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The August 2 meeting got off to a great start with Polly Schumacher serving as the greeter.  Dr. Ron Thompson offered the invocation and Ed Koeneman led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Donna Goetzenberger introduced a longtime family friend, Brinton Johnson, who is a member of Phoenix 100, and has been a Rotarian for 24 years.  Brinton has been a host mom for Rotary Youth Exchange students many times.  Brinton's son, Michael was also introduced as a guest at the meeting.  He has recently returned from a year as an exchange student in Spain.  Bryan Goetzenberger was proud to introduce their daughter, Emilee who has recently returned from her year as an exchange student in Belgium.
Daryl Bethea introduced Ryan Ellis, a prospective member, who is the Director of the YMCA in Mesa.  Geoff White introduced Chris Johnson, who has moved to the Phoenix area.  Chris Krueger introduced Keon, who was an intern with her bank, but is now full time.  He is originally from Belgium and Chris thought he would enjoy the program.  Lucinda General introduced her guest, Lola McClain, who has had a variety of careers, but at this time, her profession is court reporting.  Ed Koeneman introduced the guests at his table.  They were the 2018-19 leadership team from Westwood High School Interact Club.  See their photo in the bottom row of the collage (l-r) Valeria Gutierrez, Secretary Shakima Fagen, President; and Hannah Mason, Treasurer.  
Steve Ross was the winner of the $5.00 attendance drawing prize.  The accumulating raffle was held with some electric tension in the room, since the weekly winnings would be $187 and the grand prize (if the ace of clubs were drawn from the two available cards left in the deck) would be $2,500.  Jim Crutcher looked pretty serious when his raffle ticket was drawn.    With a 50/50 chance of winning, he almost looked happily relieved to have drawn the queen of diamonds.  He would not have to keep the promise he had made to himself to give at least half of the winnings to the Gift of Hearing Mission project.  Since there will only be one card left, the rules for August 9 drawing are:  There will be a $20 limit on the number of tickets any one person can purchase, and the owner of the ticket drawn will finally win the whole pot, which is now in its 14th month of accumulating.
Happy Dollars
Greg Okonowski collected happy dollars.  Donna Goetzenberger was happy that many members responded to her e-mail asking for beverages and other snack items for the orientation planned for inbound youth exchange students on Saturday, August 4.  Lucinda General paid happy dollars when she announced that with the help of Wendell Jones, Henry and Horne has agreed to help Rotary District 5495 with a review of the 2017-18 year of financial activity reporting.  Kristen Klein was shamed into paying $5 happy dollars as the proud owner of a new Honda that was NOT purchased from Berge Ford where Jim Crutcher proudly serves.  Jeanie Morgan paid happy dollars for a nice vacation visiting her daughter in Michigan and for the great job John Pennypacker did gathering photos and writing the highlights article for the Messenger about the July 26 meeting.
Jeanie had an auction item from her trip to Michigan - an item highly recommended by her son-in-law who grew up in Michigan.  Donna Goetzenberger was the high bidder at $35 and took home a new bag and a sampler box of fudge from the Mackinac Island Fudge Shop.
Pam Cohen announced a community fund raising event for Child Crisis Arizona, which will be a luncheon to be held Wednesday, September 26 at the Arizona Biltmore.  Pam hopes to fill a table of 10 with members of our club.  John Benedict as long been involved with this outstanding community resource and Pam suggested anyone who wanted more information about how the proceeds would be used talk to John.
Chris Krueger spoke briefly about the information behind the recent e-mails to members about changes in the amount charged, in order to be fiscally responsible, for membership dues going forward.  She also said we would be returning to the policy of members being charged for their meals at social events unless the club had gone dark to allow the cost of the meal to be transferred to the social.  Members will always be charged for the cost of their guests to attend social events.  She said it used to be that way.  She does not know when or why that policy was abandoned, but it really doesn't matter.  To be a responsible board, the policy needs to be reinstated.
Our outbound Rotary Youth Exchange student, Yordy Miguel, arrived in Brazil on August 1.  He was met by his host family.  In his own words, "The airport in Sao Paulo was crazy.  A lot of people were yelling and getting angry because they missed their flight.  Unfortunately, I was one of the persons that missed their flight (haha).  I stayed at the airport for ten hours waiting for the next flight to Curitiba.  My host family picked me up at the airport.  They are all very nice.  I have three host siblings; Gustavo (16), Otavio (13), Vitoria (15).  They also have two dogs.  They showed me around the city and it's very beautiful and big.  I really hope it's going to be an amazing year."
Mesa West Rotary Club will be hosting Carlos Luque, a Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Ecuador for the 2018-19 academic year. The original information the club was given about Carlos' arrival indicated he would arrive at 3:59 PM on Saturday, July 28.
A message was sent to club members on the day of Carlos planned arrival updating the flight number and changing the arrival time to 6:40 PM.  A later message to our membership indicated his flight was delayed a bit with an estimated arrival time of 7:10 PM.
When Carlos' plane finally landed and Carlos walked past airport security, he was met by a welcoming entourage of fifteen.  With Rotarians and their families living busy lives, to have fifteen in the welcome party when Carlos finally walked past security, was an impressive feat.
Carlos is shown with his first host family in the top photo (l-r) Amanda Rosenberg, Carlos, Frank, Sammy, and Jack Rosenberg.
Included in the welcoming group photo, are (l-r) Daryl Bethea, Frank Rosenberg, Sammy Rosenberg, Jack Rosenberg, Amanda Rosenberg, Colleen Coons, Dan Coons, John Pennypacker, Donna Goetzenberger, Carlos, Ryan Del'Ollio (ROTEX Mesa West Sponsored), Cooper Newman (ROTEX), Caleb Lowe (ROTEX) Hannah Lazere (2017-18 Rebound-ROTEX), Marla Lazere (RYE Committee) , and Kelly Gilmore (RYE Inbound Chair).
ROTEX are former exchange students who volunteer to help the Youth Exchange Committee to plan and execute activities with inbound and/or outbound students.  They are there to help share some of their experience as an exchange student with students who are starting (or about to start) their exchange experience. ROTEX are a vital resource to help our program grow! They are the Rotary Youth Exchange Experts! 
Now that Carlos has arrived and is beginning to get settled, Mesa West Rotarians who hope to get better acquainted and share a unique experience with him should make arrangements to be added to his calendar before it gets impossibly full.  Remember, what seems ordinary to you will be a new and unique experience for him, so don't hesitate to invite Carlos to share time with you.
It takes a brave and adventurous young person to leave all that is familiar, including friends and family, to spend a year in a different culture where very few people are bilingual.   Most inbound students find that, even though they have studied English, it is difficult to understand conversations at first.  Talking louder is not helpful, but slowing down, keeping your message simple, and making eye contact to verify understanding, or notice confusion early, can be very useful.  Carlos will quickly adapt, and get used to our local speech habits, but his early days will likely be a bit stressful. 
Remembering the way he was welcomed will be a precious memory for Carlos of a great beginning to his Rotary Youth Exchange year-long adventure.
Jim Schmidt opened the meeting with an awful joke. Ron Thompson promised to fine him.  He was obviously under the influence of drugs – courtesy of his dentist.
Ray Smith led us in a rousing rendition of “In the Good Old Summertime”. In her presentation, our speaker from Ghana found the verbiage particularly amusing considering our current weather in AZ.
Lucinda offered a Rotary gift bag of items from Rotary International HQs. Daryl Bethea was the lucky winner and was even happier when he didn’t have to pay for it.
Our guests included Sandra Franco, AG from Westwood Interact Club.  Jeremy R was the guest of Tim Troy. And just for good measure Frank Rosenberg’s daughter, Sammy, volunteered to taste the chocolate pie and pronounced it delicious.
On a very sad, but also happy note, Matthew Rotty announced he and his family are moving to Prescott where he starts work on Monday with Keller - Williams. This has been a long-time quest and has finally come through for him.  We wish him well and will forward all good wishes for his new Rotary Club in Prescott.
Kristin Klein’s ticket was drawn and all she had to do was pick the Ace of Clubs out of three cards.  The small pot was $217 with the mega pot at $2313.  The pictures say it all - anticipation and disappointment!
During happy dollars, Warren Williamson offer a suggestion for the food survey – eliminate anything that Greg O would not eat!!!!!
Don LaBarge still crying over his downed tree, and how his gate and trailer got tangled up. The poor man really wanted to win the pot this week.
Dan Coons reminded us that our exchange student, Carlos, from Ecuador arrives Saturday at PHX, terminal 4 at 3:59 pm.
The morning of November 8, 2017, the parking lot at Red Mountain Community College was filled with those of us anticipating the trip to Guaymas for the Hearing Aid Project.  As I had never been there before, I was unsure what to expect.  Several Rotarians from our club met us with breakfast items that were welcome at that time of the morning and a great way to see us off on our journey.
The journey ended up being a long one, especially for those on the bus.  The bus was stopped at the border for three long hours, initially being told that new paperwork was not filled out and therefore, they would have to return home.  Luckily, our Guaymas Rotarian friends were able to procure an email that allowed us all to continue.
The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.
The Mesa West Rotary Club through its charitable foundation is soliciting business and  individual sponsorship contributions.  All funds received will be used for charitable purposes—there are no administrative fees.  Through your generous support, we can continue to make a difference in our local and international communities. 
Donors can choose to designate specific areas of interest for their donation or allow their gift to be used where the need is greatest.
To download a copy of the sponsorship brochure, CLICK HERE
To see a list of our 2017-18 sponsors, CLICK HERE
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