Allan and Polly Cady are in Orizaba, Mexico in our sister Rotary District 4185 with the Mexican/American Friendship Conference.  They met PDG Omar Falcon two years ago and hosted him and his family in their home when the conference was held in Phoenix two years ago.  Omar's daughter, Valeria, was the Cady's guest for six weeks this past summer.  While staying with them, she visited Mesa West and played her violin for Rotarians and guests who were present that day.
Allan and Polly are in Orizaba during Dia de Muertos activities.  While there, they have toured a clinic helped by Rotarians and learned of another project Tuesday, November 5.  
Omar and his wife had Allan and Polly made up for Dia de Muertos and sent them on a photo shoot.  Photos will be ready Friday, November 8.  This is why Allan and Polly are missing the Guaymas trip this year.  They will be at the Grand Canyon for the Friendship Conference this weekend after they return from Orizaba.
Polly says, "Rotary lends itself to many friendships throughout the world with like people who do good and are people of action.  We are blessed to have this family in our lives."