Pam Cohen had volunteered to lead the pledge at our March 19 meeting.  The first meeting we did NOT have during the social distancing restrictions to protect our population from the coronavirus pandemic.  She chose to share the following:
A new kind of patriotism as shown in our Corona Virus heroes
“When a nation is filled with strife, then do patriots flourish” - Lao Tzu – Chinese Philosopher
When the story of the coronavirus pandemic is written there will be a long list of heroes. Many of them will come from the field of medicine. Doctors. Nurses. Laboratory technicians. Emergency medical technicians and so on.
But also on that list will be the millions of regular working stiffs who kept things going, kept things running, kept things clean, when the rest of us were stuck at home.
Think of them all.
Custodians. Cooks. Clerks. Cleaning crews. Electrical workers. Plumbers. Maintenance and repair workers. Caregivers. Bus drivers. Mechanics. Secretaries. Cashiers. Warehouse workers. Delivery drivers. Pharmacists. Sanitation workers. Mail carriers. Construction workers. Corrections officers. Power company employees. Road and highway crews. Government workers who assist the disabled and the unemployed, and who help to maintain all the necessary services in every block of every city.
Police and firefighters.
And on and on.
The men and women who keep the engine of the country idling smoothly while the vehicle itself remains in neutral, parked on the side of the road.