Lucinda General – is sharing some "Blast from the Past" photos, which she hopes will trigger many happy thoughts for her fellow-Rotarians.
Greg Okonowski – said Laura is getting a lot of laughter from a You Tube dog named Pluto giving some four-legged advice about our current crisis.  Greg thought you might want to check it out:
Chris Krueger – I am just happy to be healthy and able to work from home in these difficult times.  I am trying to remember all the positive things right now and I realize just how blessed I am. 
Daryl (Pai) Bethea - Saw a man in a wheelchair at Disney World two weeks ago being escorted into the most popular Avatar ride by a group of teenagers, after giving up their places in a very long line. Happy to see the younger generation so kind and charitable.
Wayne General - Friday 03/20/2020 my mom, Alice, celebrated her 93rd birthday at our house.  Lucinda made a wonderful filet with raisins and peppercorns and we all enjoyed the evening.
Erwin and Joan Reimann - We did FaceTime with our grandson and family on Sunday. Our 1-year old great grandson was kissing their phone when he saw us.
Jane and John Benedict - We welcomed our new granddaughter, Dylan Jane De Marco, on Thursday, March 12, in Phoenix. Baby, mom, dad, and big brother Derek doing well!
Polly Schumacher - Happy and relieved my granddaughters are home from studying abroad this semester (London and Italy).  Although, haven’t seen them yet, as we are self-quarantined for another week.  Will be especially happy when I can give them a big hug!
Ray Smith - I am thrilled BEYOND WORDS TO DESCRIBE, with the Income Tax Return deadline extension to July 15th!!!!!
Lo Wiesner - I'm enjoying the quiet country life.  There's light snow falling today, the wood burning fireplace is crackling and Hans is baking sourdough bread.  Life is good.
Jim Schmidt - My son Paul and his wife Sheri in Denver Colorado had a miracle baby girl. They named her Halle (short for Hallelujah).