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President Dan Coons called the meeting to order, introduced himself, then recited the 2020-21 Rotary International Theme - Rotary Opens Opportunities, followed by the Rotary Vision Statement:
Together we see a world where people unite and 
take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves
Warren Williamson led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Darl Andersen offered the invocation.
President Dan explained that he had sent an email to members and regular visitors to let anyone who was attempting to attend via Zoom know that the hybrid (Zoom) portion of the meeting had technical difficulties that could not be overcome in time to broadcast from the in-person meeting as planned.  
Rotary Minute - Ed Koeneman - The Rotary Wheel
Ed explained that the original Rotary emblem was a wagon wheel.  As other Rotarians voiced likes and dislikes about the way the wheel appeared, there were a variety of evolutions.  In 1911, clubs were invited to submit emblem designs to a committee before the 1912 convention.  After that convention, some definition was provided, and clubs were encouraged to use something similar, and the number of spokes and cogs were unspecified.  A committee was formed to standardize the Rotary emblem.  In January 1920, The Rotarian announced the Board's decision in an article called "Redesigning the Rotary Wheel."   The emblem was a gear wheel with six spokes and 24 cogs.  Originally, the inside of the wheel was a plain circle. In 1924 the design was modified to include a keyway to make the gear wheel useful, by adding the provision for the transfer of power to or from a shaft.   This change illustrated that Rotary is a driving force.  The way it is a driving force in each Rotarian's life is a story that can only be told by each individual Rotarian. 
Introduction of Guests
  • Visiting Rotarian Dave Brauchler, is a new resident in our area and looking for a club to transfer into.  He has narrowed it down to two clubs.  
  • Dan Lamborn introduced PDG Jim Erickson and Jay Stuckey III.  In telling a little more about himself, Jay said he is not only the 3rd generation of his family with the same name, he is also a 3rd generation Phoenician.  Jim and Jay are both looking to join Mesa West Rotary.
  • Dan Coons announced that he and Colleen will be hosting what started out to be a small gathering at their home in June for new and potential members and their spouses or guests.  The number to attend the gathering who are either new members or thinking of becoming new members keeps growing.  Dan was not complaining - sounded more like bragging...
Chuck Flint explained that the weekly raffle tickets cost $5 each.  The holder of the ticket drawn would win $40, and a chance to draw the ace of clubs from the remaining deck of fifteen cards.  If a joker is drawn, they will win an additional $20.  If they were to draw the ace of clubs they would receive $1,402.  Chuck asked Colleen Coons to draw the winning ticket, which was held by Darl Andersen.  After shuffling the cards, Darl drew the four of clubs.  He let Chuck keep the $40, prepaying for eight tickets for himself for the May 13 raffle.
Happy Bucks - Greg Okonowski
  • Jim Schmidt said he was sad to have lost his brother Steve, but happy that Steve's death brought their family together.  Jim had happy bucks because his oldest daughter had given birth recently to his 28th grandchild.
  • Dave Brauchler was happy to announce that his first granddaughter, Abigail, was celebrating her first birthday.
  • Ed Koeneman announced that because April and May contain nearly all of their family's birthdays and anniversaries, he was pledging $100 to Mesa West Foundation for Youth Services.
  • Shelly Romine contributed wishing a Happy Mother's Day for all the mothers in our club.
  • Dave McGown contributed the only $1 he had left from his new car fund after paying Dr. Ron Thompson to make him a new tooth.
  • Pam Cohen asked to be fined $10 for forgetting her computer, plus $10 to thank Chuck for bringing his laptop, which - unfortunately - she could not make work to broadcast the meeting.
  • Chuck Flint asked to be billed $10 to thank Jim Schmidt for his work in doing the necessary work to resolve a problem Mesa West Rotary Foundation needed to rectify with the IRS.  It was necessary to go back five years and document that no individual donor provided more than 10% of our funding.  Jim has a file at least 3/8" thick.  The biggest expense was paying the bank for copies of all the checks involved.  Jim did not charge for all his work.  Next, Chuck provided the following information about a community where the houses of worship experienced some pesky squirrels:
    • The Presbyterian church called a meeting to decide what to do about their squirrel infestation.  After much prayer and consideration, they concluded that the squirrels were predestined to be there, and they should not interfere with God's divine will.
    • At the Baptist church, the squirrels had taken an interest in the baptistry.  The deacons met and decided to put a water-slide on the baptistry and let the squirrels drown themselves.  The squirrels liked the slide and, unfortunately, knew instinctively how to swim, so twice as many squirrels showed up the following week.
    • The Lutheran church decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God's creatures.  So, they humanely trapped their squirrels and set them free near the Baptist church.  Two weeks later, the squirrels were back when the Baptists took down the water-slide.
    • The Episcopalians tried a much more unique path by setting out pans of whiskey around their church in an effort to kill the squirrels with alcohol poisoning.  They sadly learned how much damage a band of drunk squirrels can do.
    • But the Catholic church came up with a more creative strategy!  They baptized all the squirrels and made them members of the church.  Now they only see them at Christmas and Easter.
    • Not much was heard from the Jewish synagogue.  They took the first squirrel and circumcised him.  They haven't seen a squirrel since.
  • Colleen Coons pledged $100 if members and potential members would do all they could to make sure that her husband Dan exceeds the number of new Mesa West members brought in by Pam Cohen - Mesa West's first woman President, who brought in eleven new members during her term.  If Dan can beat that record before July 1, Colleen might at last be able to have a peaceful night at their house.  She said Dan falls asleep at night talking about how he needs to get just one more new member than Pam did...
  • Dave Brauchler indicated he was planning on turning in his membership application July 1 to save the club the cost of District and RI dues for his new membership.
  • Warren Williamson told about a motorist who was pulled over for speeding.  The motorist told the officer that he had a loaded 45 in his console and a loaded glock in his glove compartment.  He also told him there was a dead body in the trunk.  The police officer called for backup.  After backup arrived the senior officer asked what was going on.  The officer explained about the 45 and the glock adding that they needed to check the trunk as he understood there was a dead body there.  The senior officer asked the motorist what he had to say for himself, and he encouraged the senior officer to check his car and none of that was found.  After the search was completed, the motorist said to the senior officer, "I suppose next he will tell you he originally pulled me over for speeding!"
  • Jeanie Morgan was happy to announce that the reason Jeane Crouse was not introduced as a visitor was because she is now officially a Mesa West Rotarian.  President Dan had intended to make that announcement after Happy Bucks, but encouraged everyone to give our new member a standing ovation.
  • Shelly Romine announced she is working on a possible service project for May.  We may be able to participate in some necessary painting at the House of Refuge.
  • Dan Coons reminded members to grab some of the bags for the homeless to take with them when they left to give to any homeless persons they might encounter in going about their business.
  • Jeane Crouse shared some special memories about a friend she had recently lost.  She saw him as a best friend a best father, a best craftsman, etc.  She said he was extremely talented when it came to design, building and repair, and he would gladly do those things for anyone who needed them.  For many years, she observed him with his children when they would come to her home for dinner where they would talk about the peaks and pits of each of their days and talk about how to turn negatives into positives.  The sadness she saw in his life was that while he loved intensively, his ability to verbalize his feelings was lacking.  This resulted in marriages that didn't work out.  She said when he came to visit her, his eyes were darting about looking for things that needed to be fixed.  When Jeane moved into her current home, when they were eating out one night with another friend, Jeane was complaining that her baking sheets would not fit in her new oven.  Steve, remembering how the new home was arranged said they could remove a post her, relocate a wall there, and make room for a new, larger stove.  The other friend excused himself saying he'd only be gone a few minutes.  When he came back, he was carrying a Target bag which contained smaller cookie sheets that would fit in the oven that came in Jeane's new home.  Jeane's friend Steve was Jim Schmidt's brother.  His first love was building.  In his memory, Jeane paid the first $250 installment of a $1,000 pledge to The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona.  She plans to donate $250 each year to celebrate Steve's birthday. Rest in Peace and God Bless Steve Schmidt.
As members and guest arrived at the Doubletree, they were greeted by Steve Ross.  The meeting was officially called to order at 12:10 with President Dan Coons introducing himself, then reciting the 2020-21 Rotary International Theme - Rotary Opens Opporunities.  He then recited the Rotary Vision Statement:
Together we see a world where people unite and 
take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves
The invocation was offered by Robin Harris, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim McGown.
Introduction of Guests attending in person:
  • DG Elizabeth Mahoney
  • AG Lee Holmes
  • Jessica Lamborn
  • Logan Harper 
  • Cori Christiansen and PE Mike Flores with the Gilbert Rotary Club, where President Dan first joined Rotary
  • Tom Yuzer
  • Jeane Crouse 
Raffle - Chuck Flint
For the benefit of the guests, Chuck explained the raffle.  Each week raffle tickets are sold at a price of $5/ticket. 
  • 1/3 of the funds taken in provide operating income for the club
  • 1/3 is added to the accumulated potential winnings should the holder of the winning ticket draw the Ace of Clubs (which we believe we are)
  • 1/3 goes to the holder of the winning ticket.
Should the holder of the winning ticket draw the joker, they win an additional $20.  Any other card drawn is destroyed making the odds of winning increasingly better each week.  At the April 22 meeting, the Accumulated winnings were $1,387, and the daily winnings would be $55.  
Guest Logan Harper's ticket was drawn by DG Elizabeth Mahoney  He drew the joker from the deck making his total winnings for the day $75.
Introduction of guests attending via Zoom
  • Immediate Past District Governor David Simmer
  • Past District Governor Terry Cowan
Happy Bucks - Greg Okonowski
  • President Dan Coons was happy that when Terry Diedrick arrived for the meeting he turned in sponsorship donation checks totalling $1,250.
  • Warren Williamson was happy to have internet working again at his office.  He had sent a text to his bookkeeper to let her know the internet was down, while at the same time she was sending him an e-mail letting him know that she had a new cell phone number with privacy protection and had gone back to using her maiden name.
  • Polly Cady contributed.  She was happy to be at the meeting and was also happy to have renewed her drivers license and passed the eye exam.
  • Ted Williams contributed sad dollars.   He had received a text from his son, Ned who is a Lt.Col. in the Air Force, indicating that because of a push on TicToc, heightened vigilance would be wise including avoiding being alone after dark.
  • Colleen Coons contributed $3, saying she had purchased two lotto tickets after finding Dan's stash of cash, so her contribution next week should be larger.
  • Mike Flores contributed $10 for the joint Rotary Week of Service project accomplished by the Mesa West and Gilbert Rotary Clubs.
  • John Pennypacker was having fun playing golf the morning of April 19, until he had a close encounter with a rattlesnake near the 7th tee box.
  • Allan Cady contributed $6.  He was happy to report that his son who had COVID was feeling much better and thought that day would be his last day of recovery.
  • Logan Harper contributed $10.  He has enjoyed the last few meetings he has attended and was happy to report he had turned in his application.
  • Chris Krueger wished everyone a Happy Earth Day.
  • Shelly Romine was happy to report that her brother and his significant other would be coming to Arizona for a visit.
  • Bob Zarling pledged $100 to The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona.  Life has handed him some lemons recently, but there have been some good things as well.  He no longer has to get the injections in his eyes.  
  • AG Lee Holmes asked members to keep the President of the Superstition Mountain Club, Harvey Clark, in their thoughts and prayers.  Harvey had traveled to Florida for his mother's 99th birthday and while there suffered a stroke.  He is back in Arizona now and making good progress with his recovery.  He pledged $50 for Harvey and $50 for finally getting to be at a meeting and spend time with Mesa West Rotarians in person.
  • President Dan Coons pledged $100 for the sponsorship program in recognition of DG Elizabeth Mahoney being at the meeting.
  • There will be no meeting Thursday, April 29 since it is a 5th Thursday.
  • Club Leadership Academy will be held virtually Saturday, May 1.  Any level of Rotarian, whether new or long-time member, officer, director, committee chair, or with zero named responsibility - are all welcome to attend.  It will be held virtually.  Registration is not required, and there is no charge for participating.
  • Shelly Romine thanked all the Rotarians and family members of Rotarians who helped Saturday April 17 with the Rotary Week of Service project.  She also thanked Cori and Mike from the Gilbert Club for allowing Mesa West to join with them in their project.  The Shower Kits were delivered to Paz de Cristo later that day.  The helping hands kits were retained by both clubs, and Dan brought several boxes of them to the meeting for members to take with them to hand to homeless people they encounter when they are out and about.
  • Mike Flores read a certificate of participation which he then presented to President Dan thanking Mesa West for our participation.
  • Rotarians world wide will be celebrating World Immunization Week April 24-30.
  • Allan Cady was happy to announce that with the funds delivered by Terry Diedrick plus known commitments, the sponsorship will bring in over $55,000 this year.  He was also happy to announce that member participation this year had reached 82% - the highest participation rate of any year since we started the sponsorship program.
Mesa West Rotary Joined Forces with Gilbert Rotary Club for our Rotary Week of Service Project.
Several Mesa West Rotarians along with several family members along with members of the Gilbert Rotary Club gathered the morning of Saturday, April 17, in one of the halls at the Church of the Master Presbyterian Church on east University in Mesa.  The assembled group stuffed 900 shower kits as well as a similar number of helping hands kits. 
The work was finished in about half the time anticipated for the joint Rotary Week of Service project.
Several Rotarians met at Paz de Cristo to deliver the shower kits to be used by the homeless who are served at their facility which is located on West Broadway in Mesa.  
Each club took some of the Helping Hands Kits to be given to members of their clubs to distribute when they encounter homeless individuals.  
This week in Arizona, Rotary is more visible because of all the publicity surrounding Rotary Week of Service.  If you have not yet visited the website, you are urged to CLICK HERE and look at the many other Rotary projects going on this week.
You might want to CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story.  The Arizona Department of Revenue has announced that 2020 tax credit donations can be made through May 17.
Requests for vocational education grants from TRVFA are higher than ever experienced in the past.  Fundraising is also growing, but not quite at the same rapid pace.  Your help is needed.
Support of TRVFA is not limited to Rotarians.  Tell you friends, family, and associates about this tax credit donation opportunity.
Donations to TRVFA will literally change someone's life forever.  CLICK HERE to go directly to the on-line donation page for The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona.  
If you've already made your 2020 tax credit donation, it's not too early to start accruing for 2021.  
This has been a challenging year for all humanitarian hearing missions throughout the world.  Like many other programs, our club decided that it would be too risky for our volunteers, patients and others in Guaymas if we conducted what would have been our 28th Annual program.
After consulting with health professionals and officials here and in Guaymas, it was decided that we would wait and see what would develop in terms of access to patients, availability of a proven vaccine, and feasibility of conducting a reduced program sometime in 2021.  In talking to other audiologists who conduct programs in Nicaragua and Belize, this seemed to be the common opinion.
In the meantime, I continue to have dialogues with our friends in Guaymas and Alamos regarding the prevalence of COVID-19 cases in their areas and what they see as a plan of action for the future.  Rudolfo Fernandez, our audiology technician in Alamos, is in constant contact with the school in Guaymas where we conduct the clinic and doctors in Guaymas to see what he can do to start up a testing and training program which will be fundamental to achieving a sustainable on-going program in Guaymas.  This would allow patients to be seen on a quarterly basis, reduce the number of patients seen during our two-day clinic and, consequently, reduce the need for a very large team to travel once a year to Guaymas.  It might take some monetary support from our club but would lower the overall cost of the mission if we support him in his efforts.  The cost savings to our club could be as much as $10,000 to $15,000 a year.
We know that the need for our services is great in Guaymas but we must approach the solution to the need in a safe and prudent manner.  I will keep the club updated and hope to meet with the Mission Committee in the early part of 2021 to form a plan of action to help our friends in Guaymas.
Thanks to the club members for your continued support of the mission
Bob Jensen
Club Information
Welcome to our Rotary Club of Mesa West!
Mesa West


We meet In Person & Online
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Via Zoom or in-person with reservation
Doubletree, 1011 W Holmes
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United States of America
Our hybrid meetings are held weekly on the 1st thru 4th Thursdays of each month. The meetings are broadcast via Zoom to include all, whether attending virtually or in person.
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Dr. Tanyss Munro
May 20, 2021
Teach mothers to teach the world
Brian Bausch
May 27, 2021 12:00 PM
Beyond Riding - all different aspects of the horse industry
Chuck Flint
Jun 03, 2021
Rotary Foundation Program and Awards Recognition
John Pennypacker
Jun 10, 2021
Rotary experiences and suggestions
President Dan Coons
Jun 17, 2021
Review Special Accomplishment of 2020-21 Year
Mike Burnett
Jun 24, 2021
Law Enforcement and Special Olympics Program and Support
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