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Mesa West Rotary will temporarily cease holding their weekly in-person meetings until further notice beginning Thursday, March 19. 
Each day seems to bring a new surprise in this crazy world we now live in. Nations, states and economies are shut down to a standstill. There are restrictions on travel, working, eating out and human contact. All the things we treasure and encourage as Rotarians and assume are part of our daily life. Everything normal seems to be temporarily put on hold. A week and a half ago (seems so much longer) when we took a vote on whether we should continue to meet, the process taught me one important thing. While I did not think it was a good idea to continue and felt like it would soon be too dangerous to our most vulnerable, an overwhelming number of our older more vulnerable members wanted to continue to meet. Rotary connections, our close friendships, and the social camaraderie we share at Rotary are important. They contribute to a better way of life for each of us and all the people that we serve. While we have had to temporarily cancel our weekly meetings, I look forward to meeting again and rejoicing with my friends who make life so much richer from just knowing you and associating with you weekly. The dedication of the great women and men of the Mesa West Rotary club inspires me, and encourages me to be a better citizen, a better community humanitarian, a better man.  I am an optimist and have hope and confidence in the future—hope in the resiliency of America and the good people I know throughout the world. This challenge will bring us even closer together, and hopefully even more prepared for other challenges to come. But through all this, it is comforting to have a club and a world full of Rotarians that I can cherish as friends, knowing they make a difference in the lives of others. Little things that people do make a difference. I was surprised by how much my spirits were lifted when I heard Neil Diamond’s remake of Sweet Caroline into Hands…washing hands (https://youtu.be/sPLgsV_Ms3Q ).  Whatever little things you can do to lift others in anxiety and need will make a big difference. Things will return to a new more normal lifestyle. It may not be exactly the same, but life will return. And we will enjoy it all the more. Reach out by text or phone or social media to your Rotary friends and those in need. And most of all, treasure and enjoy this unique opportunity with your loved ones in your homes. Our thoughts, prayers and service go out to all of you!
We hope all of you are staying healthy.  Although we miss going to the weekly meetings we are thankful that we easily can remain isolated because we are in a resort with restricted access. The pools and other amenities are closed but the tennis courts are still open, so Erwin has been able to play tennis daily. It has been a great opportunity to watch some movies and series we haven’t yet seen. We don’t have any pets but there must be a lot of pets out there that are happy to be getting much additional attention. On Saturday we took a beautiful drive up to Roosevelt Lake and saw lots of flowers. Too bad we couldn’t stop at a favorite restaurant and have a nice meal. Be well and avoid that COVID-19!
I have been a financial investor for many years.  In this business, "You win some, and you lose some."  I've done plenty of both.
But, I have been affiliated with Rotary for many years longer.  Dad was also a financial investor.  He joined Mesa Rotary in 1941 and had well over 50 years of "Perfect attendance" before his passing... always "making up" when out of town.  He took me along to Rotary whenever possible.  I especially liked the annual Fathers and Sons Rotary Day at the old Rendezvous Park in downtown Mesa where the Cubs used to play.  Dad always told me that "Rotary was a great investment."  I wasn't sure then, but now know exactly what he meant.
I joined Mesa West Rotary in 1974.  Since then I've "made up" attendance hundreds of times at international clubs including Europe, Mexico, Central and South America.  (The inset picture features me at the Rotary Monument in Coquimbo, Chile, 1969.)
And, after all these years as a seasoned investor, what's my advice for assured success??
"Rotary is a Great Investment."
And, what's the secret to this success??
"Service Above Self"
Darl J Andersen
April 1, 2020
PS, I look forward to another 50 years of Rotary service.
It has been a while, but this is Colton Cagle, and I am back in Arizona. As most of you know, I was on exchange in The Netherlands for the 2019-2020 year. However, due to the unfortunate situation with the corona virus, the coordinators in charge of the  exchange program in the Netherlands thought it was the best and safest option to send all students on exchange in the Netherlands back home. Although the situation was very heartbreaking and difficult, I am happy that I am home safe and healthy with my family. I am especially grateful to have been able to travel back home without any complications with TSA, Passport Control, or the CDC. I am beyond thankful for the time that I did get to spend in the Netherlands where I was able to make amazing connections with Rotarians, my host families, and new friends. Of course the situation is not ideal, but I feel very appreciative and lucky for all the experiences and memories I did get to have. 

Even though I am no longer technically on exchange in another country anymore, my duties and responsibilities as a Rotary Youth Exchange ambassador for 2019-2020 still remain. As members of the Rotary family I know that despite moments of chaos and difficulty in our world we can come together as leaders to spread kindness and help within our means. I will still continue to work hard to ensure my goal of building peace in this world. I am excited to work with Mesa West under any circumstances to help uplift others during these trying times.

I want to thank everyone who supported me during my time on exchange but also for the amount of love and support you all have provided during my time coming home as well. Once things return to normal I look forward to being able to share all of my wonderful stories and experiences from the Netherlands. I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and happy. 

Lo Weisner has invited Mesa West Rotarians to visit the Rotary Club of Calgary Downtown virtually.  They meet Tuesdays at Noon. Click this link for the Zoom Webinar to join in the meeting each week at noon (which would be 11:00 AM in Arizona)https://zoom.us/j/709260721.
John Pennypacker - Talked to my son Monday. He and his soon-to-be 14-year-old son were playing golf the other day - playing from the same tees. They were tied thru 14 holes. My son shot 75 and Ty shot 78; he is breaking 80 consistently now. Oh, they played in 3 hours and 10 minutes - walking a somewhat hilly course. I can still remember when Jay broke 80 for the first time, and the last time I beat him. Happy memories!
Jack Rosenberg - Yesterday, I got released from Physical Therapy. My recovery is moving in a positive direction. I want to thank everyone, that has kept in touch, as well as keeping me in your prayers.
Ed Koeneman - I'm looking forward to this week's club meeting.  I've been Zooming with my students since we returned from spring break.  Please contact me if anyone needs troubleshooting help getting set-up with Zoom.  See you all soon!
Terry Cowan - I was governor of District 6220 in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan in 1978-79.  My conference was in Appleton at a venue owned by former Green Bay Packer Left Guard Fuzzy Thurston.  I was told by many that the conference was a hit and it was all I could have hoped for.  I even appointed myself the song leader for the conference.  Most of our clubs were singing clubs; common back then.  Not so common now.  We closed the conference with a song, or, at least I thought it was closing.  After the song, the president of my club, Steve Beyer, said he had an announcement.  He and others from my club were making me a Paul Harris fellow on the spot.  Since they didn't have a lapel pin, the International President's Representative, Ben Hormel took his off and pinned it on me.  I still have the pin and treasure the moment.  I wear it with my past district governor pin at all Rotary events.  What a dynamite closing to a governor's conference.
Bob Zarling - I’m happy because there are still students wishing to enter the vocational healthcare professions in this time of uncertainty and the unknown new future.
Wendell Jones - With this ongoing pandemic, times are really tough. So many are struggling and hurting. We all wish it would end. But we need to focus on the thought that tough times are to make us stronger, to help us identify with the wants and needs of those around us, to strive to help where we can and to draw closer to Him who suffered ALL things for us. 
Jim Crutcher - All is fine with me. Our business has slowed 50 in Vehicle sales and 20 % in Parts and Service. I just yesterday reduced my staff by 57 souls. Hardest day of my life. We are currently rightsized for the business we have. I will have to do it again if we have more significant declines. Cheryl and I are healthy, had a fun day with our Great Nephews last Friday. They are so smart and loving. Great memories. Cheryl is getting very bored at home; she is normally very active. Her great escape is Grocery store and picking up lunch or dinner from our favorite Restaurants.  As my best friend would say, "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" Mr. Craig M. Berge
Greg Okonowski – shared another link to Pluto the dog giving advice for humans during the pandemic: 
Lola McClane - God blessed me with two daughters.  The one who lives here came over Saturday and brought me a month worth of individual meals.  I was almost in tears.  This girl is burning the candle at both ends and her plate is overflowing.  Then she takes an afternoon, and cooks so I won’t have to go to the grocery store for much. 
Tom Bradford - Things are going well for me. Happy thoughts: I am healthy and still have my job. Have been busy working from home and when I am not working, I have had some meaningful video chats with friends and family. Have also had a chance to work on some projects and catch up on my favorite shows on streaming services. 
Daryl "Pai" Bethea - How blessed I am to be a Rotarian in this club... and to have my fellows and ladies to count on in these scary times; and with your help all will be OK!
Maria Flores - In times like these we need to come together as a nation.  Maria is a TRVFA grant recipient who was sponsored by Mesa West to study at East Valley Institute of Technology to become a licensed practical nurse.
Polly Cady - I feel that during this crazy and trying time we have so much to be grateful for:
  • Social media to keep in touch with family and friends:
  • Beautiful Arizona weather to be able to enjoy our backyards, deserts and mountains, albeit while distancing.
  • Rotary for an avenue to be of service to those in need.
  • Time for reflection.
  • More family time.
  • Knowing what to be thankful for and who to be thankful for.
  • TP!
My fellow Rotarians, keep in touch and stay healthy!  May we all meet again in May!  Oh, only one negative thing.  As most know, I celebrate my birthday ALL month long in April.  This year will be self-quarantined - but I'll finally have Medicare!
Jim Schmidt - Observing the craziness of the situation around us and all the suffering and worry in the world, I am profoundly grateful for the little things that we usually take for granted and enjoy in life….and will again enjoy more fully. The beauty of the world, the genuine goodness of most people, human touch and face to face communication, schools and churches, shaking hands, a pat on the back, a warm hug, a haircut or color, shopping (yes, I am a man),  a quiet meal at a restaurant, playing sports and watching a game, travelling anywhere we want and meeting the good people of the world, a cruise, seeing God’s hand more clearly in blessing our lives in spite of the pandemic, healthcare workers, playing in the park, going to the dentist, grocery store shelves filled with food, toilet paper, and feeling hope.
The photo was contributed by our exchange student who is studying in Flagstaff this year, Marcella Sousa. 
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) is being flexible in order to continue serving students seeking grants to fund their vocational education studies.
Dan Messersmith, TRVFA President, recently reached out to Bob Zarling, Mesa West Vocational Service Chair, asking that he interview Adrianna by phone or facetime to determine if Mesa West would be willing to sponsor a $2,000 grant for her to study at the East Valley Medical School to become certified as a Phlebotomy Technician.  Following the interview, Bob wrote back to TRVFA stating,  "Adrianna would be a dedicated student working to better her family’s life. She went back to school for her GED. She has family support and believes education is the path to a better future. Currently she is working at a valley tomato growing and packing facility screening workers for symptoms of the corona virus as they report for work. She is aware of the current risk and long-term potential risk within the medical profession under the social climate caused by the Covid19 crisis. After the interview and and carefully considering her application overnight, I would like to approve her application." 
For the benefit of those who might not be aware, agreeing to sponsor Adrianna's studies does not obligate Mesa West to any financial commitment.  Clubs are asked to interview TRVFA grant applicants to determine if the student has realistic probability of successfully completing the program and finding satisfaction in the vocation they will be studying to enter.  Clubs are also asked to stay in contact with the students they sponsor and develop lasting relationships.  In normal circumstances the interviews are timed before or after a meeting so the scholar can meet members of the club and get a feeling for Rotary.
The deadline for making tax credit donations to TRVFA for the 2019 tax year remains April 15 even though the filing deadlines for both state and federal tax returns has been extended to July 15, 2020.  Donations will be gladly accepted throughout the year, but after April 15, can only be used to offset state income tax obligation for the 2020 tax year. In 2017-18, Mesa West Rotary Club's members the highest giving group of club members in the state, giving a total of $11,825 to TRVFA.  We dropped to $6,583 in 2018-19.  So far, in 2020, Mesa West member giving already totals $6,375.  We have three months to try to again lead the state.  If you are in a position to help, CLICK HERE to donate online.  If you prefer to mail your donation, CLICK HERE to download a donation form to send with your check.

Rotary makes high-quality health care available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger.

We expand access to quality care, so mothers and children everywhere can have the same opportunities for a healthy future. An estimated 5.9 million children under the age of five die each year because of malnutrition, inadequate health care, and poor sanitation — all of which can be prevented.

The morning of November 8, 2017, the parking lot at Red Mountain Community College was filled with those of us anticipating the trip to Guaymas for the Hearing Aid Project.  As I had never been there before, I was unsure what to expect.  Several Rotarians from our club met us with breakfast items that were welcome at that time of the morning and a great way to see us off on our journey.
The journey ended up being a long one, especially for those on the bus.  The bus was stopped at the border for three long hours, initially being told that new paperwork was not filled out and therefore, they would have to return home.  Luckily, our Guaymas Rotarian friends were able to procure an email that allowed us all to continue.
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