President Chris Krueger called the meeting to order asking Ryan Ellis to offer the invocation and Warren Williamson to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  She thanked Lola McClain for serving as greeter for the meeting.  Lola is on her way to becoming a Mesa West Rotarian, but has not yet been formally inducted.
Several visiting Rotarians were in attendance.  Ray Miller from Lolita Wiesner's home club in Red Deer, Alberta was visiting again with his wife, Marian.  AG Kay Caskey was visiting from Butler, Missouri.  Bruce Dransfeldt was visiting from Chandler Horizon Rotary Club and made sure Mesa West Rotarians were aware of their hole-in-one event.  CLICK HERE to see a u-tube video about their annual fundraising activity.  Tom Mellen was visiting from Farmington, Maine.  Joan and Erwin Reiman from South Dakota were also visiting.  Their attendance this winter has exceeded that of some of our club's members.  Rik Bucy declared himself to be a permanent seasonal visitor.
There were three attempts to give away five dollars in the weekly attendance drawing, but none of the badge holders of the token numbers drawn were present.  On February 7, if a winner is present, they will win ten dollars.  In the weekly raffle, Dan Coons was the holder of the winning ticket.  After a flurry of flying hand shuffling of cards, Dan's attempt to draw the ace of clubs ended unsuccessfully.  Chuck Flint announced that the Buck Board was full.  President Chris assisted with drawing the cards labeling the rows and columns on the buck board.  That was followed by an elimination drawing until the potential winners were down to just a few.  Allan Cady actually had multiple chances to win.  Chuck explained that this buck board was unique.  A visitor who had won a previous buck board has not been able to be reached.  Even the person who brought her as a guest has been unsuccessful reaching her.  That $1,000 in previous winnings was divided into $600 and $400 amounts to be won with this elimination as second and third place winnings.  Allan was feeling lucky and refused to sell any of his squares.  His feeling was well founded Greg Okonowski won the 3rd prize and Allan won both 1st and 2nd prize.  $400 will be sent to The Rotary Foundation in Greg's name, and $1,600 will be sent in Allan's name.  
Happy Bucks
Jeanie Morgan was happy that John Pennypacker had shared a great article and video both featuring Ann Lee Hussey about the importance of continuing Rotary's focus on polio eradication.  John reported there have already been 33 cases reported year-to-date, so there is a lot of work yet to be done.  As long as polio exists anywhere, it can travel everywhere.  It was reported that Gary Whiting's Navajo water project has passed its first review to be approved for a grant from The Rotary Foundation.  Dan Coons announced that his team has claimed the name "Team Ribeye" in the club's sponsorship program competition.  Don LaBarge had dinner with Rod Daniels and has agreed to help Rod move.  He also lamented the fact that his wife, Chris, is making Don help with her sorority's booth at the Phoenix Open, since he makes her help our club with our Veterans Day Parade duties. 
Dick Myren paid his usual $1 to honor Rod Daniels' tradition of being happy to be a member of  Mesa West Rotary.  Dick paid an additional $1 for his "early out."  Chis Krueger was fined for having dessert before the meeting.  She protested saying she was testing it to be sure it would be safe for the rest of the members to consume.
  • Chris Krueger announced Mesa West Rotary will be honored to have Rotary International Director Elect Johrita Solari as our guest speaker on February 28.  David Simmer, District-Governor Elect has arranged for this program and has extended an invitation to other Rotarians in the East Valley to join us.  If you plan to bring a guest for this meeting, please let Aubrey know so she can help the hotel be prepared.
  • Pam Cohen announced that February 7 will be an entertaining meeting with Shamus the Insulter/Complimenter from the Renaissance Festival presenting our program.  
  • Valentine's Day - February 14, the Arizona School for the Arts Choir will present a Valentine Serenade.
Wendell Jones introduced his friend and neighbor, Jared A Langkilde, President and CEO of Honor Health.  Jared earned his Associate's Degree from Mesa Community College, his Bachelor's Degree from University of Phoenix, and his Master's Degree from the ASU W. P. Carey School of Business.  When Jared last spoke to Mesa West, he was in his prior position as Executive Director of Development and Community Relations with Mesa Community College.  He has a very strong volunteer background with non-profit organizations and the City of Mesa.  He is a proud father of six children ages 8-18. 
What he has learned in just over 100 days in his new position with Honor Health is that there is a lot happening in the world of health care.  Honor Health is a locally owned non-profit integrated health system operating only in Arizona.  Their competitors serve larger markets:  Banner in five states, Dignity serves approximately a quarter of those served in the US, and Mayo has a presence in four states.
The Honor Health slogan is "Making Health Personal" which reflects their mission - "to improve the health and well-being of our community."  They are better known in the northern part of the Phoenix metro area.  They promise to provide personalized, connected quality care, convenient access to care, and increased coordination of care through an extensive network of high-quality primary care and specialty physicians.
Honor Health is in the small 6% of healthcare organizations in the nation who have earned Magnet recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.
They are a non-profit organization and their philanthropic purpose is to strengthen and advance the mission of HonorHealth through personalized philanthropy.  They will help their donors match their passions with areas of need give the opportunity to make a lasting impact.  As a community focused organization, every dollar of donations received helps patients and families.  With this philanthropic purpose, they can advance innovation and impact.  The first dissolvable tent implanted in the United States was implanted by HonorHealth physicians.
Jared indicated the physicians are passionate.  He doesn't think they sleep.  Through their research institute they can fast tract drugs through the FDA.  They have germ zapping robots that are funded through philosophy.  They go into patient rooms to disinfect them with high-intensity ultraviolet rays which destroy bacteria and viruses.  They have gone more than 59 days with zero hospital acquired infections.  
One of their philanthropic outreach programs is NOAH - Neighborhood Outreach Access to Healthcare.  These centers are located in strip malls.  They are funded through philanthropy and accept payment for services on a sliding income scale.  Another outreach is a partnership with Desert Mission Food Bank where they help support 200-250 households per day.  35% of those served are under 18 years-of-age.  They provide specialized programs to help with education about nutrition, financial literacy and job placement.
One unique program they support is the only civilian military training program which provides realistic training using patient manikins to all branches of the military - free of charge.  And they provide hands-on medical training for police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.  The training simulates caring for incoming wounded from war-like brutality.
They support a forensic nurse examiners program which provides a separate, secure location for emergency care.  They collect medical samples and document injuries which aid in the prosecution of attackers.
It was clear that Jared is passionate about his new position and the ability of HonorHealth to excel in their mission through the combination of philanthropy and medical excellence.