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President Jim Schmidt asked Ray Smith to open the meeting with song.  Ray, who had travelled from 73° high temps to HOT for the meeting enthusiastically led everyone in singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad."  Dick Myren offered the invocation, and John Pennypacker led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Pam Cohen was the official greeter welcoming members and guests to the meeting.
Chuck Flint introduced his guest, Shaked Aricha-Levi.  
President Jim, in effort to test members' memories asked if anyone knew the International President's theme for 2019-20, but would not allow PDG's or board members to answer.  Someone answered before those rules were clear, "Rotary Connects the World."  So then he asked what actions - from Rotary's vision statement - he had asked members to focus on this year.  Since this question is likely to come up again, members should try to remember CONNECT, UNITE, and CHANGE.
Next, President Jim told his weekly accountant humor story:  You can tell a child will become a CPA when they are taken to a quiet corner to have someone read the story of Cinderella to them.  They are certain to be destined for accounting if, when the part of the story is read where the pumpkin becomes a fancy carriage, the child asks "Would that be capital gain or ordinary income?"
Dick Myren's badge number was drawn.  Since badge numbers of three absent members had been drawn at the August 8 meeting, $5 had rolled over making Dick the lucky winner of $10 in the weekly attendance drawing.  In the weekly drawing, Chuck Flint announced the small pot would be $30 and the large accumulating pot, if the ace of clubs were drawn, would net $364.  Lola McClane was holding the winning ticket, but the card she drew was the Jack of Hearts.
Happy Bucks
Greg Okonowski was happy to have enjoyed a great vacation in Alaska.  He came back with a beard, which he plans to keep for a while.  He was also happy to announce the reason Ron Thompson was not at the meeting was that Ron was busy throwing a farewell party for Greg's daughter, Kiana, who had interned in Ron's office this summer.  Dan Coons was happy to have enjoyed a recent opportunity to spend time with his 94-year-old mother in Illinois.  Polly Cady was happy to be back from some extended travel where they spent time with friends made through Rotary from Mexico, New Zealand, and Europe.  "Through friendship Rotary promotes peace and understanding."  Wendell Jones was happy to have his neighbor and friend, Ron Hoon, at the meeting.  He also paid sad bucks because he and Ray Smith had recently lost a friend in the Duncan area who had been out working and was attacked and killed by a swarm of killer bees.  Pam Cohen was happy to find out that Ron Hoon would not need to use her speakers since they weren't working.  Jack Rosenberg was happy to have reached his Medicare birthday on Monday.  Dick Myren was happy that he and Rod Daniels are both strong Mesa West Rotarians.  Bert Millett donated $100 to the club fund of Frank Rosenberg's choice as his way of thanking Frank for taking Bert and his son on a flight to Prescott.  Bert's son now aspires to be a pilot.  Lola McClane donated $5 thankful that Lucinda hounded and hounded her until she joined Mesa West Rotary.  Lola is glad Lucinda was persistent and is very happy to be a member.  Bob Zarling was happy to be back in town but will soon be leaving again as he is going with Assistant Governor Lee Holmes to Africa.  President Jim contributed for a couple of speaking faux pas which will not be documented for posterity.
Dan Coons had a lovely bag to auction which contained items which Colleen had picked up when they visited an Amish Community during their recent trip to Illinois.  Polly Cady was the lucky winner with her $35 bid.  She knew that Alan would be happy with her expenditure when she found  pancake mix and a unique local syrup among other things in the bag.  
  • August 22 will be Mesa West Rotary's first time to hold their 4th Thursday meeting at 5:30 in the evening.
  • August 29 will be the beginning of another new tradition of having a service project in lieu of a regular meeting any month when there is a 5th Thursday.  Rotarians are urged to invite friends and family to help pack food packages at Feed My Starving Children from 3:30 to 5:30 PM.  The address is 1345 South Alma School Road in Mesa - really close to the Hilton.
  • Polly said that Allan wanted to announce a correction to an article in the August 14 Messenger indicating he would shave his head if 100% of Mesa West members were to sign up for Rotary Direct.  Allan was pretty certain that it was Jim Schmidt and John Pennypacker who had made that commitment.  Jim Schmidt was certain he had not made that commitment.  Is it the truth?  CLICK HERE for a form to sign up for Rotary Direct.
Special Presentation
Chuck Flint invited Shaked Aricha-Levi to come forward.  The Mesa West Foundation Board had a $3,000 check to present to Shaked, who is a graduate of Westwood High School.  She is originally from Israel.  While at Westwood she was in the International Baccalaureate program where she maintained a 4.5 GPA.  Politics and International Relations have always fascinated her.  She wants to gain an understanding from a global perspective.  During her final year of high school, her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  Her mother insisted Shaked use her scholarship to attend the University of Rochester as planned.  At the end of Shaked's freshman year, her mother's cancer had come back.  Mesa west helped with another scholarship for her sophomore year as well.  Last October Shaked's mother passed away.  Her financial aid was extended an additional semester, but her housing was not covered.  She reached out to Mesa West and is very grateful to receive the additional help the check just received will provide.  All of the Mesa West Rotary Foundation support will enable her to reach her goal of following a career path in diplomacy.
Pam Cohen opened the meeting asking Lucinda General to offer the invocation, with excerpts from Dr. Jane Goodall's Prayer for World Peace: 
Prayer for World Peace
We pray that we may grow
in our understanding of the nature of all living beings
and our connectedness with the natural world;
that we may become ever more filled with
generosity of spirit and true compassion and love for all life;
that we may value each and every human being
for who he is, for who she is,
reaching to the spirit that is within,
knowing the power of each individual to change the world.
We pray for these things with humility;
We pray because of the hope that is within us,
and because of a faith in the ultimate triumph of the human spirit;
We pray because of our love for Creation, and because of our trust in God.
We pray, above all, for peace throughout the world.
 - Dr. Jane Goodall, excerpt from Prayer for World Peace
John Pennypacker led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Wendell Jones led everyone present in singing even though Ray Smith was present because Ray was about to celebrate his 73rd birthday.  The first song led by Wendell was Happy Birthday to Ray, followed by "When You're Happy and You Know It..."
Don LaBarge introduced his guest, Danny Lovelace who showed up at 11:30 at Don's shop - just in time to be invited to lunch at Rotary.  John Pennypacker introduced District Governor David Simmer.  One of our DG's initiatives this year is a plan to increase member participation and dollars donated to The Rotary Foundation through motivating clubs to improve the numbers of their members who utilize Rotary Direct to make their support of TRF systematic and effortless.  To support this initiative, John Pennypacker and Allan Cady have committed to shave their heads if 100% of Mesa West Members sign up for Rotary Direct.  DG David explained that there is competition in categories of small clubs and larger clubs to see which club can get the highest percentage of Rotary Direct Giving as well as the highest number of Rotary Direct donors.  There will be six $2,000 grant checks to support service projects awarded to clubs excelling in this competition.  CLICK HERE to download a form to sign up for Rotary Direct.   Ed Koeneman again introduced Greg Bouslog from the YMCA who was visiting for the second week and already has a membership application in progress.  Frank Rosenberg introduced his guest, Alex Hajdys, who is interning in his office this summer.
The purpose of the weekly attendance drawing is to remind members that "it pays to attend Rotary."  Three badge numbers of Rotarians who were not present were drawn at the August 8 meeting, so the $5 will roll over and double the amount to $10 that will be won by the lucky member whose badge number is drawn on August 15.  Chuck Flint announced that the winner of the weekly drawing would have a chance to draw the ace of clubs and receive $334.  DG David Simmer was the winner of the smaller weekly winnings, which he immediately returned to the club.  His luck did not hold out. The card he  drew from the deck was the queen of diamonds.
Happy Bucks
Ray Smith served as Sgt at Arms.  Lucinda contributed telling about a quick trip she had taken where she flew to California for the chartering of a new Rotary Club- the largest new club ever chartered in Rotary.  (See a separate article in this newsletter for details.)  Lucinda was seated on the stage until it was time for her to help pin 221 people.  It was very respectful, and colorful with most of the new Rotarians wearing colorful Indian Saris.  Don LaBarge announced that he is recovering from his recent surgery.  He still has some limitations.  He is not supposed to lift more than fifteen pounds.  He contributed $10 telling about how he and Chris celebrated their 42nd anniversary.  They stayed at the Wigwam.  Chris wanted to spend one day in Wickenburg, where they enjoyed museum tours and ice cream then went back to the Wigwam for dinner and enjoyed a $250 dinner.  DG David Simmer said it was great to be at the club, and was envious of our President who has already had two weeks off only five weeks into the year.  DG's don't get time off during their year.  Ed Koeneman contributed on behalf of his wife, Debbie, to thank Chuck for their new house and for the fact that the sale of their old house was in process of closing.  Ed also reminded members that there were only 133 days left until the next Star Wars movie.  Frank Rosenberg contributed.  His daughter, Danielle, was a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Taiwan.  He recently visited there with her.  On the Tuesday night before returning home, they attended a Rotary Club meeting of a club that was founded by Danielle's host club.  Chris Krueger was happy to have recently visited one of her favorite places - Bisbee, Arizona.  However, while there, there was an extreme hail storm causing hail damage to her car.  Wendell Jones contributed because he was happy he was not as old as Ray.  Pam Cohen announced that she was signing up for Rotary Direct as a thank-you to John Pennypacker for his friendship and the fact that he had arranged for her to get a new bed for her home that did not cost anything.  Ron Thompson contributed wondering if him signing up for Rotary Direct would motivate John to help him out as they need a bed at their house.
Auction Items from Recent Rotarian Travel
Ed Koeneman was the auctioneer for two items.  The first was from his and Debbie's trip to Hamburg for the Rotary International Convention.  Lucinda won that bag with her $40 bid.  The second bag was from Frank Rosenberg's trip to Taiwan with his daughter.  It contained edibles and fancies.  Chris Krueger won that bag with her $30 bid.  
  • August 22 will be an evening meeting in the Mesquite Room.  The meeting will start at 5:30 PM
  • August 29 will be the service project at Feed My Starving Children from 3:30 to 5:30 PM.  Children over the age of five can help.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute will be held in Flagstaff on August 24.  CLICK HERE for more information or to register.
Mesa West member Lucinda General was in California on Sunday, August 4, 2019 to enjoy the celebration of chartering a very special new Rotary Club.  She shared the photo and a link to the following:
"Ralph W Emerson said, 'Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.' Silicon Andhra has routinely done just that, and this time they did it jointly with Rotary International.

"Rotary International’s requirements for chartering a new Rotary club is a minimum of 20 members. And, Silicon Andhra has put together an amazing group of 221 charter members, a blitz that would be hard to surpass, and yes, a World Record”!

"On Sunday August 4, 2019, we participated in the spectacular chartering ceremony of the Rotary Club of Silicon Andhra. This also marked the 18th Birthday of SiliconAndhra!

"A great Charter Night Celebration started with a warm welcome by District Governor Ramesh Hariharan, featured world class violin performance by Ashok G Gurjale and his students, presentation of Paul Harris Fellow to Dr. Hanimireddy Lakireddy, keynote by Past Rotary International President Rick King, and Past Director Brad Howard and Rotary Charter and Pins presentation. Senior Rotarians from our zone, and numerous Rotarians from our District 5170 were in attendance. 

“'Rotary connects the World' is our new theme for this year! We have 221 freshly minted Rotarians, filled with nascent energy to make a difference in the world! The exhilarating charter celebration has been etched forever in our hearts!

"President Anand Kuchibhotla said, 'We are looking forward to serving the world with continued compassionate passion'. Anand is an uncommon leader with a tireless passion for excellence. Silicon Andhra demonstrates that commitment to excellence at every breath!

"President-Elect Raju Chamarthi said, 'We aim high and execute higher. When the goal appears hard to reach, we don’t adjust the goal, we adjust the steps.' Rotary Club of Silicon Andhra is yet another shining example of that zeal and perseverance.

Madhuri Krishna said, 'Rotarians are responsible leaders both socially and ethically! Rotarians discover and celebrate diverse perspectives! Rotarians make the world better one community at a time! I am a proud Rotarian!' She, along with all her members are bound to enrich the lives of millions of people in the world! 

Rotary Club of Silicon Andhra is filled with hope, synergy, positivity and inspiration! I have been fortunate to have played a supporting role in the chartering of Rotary Club of Silicon Andhra. 

Exciting beginnings! But, watch out, the trail blazing has just begun!  
We have some very good problems that I want to discuss with you. The number of Rotary global grant requests is exploding. Rotarians are seeing the amazing impact of our grants, and they want to harness the power of global grants to take on ambitious projects.
One crucial aspect of our global grants is the emphasis on sustainability when planning a project. When we come together to tackle a problem, we do not just drop off a check and leave. We change lives. We bring sustainable solutions. The growth in the number of applications for global grants is a good problem to have; it shows Rotarians' dedication to service. But to fund more global grants, we need to keep The Rotary Foundation growing.
Another good problem we have is how best to support Rotarians' desire to provide relief in the face of disasters. Through our disaster response program, clubs can get grants from a new fund when a disaster strikes — but only if you fund it. We can help our fellow Rotarians rebuild quickly, but we need you to step up.
And we are so close to ending polio forever. All of us have done great things in our lives. But just imagine that you make the donation that funds those final drops that rid the world of polio forever. You will never do anything so great and so important in your life.
There is an old bit of wisdom that says, "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." So open your heart and give to your Foundation. It may be the most important thing that you ever do.Donate today, then drop by my Facebook page and tell everyone just how good giving made you feel. Let's connect and change the world together.

Gary Ck Huang
Trustee Chair 2019-20
Note to Mesa West Rotarians:  The easiest way to remember to give and "not miss it" is by giving through Rotary Direct.  CLICK HERE to download a form to send to RI to sign up.  You can also sign up on line at https://my.rotary.org/en/donate and choos a recurring donation.  To enroll online, you may need to know your Rotary identification number which can be found on the address label of your Rotarian magazine.
August is Membership and New Club Development Month, and that’s the perfect time to celebrate you — the pillar of Rotary. You continue to show the world that Rotary members are people of action — people who are doing good in communities all over the world. For that, we thank you.  
Pam Cohen did some shopping so that the children waiting for exams at this year's Gift of Hearing mission in Guaymas, Mexico will have something to keep them happily busy while they wait.  The leftover supplies will be gladly accepted by the teachers for use in the classrooms at the school where our team will do the exams.
The morning of November 8, 2017, the parking lot at Red Mountain Community College was filled with those of us anticipating the trip to Guaymas for the Hearing Aid Project.  As I had never been there before, I was unsure what to expect.  Several Rotarians from our club met us with breakfast items that were welcome at that time of the morning and a great way to see us off on our journey.
The journey ended up being a long one, especially for those on the bus.  The bus was stopped at the border for three long hours, initially being told that new paperwork was not filled out and therefore, they would have to return home.  Luckily, our Guaymas Rotarian friends were able to procure an email that allowed us all to continue.
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