President Chris Krueger opened the meeting asking Lolita Weisner to offer the invocation, and Jack Rosenberg to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ray Smith led those present in singing "Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies."  
Pam Cohen introduced Rick Busse from Soldotna Alaska and Lola McLain, a potential new member, who has volunteered to be our greeter next week.  Dr. Ron Thompson introduced Buey Ray Tut.  John Pennypacker introduced his son, Jay.  Ray Miller and Maria were visitors form Lolita Wiesner's club in Alaska.  Bill Crump was visiting from Sun Lakes Rotary and Tom Mellett was visiting from Farmington.
Daryl Bethea's badge number was drawn in the weekly attendance drawing, but had to receive an I.O.U. for his winnings as Aubrey was absent.  Chuck Flint announced that the small pot in the weekly raffle would be $40.  If the ticket holder was additionally lucky enough to draw the ace of clubs from the shrinking deck, they would win $374.  Polly Schumacher was the holder of the winning ticket.  She was disappointed when she drew - just one card off - the king of clubs.  Chuck explained the Mesa West Buck Board for the benefit of our visitors, then circulated to sell some of the remaining squares to anyone present who was interested.
Happy Bucks
Many members contributed, happy about the good times enjoyed by all at the club's post-holiday celebration Saturday, January 9 at the home of Dan and Colleen Coons.  
Auction Item 
Polly Cady announced that she and Allan had a large bag of "good stuff" to auction from the Friendship Conference in Acapulco, their travels in Mexico and a trip to North Carolina.  The bidding started at $30 and was very competitive until Don Boucher intimidated the other bidders with his bid of $100.
It took Don quite a while to unpack his bag, but it was clear to all that his $100 was a good investment.  
Appeal for Host Families
John Pennypacker announced that he had heard from Colton Cagle, asking for help from the Mesa West Club in finding host families for an inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student for the 2019-20 academic year.  Colton has been selected as an outbound student, but one of the requirements is for him to find three host families to host an inbound student next year.  The families do not have to be Rotarians but do need to meet the screening requirements set by Rotary International.  The family does not need to live in the Westwood HS district.  The student will likely attend the high school nearest the first host family.  The benefits of being a host family are many.  You and your family have the opportunity to form a bond with someone from another culture.  Typically, those bonds last a lifetime.  Through programs like Youth Exchange, Rotary builds peace one person at a time.  If you would like more information contact Dan Coons, Mesa West's Youth Exchange Chair or Donna Goetzenberger, who is Youth Exchange Chair for our Rotary district.
Good News Report from Jim Crutcher
Don LaBarge announced that he had recently had a call from Jim Crutcher explaining why it has been some time since he has been able to attend our club meetings.  He has been swamped at work as they have processed an offer by Larry Miller to buy Berge Ford.  The offer was accepted.  The new owners have hired every Berge Ford employee and made Jim a partner.  The new business name will be Larry Miller Ford.  
New Member Inducted
After an induction ceremony led by Don LaBarge, Ryan Ellis was welcomed into Mesa West as our newest member.  Ryan is with the Valley of the Sun YMCA.  Ryan's sponsor was Daryl Bethea.  During the induction, Don challenged Ryan to come up with a community service project which Mesa West members could help him accomplish.  Ryan did not seem daunted by that challenge, so we all have something to look forward to that will help us get to know him.   
Michael Shaw was introduced as our speaker.  Michael is with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  He was formerly an Assistant District Attorney in New York.  He is a former army officer.  He said he was invited to speak at another Rotary Club, but after he looked at both club's websites, chose to accept the invitation from Mesa West, because it looked like a club that actively did things.
Michael works in the Securities Division of the Corporation Commission in the regulation and compliance enforcement side.  He is a complaint investigator.  They do not target a certain group.  Securities include a wide range of investments including stock, real estate, and minerals.
In their department, they oversee the offer and sale of securities and investment advice.  They examine and register dealers' salesmen, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives.  They bring legal action against persons when they find violations of the Arizona Securities Act or Investment Management Act.  They do not promise restitution, represent individuals or recommend investment products, people, or services.
In the State of Arizona, as of December, 2017, there were approximately 195,000 securities salespeople and 1,800 securities dealers registered.  There were over 600 investment advisory firms and nearly 8,800 investment adviser representatives licensed in Arizona.
Violations occur when someone offers or sells unregistered securities, when unregistered individuals offer securities for sale, when there are business conduct violations by registered persons, or if there is fraud in the offer or sale of securities.
Common enforcement concerns are transactions involving real estate and mortgage schemes, affinity fraud, mining and precious metals, ponzi schemes and insurance agents selling notes, unsuitable annuities, alternative investments, etc.
Consumers are urged to contact the Corporation Commission if they have questions about a securities offering, license or registration status or securities law or statute.  They should definitely contact their department if they wish to file a complaint regarding a security transaction or financial advice.  Their office can be contacted if someone wants to verify the license status of an investment salesperson or adviser, file a complaint about an investment promoter or professional or find information on enforcement actions and securities offerings.
Michael invited Rotarians and guests to visit their website:, or e-mail them at  They can be visited at 1300 W Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007.  Their office is on the 3rd floor.  If you call (602) 542-0662, ask for the investigator on duty.  They also have a toll-free number within Arizona.  That number is 1-(866) VERIFY-9.
Sponsor Program
Allan Cady brough those present up-to-date on the sponsor program - see separate article in this Messenger.