him the best route to drive from Arizona to Iowa where he was headed to pick up some freight rather than pay the $6,000 estimated shipping charges on an item he ordered.
Lola McClane confessed she had left the July 8 wearing her new name badge, and returned to the July 15 without it.
Colleen Coons contributed - happy to have heard her son Ryan announce he was "off the family payroll."
Dick Myren contributed $2 - $1 for himself and $1 for honorary member Rod Daniels - because they both believe that Mesa West Rotary is the greatest Rotary club in the world.
President Dan apologized for failing to acknowledge those attending via Zoom sooner.  Everyone was happy to see Erwin and Joan Reimann, Jack Rosenberg, Erika Yost and Bob Zarling.  
Program - Monique Hammond, Hospital Pharmacist and Author - Hearing Loss, The Silent Epidemic
Monique lost her hearing when she attended a church fundraiser where a folk rock band was playing.  She is a Past President of the Hearing Loss Association.  She is a former Rotarian and has spoken at over 180 Rotary Clubs.  Her husband, Ross is also a past Rotarian.  Hearing loss is a topic that is dear to her heart.  Her focus is on acquired hearing loss, which is a serious public health issue.
When Monique lost her hearing, it changed her life immediately.  It led to job loss and the stark realization that she had a lot to learn.  Her focus in her message will be education, prevention, and empowerment.
Hearing loss is the silent epidemic.  It is an invisible injury that creates a severe disability.  It is estimated that 1/5 of those age twelve and over have or will experience preventable hearing loss.  It is a communication issue and seriously impacts quality of life socially, emotionally, professionally and financially.  There is growing concern that hearing loss has some ties to dementia.  It is very important to protect our hearing in order to prevent hearing loss.  
Some causes of hearing loss are not preventable such as aging, auto-immune disorder, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, earwax plugs, but even some of those can be impacted by the choices we make.  Sound volume may be the most controllable cause of hearing loss.
Monique showed illustrations of the inner hear and hearing nerves.  Once the tiny cells are damaged, they do not rejuvenate.  The hearing cells change sound to an electrical signal which is transmitted to the brain where the signals are decoded.  Damaged cells cannot work.
Hearing aids can only made the most of remaining hearing.  She said that 90% is related to erosion of nerve cells making the connect/disconnect signals weak.
There is no such thing as "getting used to loud sound."  The loss from excessive noise is permanent, cumulative, and preventable.
In the way of prevention, Monique suggested downloading a smart phone app to meter sound levels.  Wearing ear buds at concerts lowers the sound level but not the frequency.  She encouraged Rotarians to spread the word, continue to learn and pay it forward starting with self and family.
Monique hopes the day never comes when the music will die.  She encouraged anyone with questions to email her at