President Chris Krueger opened the meeting with Daryl Bethea offering the invocation and John Benedict leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ray Smith led Rotarians and guests in singing White Christmas.
Donna Goetzenberger introduced her guests - her and Brian's daughters, Emilee and Paige.  She pointed out that Paige will be an outbound Rotary Youth Exchange student this coming year.  Frank Rosenberg introduced his wife Amanda and daughter, Sammi.  Brian Harvey introduced his wife and best friend, Marsha.  Don LaBarge introduced Tom Bradford who has submitted an application for membership in Mesa West Rotary. 
Lolita Wiesner won $10 in the attendance drawing.  $5 had rolled over from the prior week when the tokens for the drawing could not be located.  Chuck Flint asked Tom Bradford to draw the winning ticket for the weekly raffle.  Steve Ross, John Benedict and Dick Myren - the three musketeers had pooled their ticket money and were the lucky ticket holders.  Steve Ross accepted the $30  winnings on their behalf.  John Benedict was elected to try to draw the ace of clubs for the $304 in accumulated winnings, but he disappointed the team when he drew the three of hearts.  Chuck Flint explained the buck board for the benefit of our guests, then sold available spaces on the board to those who wanted to buy them as the meeting continued.
Happy Bucks
Don LaBarge was the first to contribute - happy that bell-ringing season was coming to an end and was very thankful to announce that he was able to cover all the remaining shifts.  Frank Rosenberg has happy to celebrate his birthday.  Dick Myren contributed $1 to continue Rod Daniels tradition of paying that amount each week because he was happy to be a member of Mesa West.  Tim Troy contributed happy dollars to be able to attend the meeting and to make a big announcement.  They recently sold TNT Shredding.  Wendell Jones was happy to celebrate his and Carolyn's 36th anniversary.  Chuck Flint had gone to Puerto Lobos, Mexico with some Phoenix 100 Rotarians. and six Rotary Youth Exchange students on an annual mission to bring some holiday joy to a very impoverished area of that community.  Pam Cohen paid some sad bucks admitting that she was an hour late to the December 19 board meeting - arriving as everyone was headed to their cars.  The board meeting was over.  
Brian Harvey distributed a Rotary "Count Your Blessings" Tax Yourself Form, suggesting members fill it out and contribute their tax to the Mesa West Foundation.  CLICK HERE to download a copy of the form.
Emilee and Paige Goetzenberger, along with Sammi Rosenberg, went to the podium to introduce Janel Huyett, a director with the Phoenix Children's Chorus.  All three girls are active participants in programs under the PCC.

Mrs. Huyett began her involvement with the Phoenix Children’s Chorus in 2006. Her first role with the organization was as a Prep Choir parent and soon thereafter as a music literacy instructor. She became the Prep Choir director in 2008.

Mrs. Huyett is originally from the mid-west but considers Arizona her home. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from the University of Iowa and a Master of Arts in Education: Administration and Supervision from the University of Phoenix.

Mrs. Huyett lives in Chandler with her husband Greg, and her daughter Rachel (who has sung with Prep, Cadet, Concert and Bravo Choirs).

Active participants in the choir programs find friendship, meaningful relationships, travel and a sense of community through their participation.

Mrs. Huyett feels that she can teach children to be better human beings through choral music.  It is almost impossible to be thinking of themselves while actively participating.  It is truly a place to belong and be accepted.  Participants receive a world class music education.  She was personally impressed when her daughter entered the program.  Since she, as a teacher, considers herself to be an education "snob," her being impressed with the quality of the instruction was an indication that it was truly excellent.  She enthusiastically became part of the team.

Mrs. Huyett said the administrative staff is excellent.  The program is very well run.  The organization is like a caring family.  In addition to the youth finding their best friends in the organization, many of the parents find close friendships through their own involvement with other parents.  The choirs perform locally at  beautiful and challenging venues.  Many outside groups ask for them to perform.  What creates lasting memories for many of the students are the opportunities to participate in touring choirs.  The memories of the planned activities are great, but what is overwhelming is what she calls "tour moments" that could not possibly be planned, but just happen.  One such moment happened in New York when the choir was touring the 9/11 Memorial, and stopped everything around them when they spontaneously performed, singing from their hearts.  Another such moment was on a tour to Australia, when the choir was in a rustic building and they had local musicians crying when the choir actually knew and beautifully delivered a performance of "Waltzing Matilda."

During those special moments, members sing from their hearts.  Each gives a piece of their soul resulting in unimaginable connections with their listeners.

Costs of involvement are high.  There is tuition, uniforms, and tour costs.  PCC does fundraising to keep costs to students as low as possible, but also to scholarship youth with limited means so they are not excluded from participation.  They have an intern program.  There is an audition process to get into the choir program.  

Members and guests were encouraged to visit the Phoenix Children's Chorus website and Facebook page.

Donna Goetzenberger shared links to two You-Tube Videos of PCC Choir performances:

Phoenix Children's Chorus German Lullaby 

2015 PCC Argentina/Uruguay Choir Tour