PDG Art Harrington recently shared some interesting information about the Westwood High School Interact Club:
"The ID number for the Westwood High School Interact Club is 165.  It has the lowest ID number of any club in our district, since it is the oldest, continuously operating Interact Club in our district.  It was chartered by Mesa West Rotary on February 24, 1964.
"Today Interact has 4,299 clubs, and an estimated membership of 558,877 around the world.  Interact is, by far, the fastest growing part of Rotary, and Westwood High School Interact can proudly say, "We were the 165th Interact Club in all the world to be chartered."
"Your Rotary Club can be justly proud of this Westwood HS Interact Club, which has accomplished so much good, and produced so many leaders for Rotary over the years!  Its leadership continues.  Last year it produced our Interact District Governor, along with numerous Assistant Governors.  This year it has produced seven of our current 27 Interact Assistant Governors.  Our Interact District 5495 is exceedingly grateful for the ongoing leade4rship we draw on from Westwood HS Interact."