Mesa West Foundation Chair, John Pennypacker, shared some information about our foundation giving year-to-date.  Our goal for giving to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund this Rotary Year is $15,000.  Year-to-date, we have given $13,900, ranking us 3rd in the District.  Our per-capita giving is $221, placing us 10th in our district.  
EREY giving is where we can make up the difference - only 33 of our members qualify for EREY giving this Rotary year which ends June 30.  It would be a wonderful thing to be 100% in our 50th anniversary year.  To make that happen, anyone who has not yet given, needs to take action before the end of June.
The goal internationally is for Every Rotarian Every Year to give the equivalent of $100 (US).  That  is the goal, but we are not limited to that.  The reason we rank as well as we do is because several of our members qualify as Paul Harris Society members - having donated $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund of TRF this year.
If you have not already made your EREY donation, please do so through your My Rotary account on the website.  If your psyche rebels at all things technical, get in touch with Jeanie Morgan and she will help you figure out a way to get your donation made in a manner that will work well for you.
Our Polio Plus goal was $10,000 this year.  So far, we are at $20,100.  The prior year, we were at $19,800.  No other club in the district is above $9,000.  This is where we shine!