The meeting began with Ray Smith leading the club in a rendition of White Christmas.  The invocation was by Wendell Jones and the pledge was led by Frank Rosenberg.


We could all tell what a great job Pam Cohen did in promoting our program as the guest list was long and distinguished.  The list included Nick Revell and Kati Campbell, guests of Lucinda and contributors to our sponsorship program; Carmen Gillette, guest of Frank Rosenberg; Brian Harvey’s wife Marsha; Suzanne and Morgan Davis; guests of Wendell Jones; Jim LeCheminant’s wife Michelle; Major Scott Ramsey of the Salvation Army and hopefully soon-to-be our newest member, guest of Don LaBarge; Frank Robison and Paul Vander Haden, guest of Bob Zarling; and Ron Thompson’s wife Toni.


Pam Cohen won the attendance drawing.  The weekly raffle drawing was $40 with the cumulative pot at $851 which would be awarded if the raffle winner drew the Ace of Clubs from the diminishing deck of cards.  Tim Troy was the raffle winner of the $40 but chose to draw the Jack of Diamonds.  The cumulative pot lives on until next year.

Happy Bucks

Pam Cohen was happy she won the attendance drawing and happy for the program we were about to enjoy.  Collen Coons was happy her husband wasn’t as wimpy with his foot surgery as he was with his past knee surgery.  Dan Coons initially had a happy dollar that his wife was there but rescinded it after listening to her happy dollar story.  Tim Troy was happy he was there.  Lola McClane was happy for the opportunity to ring the Salvation Army bell.  Marsha Harvey was happy it is the bell ringing time of year.  Brian Harvey was happy that Shelly Romine gave him perspective on cold weather as he was ringing the Salvation Army Bell (Shelly has the Idaho’s not that cold in Mesa!).  Warren Williamson was happy his wife Son Hee was there and that he is in good health unlike the other two club members who have Asian spouses.  Warren indicated that he has never been in the hospital and the only bone he has ever broken was in his sister's leg.  Chris Krueger was happy her father is doing well after getting a pace maker and happy that she was heading to Nebraska to visit her grandchildren.  Darl Andersen was happy that John and Daryl Bethea were both there at the same time.  Steve Ross was happy his hip surgery went well, and his son is on his way to Arizona for a visit.  Ron Thompson is having a birthday and contributed $100 to his Paul Harris. Bob Zarling was happy the Highland High School Strolling Strings performed at his community last week.  Don LaBarge was happy for all of the support and contributions to the club project of ringing the Salvation Army bell at Bass Pro Shop.  Don also presented a list of some of his friends, relatives and neighbors that gave him additional contributions.  Jim Schmidt was happy for all the guests and attendees at the meeting.

Presidential Humor

President Jim recalled a story from his childhood where his 3rd grade teacher asked anyone in her class to stand up if they thought they were stupid.  After some hesitation one boy in the room slowly stood up.  The teacher asked, “Johnny, do you think you are stupid?”  Johnny responded, “No, but I felt bad that you were the only one standing.”

The club noted that Jim quickly sat down after telling that joke!


The club was gifted with having the Dickens Carolers perform numerous holiday songs for our enjoyment.  There were four carolers in period costumes with beautiful voices.  After their first song they passed out gifts of popcorn to all attendees.  They then sang several other holiday songs for about 30 minutes including a personal serenade of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town to Aubrey’s son Zane.  They finished with We Wish You A Merry Christmas.  A big thank you to Pam Cohen for arranging this program.


  • Jim presented the four Hilton employees that provide our luncheon service with gift cards thanking them for their efforts.
  • Jim also auctioned off three hand-made purses made by Son Hee Williamson.  Thanks to Son Hee for her generosity and talent.