Posted by Colleen Coons
If you ask a young teenage girl from France, what athletics are you interested here in America?  Their answer:  Cheer
Fanny regularly shares her appreciation to Mesa West Rotary and all the support the Club is giving her to experience High School Cheer.  
This week has been practice on M, T, JV game on Wed, more practice on Thursday - as it was Homecoming on Friday. Fanny was part of the CVHS Assembly with tons of school pride “CAMPO CRAZIES”. And Friday Night - all the CVHS Cheerleaders were out at Homecoming cheering for the home team against Apollo High.   Their cheers worked, as 42 to 27 ended her first Homecoming!  Not that I am biased, but the JV Cheerleaders are much better than the varsity girls!!!
Fanny woke up on Monday Morning - and turned 17!!!  When asked if she felt older and wiser - she said “no”….."just me, Fanny from France."