Jim LeCheminant 
Like many, 2020 has been a unique year.  One of our highlights during 2020 was finally deciding to hold our every other year family reunion.  We had it July 1, 2 and 3 ad a lodge at Haigler Creek, Arizona.  There were 37 of us in attendance - including 25 grandchildren.  I was in Boston as a missionary and couldn't attend.  All had a great time and no one contracted COVID.  Christmas this year was completely different.  No Christmas Eve program of Christmas Day dinner with family but we were happy and blessed to be well and have good friends.  Wishing a happy, well and prosperous year to Mesa West Rotarians.
Jack Rosenberg shared several photos of his artwork which has given him many hours of creative, satisfying pleasure while being confined.  CLICK HERE or on the image to see more.
Dick Myren finally retired after 61 years of doing income taxes and - early in his career - doing audits.  He said that about five years ago he made a New Years resolution to call or text all their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren every two weeks.  He is proud to say he has done that and plans to continue to do so.  "Sandy and I have been blessed by not getting this COVID 19 that has been raging in our world all of 2020!  One sad thing I have missed our regular meetings and hope some time soon in 2021 we can resume seeing each other once a week at least.  God Bless everyone and stay safe."
Assistant Governor Lee Holmes wrote, "Happy New Year!  It has been a privilege this year to be your AG.  Mesa West is a great Rotary Club that as 'The Ace of Clubs.'  I am looking forward to 2021.
Allan and Polly Cady shared photographic highlights of the first eight months of the year and time prevented them sharing more.  CLICK HERE or on Dan Coons' RLI graduation photo taken with Polly at right to see all the photos they submitted.  In January, they enjoyed a Viking Cruise to Argentina and Patagonia where Polly said it was very cold!  In February, Polly chaired the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) held at Grand Canyon University.  Allan Cady and Chris Krueger from Mesa West were among the facilitators.  Don Boucher and Darl Andersen were students, and Dan Coons graduated from RLI at the February institute after attending his third and final session.  In March, Allan is shown with John Pennypacker at PETS.  They attended a spring training game with Marcella, a Rotary Youth Exchange student from Brazil.  In April, Wayne and Lucinda General, along with Polly celebrated a total of 197 years on this planet when the Cady's hosted a small party to celebrate the occasion.  In May, while Polly recuperated from hip replacement surgery, she photographically documented the fact that Allan was capable of loading the dishwasher.  June found the Allen, Polly and the Generals in San Diego and taking a scenic road trip.  In July, they celebrated Independence Day in San Diego with Bryan and Donna Goetzenberger enjoying a lobster dock party.  In August, they were happy to finally have new carpet in their home office replacing the carpet that was damaged when their hot water heater flooded the area.
Wendell Jones said, "The most significant event in my life in 2020 was the loss of my sweet Carolyn.  My loss is easier to accept knowing she is in a happier place.  It is a blessing to remember how she loved everyone and everyone loved her."
Erwin and Joan Reimann said the highlight for them in 2020 was a trip to Blue Spruce RV Park in Colorado to meet up with their daughter and son-in-law in October.  They are happy to have their medical issues of the summer behind them and are thankful to have avoided COVID-19.
Pam Cohen's happy place has been her grandson, Wilder who was born prematurely in May.  COVID precautions kept her from being able to see and hold him for far too long.  Pam is happy Wilder is doing well.  She looks forward to many years of doting on him when the COVID pandemic is a faded memory and precautions no longer necessary.