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During the social time prior to the meeting being called to order, members learned that Ray Smith played a tenor sax in a dance band at one time.  He shared that - during tax season - Rotary is his mental health break.  He mentioned he had run into Aubrey Luma (former Executive Secretary for Mesa West Rotary) and she said she is missing Rotary and said to tell everyone "Hi!"
There was some discussion about which member of Mesa West had the longest history of being a Rotarian.  It appeared that Daryl "Pai" Bethea is a likely contender for that distinction.  He originally joined the Tempe East Rotary Club in 1972 and has been a Rotarian continuously since that time.  He transferred his membership to Mesa Baseline in the late 70's.  Warren Williamson has been a Rotarian for thirty-one years.  
President Dan officially opened the meeting shortly after Noon by reciting the 2020-21 Rotary International theme, "Rotary Opens Opportunities, followed by the Rotary Vision Statement:
Together we see a world where people unite and 
take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves
President Dan called on Wendell Jones to offer the invocation.
Introduction of Guests
  • Andrea Murphy - retired faculty advisor for Westwood High School Interact Club
  • Robin Harris - former Mesa Baseline Rotary Club Member 
  • Tom Yuzer - visiting Rotarian
  • Dan Lamborn - regular recent visitor 
It was noted that Robin and Dan are both in the membership application process.
Happy Bucks - Bert Millett
  • Andrea Murphy was happy to announce that she has the position of Community and Club Relations with Sleep in Heavenly Peace.  She said they are back to doing bed builds again, and very glad to be back at it.
  • John Pennypacker pledged $10 - happy to have received his second COVID shot on Tuesday, February 23.
  • Chuck Flint pledged $10 - happy to have a working hot water heater again, a fact that is also a benefit for the people around him.  He also shared an illustration of words that are complicated in the English language.  Most people cannot distinguish the meanings between complete and finished.  An individual named Ralph Henry was able to explain it this way.  When you marry the right woman, you are complete.  When you marry the wrong woman, you are finished.  When the right woman catches you with the wrong woman, you are completely finished.
  • Lucinda General pledged $25 bringing fellow members up to date on the roller coaster she has been experiencing with her father who had a horrific automobile accident several weeks ago.  Colleen Coons and Pam Cohen helped her clean out her father's empty apartment, so that is done and dad is safe at Sunrise in Chandler.  He is about to begin radiation therapy.  Lucinda ran into Kurt Klingenberg st the center.  He was wearing his Rotary pin.  Kurt's mom has been in the memory care unit at the center for a while.  Don LaBarge bought a whole bunch of her dad's tools.
  • Dan Coons pledged $10 for the great support he receives as President.
  • Polly Cady pledged $5 for missing out on the service project at the Food Bank February 24.  She went on to pledge $50 on behalf of Allan Cady.  Allan's son, Jonathan Cady is now the service director for two dealerships - Infinity and Nissan.
  • Jeanie Morgan pledged $10 regretting her technical challenges when she first tried to present her Rotary Minute.
  • John Pennypacker had attended a Zoom meeting featuring RI Director Johrita Solari and TRF Trustee Brenda Cressey.  Donations to Polio Plus and the TRF Annual Fund are falling short.  More donations to both are needed.  John suggested members who have not already done so might want to set up a "My Rotary" account and authorize automated monthly donations to one or both.  Donations to Polio Plus will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $2 to $1.  John offered to help anyone having trouble setting up their "My Rotary" account.  For those who prefer to fill out forms and mail them, CLICK HERE to download a Rotary Direct Signup form.
  • Chuck Flint offered to transfer $200 recognition points to any member contributing $100 for the foreseeable future noting transfer points have to be in increments of $100.
  • Dan Coons reported on the President's call he had attended a week prior led by District Governor Elizabeth Mahoney.  Plans are progressing for the Rotary Week of Service April 17-24.  This activity will replace the District Conference, and member participation in service that week will count as District Conference attendance   Dan and Shelly could use ideas on identifying a great project all club members can get behind.
Rotary Minute - Jeanie Morgan
Jeanie had hoped to give those attending a tour of the club website:  mesawestrotary.org.  The website is a good resource for members.  What you see when you go to the home page is just a portion of the many resources available.  In the header, there are "menu" links to additional information including the ability to see past issues of the Messenger.  Any member can e-mail Jeanie for a request to have a link sent to them so they can update their own profile information and see other "members only" information, etc.  ClubRunner is the system that operates our website, and their systems make it relatively easy for Jeanie to do a lot of the things that members seem to value.  When social distancing starts to relax, she would like to get together with anyone wanting to learn how to do some of the tasks she does.  Another resource Jeanie mentioned is a ClubRunner app that can be downloaded to smart phones enabling members to have contact information for fellow Mesa West Rotarians readily available.
President Dan again opened the Zoom platform at 11:15 to allow Rotarians and guests to converse informally prior to the start of the actual meeting.  
Jeanie Morgan asked Wendell Jones if there was a story behind the saxophone everyone could see hanging on the wall behind Ray Smith.  Wendell explained the saxophone had been purchased by his grandfather for his children to play in the early 1900's.  Several siblings of Wendell's father played it in high school, but his dad was the main one.  His father also played it in the country dance band that played for many of the dances in Wendell's hometown.  Ray Smith's father played the clarinet and other instruments in the same dance band.  Wendell played it all through school and in the high school marching band.  So did two of his sisters.  The saxophone has become an icon in Wendell's family.
This conversation brought up other musical topics.  Robin Harris, a former Mesa Baseline member was visiting and it came up that he might be an even better vocalist than Ray or Wendell, and it was suggested that the club might be getting close to having its own barbarshop quartet.  Lola Smith had been in a British equivalent of Sweet Adelines at one time, and that lit a spark for Chris Krueger who also is musically gifted.  She said her range has changed and she might need to sing tenor now.
It sounded like there might be a musical program or fun event in the Mesa West Rotary future when COVID precautions are less stringent.
Allan Cady wondered if anyone else in the club ate oatmeal.  He said he hadn't had it since he was a child, but Polly had found a brand that you sprinkle things around.  He had it the first time a couple of weeks ago and three or four times since.
The funeral for Wendell Jones' father in Duncan had gone well.  It was a nice celebration of his father's life.  He was eight months shy of his 100th birthday when he passed.  Wendell sang in a quartet at the funeral.  He said his dad was extra special and there were lots of great remarks about him.  He had 8 children.  There were hundres of great grandchildren, and the great great's numbered in the 200's and there are three great, great, great's.
Bob Zarling said his grandmother lived to be 103.  She could remember her father trading sugar with Natiave Americans in Otters Creek.  He thought they were probably from the Potawatomi Tribe in Michigan.
At noon, President Dan started the meeting, reciting the current RI theme - Rotary Opens Opportunities and reciting the Rotary Vision Statement:
Together we see a world where people unite and 
take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves
Invocation - Jeanie Morgan shared the following:
Introduction of Guests
  • Ray Smith introduced Robin Harris, a former member of the Mesa Baseline Rotary Club.
  • Dan Lamborn and Tom Yuzer were both welcomed again as guests.
Happy Bucks - Colleen Coons
  • Chuck Flint pledged $20.  He had a lot to say.  He reminded members of Macy Rivas who our club had sponsored on a one-way exchange from Venezuela.  David Howell from Phoenix Rotary 200 and Chuck have gone to Porto Lobos Mexico many times.  At 142 West Main in Mesa a former exchange student, David Maria Fernanda Aconte, and his brother who had been an exchange student the year before have a Venzuelan restaurant.  Last week, Chuck and David invited Macy, who is a now a student at GCU to join them to enjoy some good Venezuelan food.
  • Allan Cady pledged $5 - happy to be at the meeting.  He announced he would miss the meeting on the 25th as he will be traveling to Charlotte North Carolina to spend time with sons and grandchildren while Polly is busy here in Arizona with Rotary Leadership Institute.
  • Polly Cady pledged $5 - happy that there were 32 people already registered for RLI's College of Knowledge on the 27th and told members it was not too late if they wanted to register.  If someone reading this wants to register, they can CLICK HERE to e-mail Polly.
  • Pam Cohen pledged $5 - she had started with a new mortgage company this week.  They are headquartered in Texas and Okalahoma.  There was no staff (because of the extreme weather) to onboard her, and her new manager had COVID.  It was a very weird start.  She was happy to be working.  Chuck Flint asked her if their interest rates were frozen.
  • John Pennypacker was happy to have given a TRVFA presentation to the Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club.  He said they asked a lot of astute questions.  He said a member of that club stopped by and brought a nice bottle of the water of life.  It is 24 years old.  Earlier this week he mistakenly read about someone he went to prep school and thought he was dead, but Bill let John know he is alive and well.  John pledged $100 to the sponsor program.
  • Shelly Romine pledged $10.  She was very happy and greatly relieved - both her parents were able to get COVID vaccinations this week.  She said her father had a laundry list of pre-existing conditions and was very nervous about getting sick.  
  • Wendell Jones and Ray Smith each pledged $10 in honor of Wendell's father.  Wendell pledged an additional $10.  At the funeral he was reminded that when guests would announce they were going to take off, his father would say, "Be careful what you take off.  We don't want to be the cause of any naked fannies.
  • Polly Cady pledged an additional $5 for the compliment from Robin Harris when he thought Polly was Allan's daughter.
  • Warren Williamson told a joke he'd heard from a retired judge.  A man got a Genie out of a bottle and was allowed one wish.  He wanted to visit Hawaii but was afraid to fly and got seasick.  He wanted a bridge built to Hawaii.  The Genie asked for an alternative wish.  He said he always had trouble understanding women and wanted the Genie to give him that understanding.  The Genie asked if he wanted a one-lane or two-lane bridge.  Colleen pledged $5 for the joke.
  • Colleen Coons pledged $5 on behalf of Dan Coons because Mesa West is phenomenal.
  • Bob Zarling told about the mask distribution that would take place on February 23 at Salvation Army and urged members to let anyone know who was in need.  They would be given out in 20 count packets between 9-5 that day.  Members were urged to contact Bob if they wanted to help with the distribution.  Bob was also happy to see some of the hand sanitizer in use that had been distributed in our club's name.  He thanked Jim Crutcher for making that possible and President Dan for coordinating with Jim.
  • Pam Cohen pledged another $5 happy to see Dick Myren was attending the meeting and happy to see our speaker, Barb Kiernan.
  • Irwin Reiman pledged $5 sad dollars and $5 happy dollars.  He was sad that a friend and long-time Rotarian died suddenly at age 74.  He was happy he and Joan had both had their second COVID vaccination.
  • Bob Jensen was attending from their new home in Tucson.  He was trying to get everything working.  he pledged $10 to the Guaymas mission happy for having Barbara join our meeting and for seeing at least ten people on his Zoom screen who have been on the mission to Guymas.
  • President Dan pledged an additional $5 to what Colleen had charged him.
  • To clarify some confusing communications, Mesa West will continue to have our meetings via Zoom.  Those who want to go to the Salvation Army and attend the Zoom Call from there are welcome to do so.  Bob Zarling said that the protocol there is very safe.  The March 4 meeting will be broadcast from the Salvation Army as the speaker that day has several things to display and will have them available for people who do choose to attend the Zoom meeting from the Salvation Army to see in person.
Allan Cady represented Mesa West Rotary at the Mexico USA Friendship Conference and Global Grants Exchange which was held virtually February 12-14.  Allan reports that the virtual conference was a tremendous success.  His only regret was that, because there was the virtual agenda was very full,  there was only enough time on the conference agenda for fifteen projects to be presented.  Because of the time constraints, Aqua Africa project was one of many that were not able to be presented.
The board of the Mesa West Rotary Foundation supported the recommendation of the club board of directors to authorize Allan to commit up to $4,000 at the conference for worthy global grant projects.  Allan did make four $1,000 commitments to each of the following projects:
  • Potable Water for the Community of San Juan Sabinas, sponsored by the Puebla Campestre Real club.  They were seeking commitments totaling $25,380.
  • El Cobijo, Home for the Elderly in San Jose, Mexico, sponsored by the San Carlos Club, which was seeking funding in the amount of $30,000 for Phase II of repairs to the facility made necessary by extensive hurricane damage.
  • Dream Center Renovation in Phoenix, Arizona - a home for girls who are victims of human trafficking, sponsored by the Scottsdale Rotary Club.  They were seeking funding in the amount of $30,000.
  • Capturing Water and Sowing Life - a project for capturing rain water.  The sponsoring club is Taxco A.C.  They were seeking $40,548 in funding.
Allan states that the four projects he selected ended up being fully-funded, which is a good thing.
Next year, the Friendship Conference will be held in Tucson, Arizona, and hosted by District 5500.  Allan really enjoys this conference each year and has already voiced his willingness to be our representative at the Tucson grants exchange workshop.
Kathleen Duncan presented a program at Mesa West Rotary on March 5, 2020 about a program where she works to create a path to a better life for extremely impoverished children in Rocky Point Mexico.  With District Grant funds for which President Dan completed an application several months ago, Kathleen was able to purchase tablets for use by the children in her program.  She sent the following report to President Dan and Mesa West Rotary Foundation Chairman on January 22:
I just returned from spending the week in Rocky Point and had the chance to go out with my team yesterday.  They are currently going to six different sites each day to bring educational resources and technology to several hundreds of students.  The tablets we purchased using the generous donation from your Rotary Club had been a tremendous asset for our primary school students.  We have also just launched a new program for students with special needs in the community and we are very excited to have the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic partnering with us.  Our students will be receiving weekly tele-speech therapy through the ASU clinic and these tablets will also be a wonderful resource for this program.  
We are so grateful for the generous support you provided that made this possible and please thank the other members of your club for us.
CLICK HERE if you want to read about Kathleen's March 5, 2020 presentation at Mesa West Rotary.
This has been a challenging year for all humanitarian hearing missions throughout the world.  Like many other programs, our club decided that it would be too risky for our volunteers, patients and others in Guaymas if we conducted what would have been our 28th Annual program.
After consulting with health professionals and officials here and in Guaymas, it was decided that we would wait and see what would develop in terms of access to patients, availability of a proven vaccine, and feasibility of conducting a reduced program sometime in 2021.  In talking to other audiologists who conduct programs in Nicaragua and Belize, this seemed to be the common opinion.
In the meantime, I continue to have dialogues with our friends in Guaymas and Alamos regarding the prevalence of COVID-19 cases in their areas and what they see as a plan of action for the future.  Rudolfo Fernandez, our audiology technician in Alamos, is in constant contact with the school in Guaymas where we conduct the clinic and doctors in Guaymas to see what he can do to start up a testing and training program which will be fundamental to achieving a sustainable on-going program in Guaymas.  This would allow patients to be seen on a quarterly basis, reduce the number of patients seen during our two-day clinic and, consequently, reduce the need for a very large team to travel once a year to Guaymas.  It might take some monetary support from our club but would lower the overall cost of the mission if we support him in his efforts.  The cost savings to our club could be as much as $10,000 to $15,000 a year.
We know that the need for our services is great in Guaymas but we must approach the solution to the need in a safe and prudent manner.  I will keep the club updated and hope to meet with the Mission Committee in the early part of 2021 to form a plan of action to help our friends in Guaymas.
Thanks to the club members for your continued support of the mission
Bob Jensen
If you or a friend, family member or associate would like the convenience of electronically contributing to the Sponsorship Campaign, EMAIL JEANIE
Please provide the dollar amount to be donated, the name and email address of the donor if it is not yourself, and tell Jeanie whether the funds should go to:
  • Community Service
  • International Service
  • Youth Service 
Jeanie will e-mail an invoice from Mesa West Rotary Foundation which can be paid electronically using debit or credit card or bank-to-bank transfer.
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